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  1. gooner59

    HELP!!! Urgent Plasterer required in Taunton Area

    Competent plasterer urgently required for help applying a 6mm coat of Pacelite (pool plaster) to swimming pool in Taunton area. I usually do this myself, but I've had an accident and ruptured my Achilles Tendon and can't work at my usual pace to cover all the walls in one day. Anyone that can...
  2. gooner59

    Plasterer in Taunton area

    I'm looking for a plasterer to help me out for a day. I've had an accident half way through the completion of a swimming pool and would appreciate the help of a plasterer for Wednesday this week, to assist me in 'Paceliting' the walls of a swimming pool in Chipstable, nr Taunton. I usually do...
  3. gooner59

    swimming pool trowels ?

    I have a few , but has anyone tried one stops pool trowels from nela , just wondering if they are extra flexible ??? like me :-)
  4. gooner59


    have been asked to fit a two coat tanking system with tapes and gaskets to pipes and wall abutments, in a swimming pool ! how much per M2 would you recommend i charge guys ?labour only .....
  5. gooner59

    has anyone !

    used a product called Alsecco Armtop , rendering and eps system ? thanks for repies :bailando:
  6. gooner59

    anyone ever used this render thinking of getting some to try !.
  7. gooner59


    Much do you pay for your ewi boards per m2 ? :)
  8. gooner59

    What do you

    Mix-up in ?, i use gorilla type buckets ! any ideas where the cheapest place to buy them from or good deals ?? not worried about the colour :)
  9. gooner59

    Whats the cheapest place to buy EWI boards ?

    please , looking for suppliers of foam boarding at good rates please any recommendations :bananahappy::cachetada::lol:
  10. gooner59

    Film of us using the hot wire cutter with AQUATHERM POOL INSULATION

    the young guy is a labourer i had for the job ! i hired this from Ryan at the one stop plasterers shop , great guys and some great kit at there shop in cheltenham ........
  11. gooner59

    Weber OCR !

    I will be using this next week ! , the last time i used it, i seemed to get a lot of air bubbles some the size of a two pence piece !. do you guys have any ideas on how i can use this render and not get the bubbles please ? Thanks for all replies.:whistle:
  12. gooner59

    CPI general purpose render !

    Does anyone use this product ? can you tell me if they include lime in the mix ! as i need an OCR without lime , for rendering in swimming pools that we will mosaic tile,i cant see it on there tech sheet, and where is the cheapest place to buy from?:)
  13. gooner59

    Weber OCR is there an equivalent ?

    i use weber OCR/tiling pre bagged render and was wondering if anyone could recommend another pre-bagged render from another manufacturer that is good or cheaper ?? thanks for your replies apparently weber have stopped making ocr-t........
  14. gooner59

    Help !

    right gonna tidy-up and decorate my hallway ! house 13 years old,artex ceilings ,cove, painted walls, over the years they have been dented ,gouged , i was thinking of thin-coat beads ,skim , what prep would you recommend to the walls for the skim to take ? SBR? and what plaster is best for this...
  15. gooner59

    Plum, dot and screed :-)

    Anyone ever use this method ? her is film of the yanks method float strips , just interested :-)
  16. gooner59

    Doing a test tomorrow

    for my new CSCS card just an operatives safety test Any advice ? i have just re-read the old book and hoping i know enough !! as i need to renew my card :-)
  17. gooner59

    Any chance of

    A few likes for my new page :-) thanks guys for any likes :-)
  18. gooner59

    have you seen this guy !!

    just been watching this guy on you tube, but was impressed with his Chinese rule !! very clever bit of kit ? . take a look !
  19. gooner59

    Pool to render

    Got a swimming pool to render/screed BUT ! its shuttered concrete , so the wall will be to smooth , now the company are telling me that they will apply rend-aid !!! before we render! my question is do you guys think this is ok or not as i have no experience with this rend aid stuff ! all new to...
  20. gooner59

    Been talking to some yanks

    And when they render - they call it mudding , they all seem to put wooden strips in there walls as screeds level and flush, then rule-off using them as a guide for there straight edges, it seems to work for them , i was always told to use cement screeds across the wall top and bottom then after...
  21. gooner59

