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  1. gooner59

    HELP!!! Urgent Plasterer required in Taunton Area

    ok got a guy called andy and his mate off of here, for saturday now, but cant seem to get hold of him today !
  2. gooner59

    HELP!!! Urgent Plasterer required in Taunton Area

    Its the trowelling up I can't manage. I've got a labourer & a trainee to help, need another pro on the trowel!
  3. gooner59

    HELP!!! Urgent Plasterer required in Taunton Area

    Thanks mate! No takers at the mo unfortunately! Would usually manage it myself, but this bloody injury has slowed me right down. No sympathy from the main contractor, only threats of court if I don't get finished!
  4. gooner59

    HELP!!! Urgent Plasterer required in Taunton Area

    Competent plasterer urgently required for help applying a 6mm coat of Pacelite (pool plaster) to swimming pool in Taunton area. I usually do this myself, but I've had an accident and ruptured my Achilles Tendon and can't work at my usual pace to cover all the walls in one day. Anyone that can...
  5. gooner59

    Plasterer in Taunton area

    6mm cement based swimming pool plaster/render trowelled finish. trowell it on & trowell it up!
  6. gooner59

    Plasterer in Taunton area

    I'm looking for a plasterer to help me out for a day. I've had an accident half way through the completion of a swimming pool and would appreciate the help of a plasterer for Wednesday this week, to assist me in 'Paceliting' the walls of a swimming pool in Chipstable, nr Taunton. I usually do...
  7. gooner59

    swimming pool trowels ?

    I have a few , but has anyone tried one stops pool trowels from nela , just wondering if they are extra flexible ??? like me :-)
  8. gooner59


    yes its a polymer ! it make the mix flexible .....
  9. gooner59

    Bathroom ceiling help

    1 best to overboard and skim imo. 2 bonding agent sbr, scrim cracks if any and skim ....
  10. gooner59

    Garden planters

    looks fabulous mate !!!:asadito:
  11. gooner59

    Swimming pool ceiling

    Nothing to do with me runs!, we are doing the swimming pool , its the builder who is doing the building side of the job, who are you then a plasterer or something to do with aquapanel ?, they have a load of plaster in orange bags waiting for plasterers to skim them boards with ....
  12. gooner59


    OH the system is Ardex S7 two coats 24 hour between them first coat to incorporate tape and gaskets second coat just skim
  13. gooner59


    have been asked to fit a two coat tanking system with tapes and gaskets to pipes and wall abutments, in a swimming pool ! how much per M2 would you recommend i charge guys ?labour only .....
  14. gooner59

    Swimming pool ceiling

    just gone to a pool and see they have fitted this , only thing i know is the boards have to be spaced then a flexible tile adhesive is applied to fill then special tape/scrimm then skimmed
  15. gooner59

    Where is everyone based

    South wales ! , but work nationwide & internationally :aburrido::bailando::rebotando::frenetico:
  16. gooner59

    has anyone !

    used a product called Alsecco Armtop , rendering and eps system ? thanks for repies :bailando:
  17. gooner59

    Who pays that???

    £185 and iam in !!!!
  18. gooner59

    Cross brand render mixing

    i Have not tried that ! but sounds good to me i mixed webr ocr with stp the other week and it was ok , if you never try then we never know :asadito:
  19. gooner59

    first day on the Speedskim, warts and all review

    Well when i bought my speedskim from one stop. Ryan, took it and rounded the ends for me :bailando: then i used it on weber OCR it was great for ruling off so next i will buy the longer one and use for ruling ocr :asadito:
  20. gooner59

    What do you

    i have used the blue water tubs for mixing large volumes of pool plaster in , but i think i will buy some 75 ltr gorilla type tubs for mixing the ocr in :birra:
  21. gooner59

    anyone ever used this render thinking of getting some to try !.
  22. gooner59


    Much do you pay for your ewi boards per m2 ? :)
  23. gooner59

    What do you

    Mix-up in ?, i use gorilla type buckets ! any ideas where the cheapest place to buy them from or good deals ?? not worried about the colour :)
  24. gooner59

    Whats the cheapest place to buy EWI boards ?

    please , looking for suppliers of foam boarding at good rates please any recommendations :bananahappy::cachetada::lol:
  25. gooner59

