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    Experienced machine Renderers needed For South/South West

    Hi, we are looking for experienced guys for work in the south, we have a large contract of 120 units to be completed by the end of the year using Parex Monorex and some EHI, plots are varying in size from 50m2 to approx 200m2 as well as some areas of Ashlar You MUST have your own machine...
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    Thistle Universal One Coat

    Anyone had any experiance spraying this product as im training a couple of guys monday who are spraying it, im only really interested in the settings and what it sprays like, Any info would be good cheers
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    G4 and 16kva Kohler genny

    I've got a G4 and genny coming available in about 2 weeks picked it up yesterday comes with cable 20m spray hose new Rotor and Stator plus all the other bits to make up a complete spray package, £2400.00
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    Ritmo Plus M

    i dragged it out of the lock up today first time ive used it since last summer, forgot what a good little machine it is, sprayed sps envirowall monocouche with it, had a a 3 and 1 gang of spreads doing a similar area next to me they started laying on as i was just setting up , think i was all...
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    same day scrape

    sprayed 2 porches on this morning about 12 bags each (weber) had them all scraped down by 4 and sprayed another 50m gable this afternoon to scrape down in the morning
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    render in ely

    hi got some render to be done in Ely, 90m2 of marmorit up210 onto blockwork fully meshed and 20m2 onto cement board, then a connie top coat job needs to be started next tuesday/wednesday paying £14pm2 if your interested please pm me or give me your number, must have a utr number and cscs...
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    Labourer Needed

    labourer needed for large contract in kent MUST have UTR number and CSCS card please dont get in touch if you dont have either of these as we wont be able to take you on basic labouring duties such as loading out bagging machine and cleaning up please dont respond just to find out what...
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    Machines for sale

    I have 2 machines for sale a 2005 G4 with fitted water pump and also a 1999 G5 both are ready to go straight to work but will require a generator which we can arrange if required, full training will be given on both machines as well as full technical back up and parts service. Pm me for my...
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    Does anybody else get this

    Sometimes when i'm spraying the pipe goes across my waist and the vibration gives me a stiffy ...... Anybody else get this or shall i get my coat lol
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    Faster r&s

    Me and Merlin tried spraying MP75 with a D8-2 today ....... That was exciting lol ..... Had the water on 1000
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    render job

    i got a big render job to do about 3 million metres got to be done in 5 days anyone wanna giveme a hand ...i'm not gonna share it with anyone on here in fact i aint really got it but i just thought i would sound good if i said i did and offered it fact they just changed the spec ...its a...
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    for sale ....1 gnome ....has a bit of plastering experiance .....not to bad at beading (but you need to keep an eye on him) blows his own trumpet (reckons he's the best at everything)....fairly cheap to run ..doesnt eat to much but is VERY VERY angry ...speaks his own little language and answers...
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    I'm gonna get one

    these look fuking brilliant .....the testimonials at the bottome say there good so they must be ;D
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    I got a G5 for sale , selling machine for a friend of mine Machine is 10 years old, and will come with Brand new generater and cable 25m of morter hose and airline spray gun cleaning hose pressure gauge new rotor and stator basically everything you will need to start spraying machine will...
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    Marmorit Presto

    It's taking 2 days before you can scrape it we sprayed some Wednesday and scraped it yesterday but we sprayed first thing yesterday morning and went in this morning and it was ringing wet so will leave it til Monday now
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    Monkeys Phone

    is closed after 6.30pm and wont re-open til 7.30 in the morning ..mon-friday , 9-12 on a saturday and closed on sundays .........nick your just banned from any calls or texts unless you wanna buy something expensive ; i go to bed at 10pm if you text me after that im gonna have to hurt you ;D
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    we need a section for rendering ...sort it out fella ;D
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    new render

    me and simplybesty are doing a job in this new render, we have the sole rights to it so if you want to use it then you have to buy it from us's expensive but i gaurentee it wont crack
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    i've only just noticed

    if this is called the plasterers forum then why has it got a f**k**g brickies trowel for a logo ::)
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    Ritmo 240v/110v

    both these machines will spray multi finish but you can't spray scraped renders with the 110v but both of the will spray all the acrylic systems including the bucket coats
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    G4 light

    great machine , ideal if theres just 2 of you working as the hopper is massive on it you can get 7 bags in it , i got the G4 light which is pretty much the same as the G4 standard differance being that it has some cheaper (but still good quality) parts on it to make it more econmical and you...
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    need plasterers start in 2 weeks

    got a job starting in 2 weeks in wimbledon approx 1300m2 of skimming onto board work , job needs to be done ASAP when it starts so we need a couple of good reliable gangs , paying £3.50 pm2 pm me for details
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    What do you do

    when you have finished laying a set on what do you do in between trowels to pass the time ....personally i like to masterbate whilst looking at vintage 'adult' material
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    thanks for the donuts ;D
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    M-tec M300

    Either for sale or possibly for hire, it comes with a 15m mortar hose and air hose wash out gun spray lance, brand new rotor and stator, you will need to hire or buy a generater to run it (it's a 3 phase 415v machine) sale price £2700.00 no vat hire price £225pw
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    pft ritmo
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