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    c i s card

    I have just done a little subbing job for a builder and he never mentioned cis cards etc until the end of the job when he asked for my number, i dug the card out as i havent used it for 6 yrs (its a permanent one not the temporary ones). I gave him the number etc and received the cheque this...
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    hi build

    what sort of price do you guys pay for hi build and have you bothered with the specialist rollers or just use a normal woolly job
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    eco rend

    Has anyone used it. Only used 6 or 7 bags and it seemed ok. Merchants said they have Stopped selling webber and only do Eco rend now. Had nothing but good reports of it 5 quid a bag plus vat
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    help with this please

    i hope the pics come out ok or i this is a waste of time, so here goes, i have got to match the product and the texture on a small extension to whats in the pics (hopefully you can see them), the customer says its a thin coat system that came in plastic tubs with a 15 yr guarantee but he cant...
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    i hate plastering

    12 ft x 12 ft. Bedroom in terraced. Double bed in room , big cupboard 2 chests of draws and recliner chair as well and I had to skim ceiling. Had to mix in the cubby hole. Had to move planks to get out the room or to get a mix on. 9 ft high ceiling. And it must have been a hundred...
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    i have to soundproof a small pokey cupboard room for an old lady who has a bunch of students moving in next door, i was going to fix battens, rockwool then sound block board then skim, would a parge coat before i fix the battens make any appreciable difference and would double boarding be a...
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    This is not in any way a "lets pick on d*m**o " type of post. There are plenty of them to go round. But...... If a registered member is using this forum to knowingly sell dodgy tools (if that is the case and the tools in question are not as described ) then surely it should be up to Danny to...
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    mega mixer.

    My mega mixer seemed like it was firing tiny bits of grit that were too small to see at my hand from out of the vents today. Then stopped working completely. Is it dead.
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    any ideas on this one???

    just done some rendering for a customer and they have asked me to look at another "little" job for them they have a set of concrete stairs leading from a patio area up to a brick wall (they had some work done a while ago and the builder bricked a doorway up so the stairs lead nowhere now), the...
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    using e.m.l with webber

    Can you use e.m.l with Ocr I've used it with sand and cement render loads of times and used it with webber once with no problems but I have it in my head that your not supposed to.
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    painting plaster too quickly

    those plasterers in that nick knowles diy sos seem to skim a wall in the morning and have it painted by the afternoon, i got a customer who wants me to skim a ceiling then paint it same day cos she has seen it on the telly, any thoughts please, i told her i always advise waiting till plaster is...
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    retaining wall

    i got to to render a retaining wall, only about 4 feet high where the original render has blown, i was going to use webber on top of sbr slurry but will the waterproofness (is that a real word) of the sbr cause any problems with holding any moisture in the wall. any ideas anyone please?
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    plastering stilts home made | eBay UK
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    I have a job coming up and part of it will entail having to plaster the inside of a knocked out chimney breast so a log burner can go in it, i,ve done a couple before now and used a sticky not too strong render using sharp sand and lime with no probs but this one is thick with soot, would it be...
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    another favour needed

    i could really do with a beer fetching out of the fridge and i cant be bothered to get up off my lazy arse cos i am very busy on the laptop... you see i have 2 windows open, this one and so as you can guess, my trousers are round my ankles and i have a sock on my todger just waiting for...
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    joist hangers and timber sizes

    ive ordered 50x200 joists, ordered hangers from elsewhere but just checked the delivery note and the 200x50mm joists say 195x47 finished size 195x44! anyone else had this. more joist hangers me thinks, never seen 44mm hangers anywhere.
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    not another damp question??????

    i repaired a blokes roof 2 yrs ago, broken tiles pointing to chimney and damaged flashing, then 6 months later when loft has had time to dry out a bit he has me skim the room out, i removed the perished plaster on the chimney breast, wall behind seemed ok, bonded and skimmed it, once the room...
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    what sand should you use with snowcem or snowcrete? normal plastering sand if so what colour does it come out? please and thank you
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    POLYCELL FINISHING PLASTER PART USED on eBay (end time 09-Apr-11 14:21:11 BST)
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    fibres in scratch coat

    just used fibres in render scratch coat for the first time, it was horrible to use, looked like a horse had done a cronk on the spot, horrible to spread but once on it seemed ok and hopefully will be less prone to cracking. watch this space.
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    110 volt electrics

    I have just bought a 110 volt 4 way splitter with 5 meter extension from ebay and gone to plug into my transformer and its wrong size, obviously there are 2 sizes of 110 volt fitments, i didnt know but hey ho thats life, what is the big stuff for , i always thought 110 was 110. just checked item...
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    thru coloured texture

