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  1. shauny24

    Can you pebbledash over a timber frame extention

    Need some ideas
  2. shauny24

    Parex corner moulding

    Corner moulding over parex monorex
  3. shauny24

    G4 for sale

    Any one selling a g4
  4. shauny24

    Is there a price guide for tacking

    Hi guys is there a builders Bible on here for pricing for tacking
  5. shauny24

    Rendering a painted surface

    Hi all jus been to look at a job with a painted surface what would be best to use to give the wall a good key coat, render grit or slurry coat thanks
  6. shauny24

    Wanted G4 or g5

    In need of a used G4 for sale
  7. shauny24

    Wanted G4 or g5

    Has anyone got a G4 or g5 for sale call me on 07521362023