    Film of us using the hot wire cutter with AQUATHERM POOL INSULATION

    the young guy is a labourer i had for the job ! i hired this from Ryan at the one stop plasterers shop , great guys and some great kit at there shop in cheltenham ........
  26. gooner59

    Cpi compared to ocr weber

    cpi sand and cement render
  27. gooner59

    Cpi compared to ocr weber

    well i used the cpi as a one coat mix ! as i was short of weber ocr-t ! , i just nipped to one stop and picked-up 5 bags , and i must say it was just the same as the weber ! so similar i could not even see the difference .........
  28. gooner59

    new toy

    Build your own storage box from ply matey :asadito:
  29. gooner59

    Cpi compared to ocr weber

    yes we go to Sheffield insulation for weber ocr-t ,right pain and dear £, cpi may be the way to go for us its a lot cheaper per bag, not tried parex ! is it any good where do you get it?
  30. gooner59

    Weber OCR !

    Thanks for the tips Pricey :frenetico::boxeador: i will give it a go :maraca:
  31. gooner59

    Weber OCR !

    so the sponge is the finish, or do you close it with the trowel/ spat ? thanks
  32. gooner59

    Weber OCR !

    Ok i will try the serrated straight edge ! so i apply by trowel , the rule with serrated ? then rub-up when firm ? not sure of the way use would do this !!
  33. gooner59

    Weber OCR !

    We are whisking in a tub, and hand applying the ocr, . no serrated straight edge ! i have one in my lock-up though .
  34. gooner59

    Weber OCR !

    I will be using this next week ! , the last time i used it, i seemed to get a lot of air bubbles some the size of a two pence piece !. do you guys have any ideas on how i can use this render and not get the bubbles please ? Thanks for all replies.:whistle:
  35. gooner59

    CPI general purpose render !

    Does anyone use this product ? can you tell me if they include lime in the mix ! as i need an OCR without lime , for rendering in swimming pools that we will mosaic tile,i cant see it on there tech sheet, and where is the cheapest place to buy from?:)
  36. gooner59

    Weber OCR is there an equivalent ?

    Yes i know what you mean about it being to fine Rigsby , i was worried that it would not have any strength ! , but its seems ok after a few-days :-), someone told me that weber had had a problem with there sand when they changed suppliers ! and that had caused a few failures !! but not sure ! :-).
  37. gooner59

    Weber OCR is there an equivalent ?

    i use weber OCR/tiling pre bagged render and was wondering if anyone could recommend another pre-bagged render from another manufacturer that is good or cheaper ?? thanks for your replies apparently weber have stopped making ocr-t........
  38. gooner59


    Sorry just playing with the new forum, how do i delete ?
  39. gooner59

    Help !

    ok Blue grit & multi it is !! thanks guys , do wicks sell blue grit ?
  40. gooner59

    Best straight edge/Darby for external rendering?

    I like the light weight one you can buy in wickes :-)
  41. gooner59

    Help !

    right gonna tidy-up and decorate my hallway ! house 13 years old,artex ceilings ,cove, painted walls, over the years they have been dented ,gouged , i was thinking of thin-coat beads ,skim , what prep would you recommend to the walls for the skim to take ? SBR? and what plaster is best for this...
  42. gooner59


    most additives can go out of date ! should check with tech sheets,
  43. gooner59

    ewi domestic rates

    Supply and fix or labour only :-)
  44. gooner59

    Exciting News...

    Can't wait Danny as this forum has always been a pain for me to upload stuff and it needs doing mate well done !! sorry but people dont like change lol we are all the same !!.
  45. gooner59

    Pebbledash - cover or remove

    Clean it down with wire brush!,you could power wash ! then paint on a solution of SBR AND OPC CEMENT ! and when tacky render a scratch coat on !! ready to receive butter coat and dash IMO :-)
  46. gooner59

    What would you do

    I love my mercedes , i love to get changed into nice clean clothes , and race people around the area !, especially young guys who think there cars are fast !, good idea royston !
  47. gooner59

    What would you do

    Property is a bit like plastering though ! before you know it you will be back at it skimming and knocking down, how about food like a nice little chip shop or sandwich shop or even restaurant , or fast food establishment :-) ?