    I have an extension to hack off and re render and the customer wants a slight texture in cream that is thru coloured so no need to paint customer would like s+c render due to cost! i want to use ocr and they want the option to apply texture to existing render on rest of house if they like...
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    More than 50 used plasterboards on eBay (end time 03-Feb-11 20:11:09 GMT)
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    what sand do you use with this, normal plastering sand or white sand, i was thinking of using snowcrete to apply a texture on a job to make painting easier or so painting will not be needed. any ideas would be much appreciated
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    joist hangers

    what would you guys interpret " mechanically fixed joist hangers" to mean.... hangers that are bolted to the wall and not fitted into a mortar course or am i wrong? the wall that the joists are to be connected to is an existing wall so cant be built in.
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    raised panels

    i've been asked to construct some raised rendered panels for signs on the outside of a pub, but the customer wants to know whats the thickest i can do, i was thinking of using a normal stop bead but i think he wants pretty deep, any suggestions as to how thick i should go, i said 20 mm or so...
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    decisions decisions

    ive got a tough one here guys, im fit (ish) and healthy, and due to start a nice job this morning , insurance job on bathroom kitchen and living room with water damage, everything in place, due to pick labourer up any minute BUT....... the kids have been up for 2 nights puking and screaming and...
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    water in loft

    i gotta go look at a mates loft tomorrow nite, he rang me tonite and said he has a damp patch showing on his ceiling in bedroom, so he went into the loft and all his insulation is wet, he has droplets of water all along the edges of the felt, the beams are wet and his boxes of junk are all wet...
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    at the risk of sounding like a t**t, how much is krend, builder picked it up from TP (ouch) today and was charged 9 quid a bag, ,i've never used it before and was expecting a 'normal' material like webber but it was like cat litter mixed with water, same colour as well. the date on the bags was...
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    do i do it or not

    i'm finishing skimming inside tomorrow morning then i'm supposed to be rendering outside, it's only a small kitchen extension about 25 meters then tyrolean on top, should i go for it or not, weather is sposed to be turning very cold, down to minus 2 over the next couple of days. decisions decisions
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    whats going on with Alltek, have they gone bump, there uk websites have disappeared , there uk emails get returned cos the address dont exist anymore, and there phone numbers have been turned off. cmon blones i know you use it, whats the score?????
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    graco tmax 506

    i use one of these:-) or i will when the tips for it turn up, its been sitting in my living room by the table looking all shiny and new
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    cant post

    when i try it says something about a security token being invalid. whats that mean then?????:RpS_crying:
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    bucket coat renders

    i've used sand and cement and a bit of webber here and there but can someone explain about bucket coat render please thank you
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    knauf plasters

    has anyone used knauf airless, plano or deco, new merchants looked at me like i was talking chinese when i asked them and my merchants sort of look a bit cross eyed and dont want to know
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    diy sos

    never watch it but nothing on telly so i am, plasterers just walked down a hallway bragging that they done all the plastering in 2 days and its all finished and you could see trowel lines all down the length of the hall , classy job'
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    graco t max

    has anyone seen them or used them, the 405/506/657
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    belmore tools

    have any of you lads used this company? and before anyone says anything about advertising, i aren't, i just found em on the net and they look ok so thought i would check
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    does anyone know the cost of this stuff per mt or the knauf stuff thats similar?
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    collomix mixers

    has anyone got any experience of them?
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    airless sprayers

    has anyone used one for board or multi finish , do they work and can you rent em anywhere, i gotta price up a job tomorrow and the ceiling is around 150 m's or thereabouts, i know about rolling gauges etc but i was just curious, i seen a vid on youtube with some foreign guys using a graco tmax...
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    stilts for sale

    i've got a set of clean 24to 38inch stilts for sale if anyone interested? staffordshire area
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    hopper gun and compressor

    has anyone used one? if so are they any good?
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    just realised something, i never clocked in when i started using this forum, so hello. pleased to meet you all....well most of you anyway ;-). i'll apologisebefore i start, if my postsare just one long word its because my space bar is full of biscuitcrumbs and keeps sticking. sorry
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    correct sand

    has anyone ever used normal red/yellow building sand for rendering? i was told there was there too much clay in it (don't knowif this is true), i used to work for a plasterer when i was a young lad and he would use 50 / 50 red and yellow building sand and nothing else and his work is still on...
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    pot of date weber

    i've found 7bags of weber ocr at back of my lock up, it went out of date end of june 2009, do i dump it or use it on small job this week? ;)
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    scrim on beads

    when doing domestic do any of you guys put scrim over the edges of your thin coat beads when just doing a reskim