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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Hi lads Just wondering if anyone has used a eze24 with S&C render, looking to use a machine for basecoats and spraying tanking coats. Don't want to go down the big money route as its only for a few jobs a year. Something compact too, that's why I thought the EZE 24. Anyone got any ideas or is...
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    Hi Guys Just kind of nosey and thought it might be an idea to see what you guys think. Where do you advertise and also would you use a yellow pages now or do you just google for anything your looking for ? I mean services not porn :bananas: I have heard everyone is using the old facebook or...
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    Bonding over tiles

    Hi I have a mate who wants to re-plaster his bathroom but cannot be arsed taking the tiles off. he was asking me what he should do and I said just mix up some bonding coat then skim with multi. Has anyone on here plastered over tiles and if so was it easy enough, don't want him to give me s**t...
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    Best machine for S&C

    Hi guys just wondering what machine is best suited for S&C . I am looking to maybe buy a machine as I do a fair bit of basement tanking and looking to speed up the way I do things plus a lot easier than hauling buckets. Cheers
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    Dashing with white bagged render

    Hi Guys I have a small dashing job to do and it needs to be white render and black and white spar. Just thought can I use bagged render instead of s&c as I cannot be arse batch mixing and using the lime. Have any of you used the bagged stuff and is it ok to dash on as I have not used it before...
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    How much Dash

    Hi guys just wondering how many sqm of dash will I get from a 25kg bag of spar ? Need to order some and don't want to order too much. Been ages since I did some dashing so I might leave it to a mate, but as its black and white spar I have to order it in.
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    Rendering a curved wall

    Hi guys I have a curved wall the rub up and just wondering do you have any tips on floating it as there is an internal curve and an external curve too ?
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    Survey Prices

    Hi Men just wondering what the going rate is for a damp & timber survey around your neck of the woods ? Just being nosey as to see what the prices are over the UK
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    Hairline cracks

    Hi lads i have been looking at a job with hairline cracks, i don't want to open the cracks up too much so i was thinking of maybe mixing some cement and sbr into a paste and greasing that into the cracks. Just wondering is that the best way or just use a tube of poly. I know some painters use...