    Anyone have any

    R E M S for rendering ,plastering ,Please they could let me have a copy of for a job we are trying to get , Thanks for any help guys. Risk assessment and method statements ....
  22. gooner59

    insulated swimming pool

    This is my system i have come up with and we call it AQUATHERM , Any ideas thoughts guy ? as i value your input being fellow spreads !!!! :-).
  23. gooner59

    SBR Liquid

    Where do you buy yours ?, i,am looking for a supplier who can get 200 ltr drums of the stuff for me, any idear on who in the uk would be able to get this at a good price ?? thanks guys for any replies :-)
  24. gooner59

    Swimming pool rendering film

    This is a pool we just finished in Chesterfield, if there is any questions i will try my best to answer them guys :-).
  25. gooner59

    How do you guys

    work with Weber OCR, i will be rendering up to the maximum 15mm thick so do you try and get it on at that in one coat or put two 7.5mm coats on the same day , or would you scratch day one and float day two , not done much with ocr ,so looking to one of you young racing snakes to spill.
  26. gooner59

    Clever boys !! :-)
  27. gooner59

    Hot wire cutters

    Do any of you guys know what are the best hot wire cutters on the market for tradesmen and where is the best place to purchase them ?? thanks dave. :-)
  28. gooner59

    Who wants to spread in Australia then ?

    Changes to the Skilled Occupations List - Occupations Added you don't need a sponsor anymore !!!
  29. gooner59

    Has anyone ever

    had to do really spot-on rendering using wooden screed-bars and plum bobs , and lining everything in with string lines ?? if so please tell us about this .
  30. gooner59

    Black swimming pool

    Just finished in Glostershire :-)
  31. gooner59

    swimming pool plastering

    film hope you like my little film ......
  32. gooner59

    Which little machine would

    you recommend for me to buy ! to spray Weber OCR tiling onto swimming pool shells and how would i screed the floor of the pool with the same machine/material bering -in mind pool floors often slope and are shaped ... ???? thanks for replies ......
  33. gooner59

    Where we all working this week then ?

    Me and my lad will be in deepest somerset plastering a swimming pool under a tent in a light blue marble , then we will wet-polish it with diamond pads to make it smooth to the skin , where you lot working then ? :-)
  34. gooner59

    Ever used a pool trowel ?

    They are round at both ends and are super-flexble they are used in this sort of work
  35. gooner59

    Clever stuff JUST FOUND THIS
  36. gooner59

    Swimming pool

    This is a swimming pool i have just mosaic tiled in the cotswolds, i used Ardex X77 and Ardex FS white grout it took 9 day's in horrendous whether conditions ,the woman we did this rental property for, has a massive country estate down the road, and is also building a great -big new house that...
  37. gooner59

    Terms & conditions ?

    How many of you guys have written T &C that your customers sign before you commence working for them, just to cover yourselfes ? & where did you get your T&C's from ? have you had a solicitor check them over ? Just curios ...:-)
  38. gooner59

    Hi again guys

    Sorry ent been on for ages been busy, working and fighting a court case and life stuff , hoping to pipe-up a bit when i can and rattle a few cages LOL......
  39. gooner59

    using The Plasterers Forum mobile app

    Do we have to have this BS on every post now then??? or are you going to work on getting it removed ??
  40. gooner59

    Twitter Anyone ?

    I have just joined twitter yesterday and was wondering if any of you guys are on there if you add me !! then i will add you guys . Here is my Branch lol look forward to seeing your tweets guys !!!. it's all part of being out there on the tin ta nett LAD...... ;-)
  41. gooner59

    What are the general signs

    Of frost damage to a screed/render that is outside ?? and are there test's that can be carried-out to establish if there has in-fact been damage ? thanks guys for all replies ......
  42. gooner59

    Where would i be able

    To get hold of rolls of mesh 1m x 50m for embedding into render please ? the last lot was pink and really crap,all fraying on the edges !!......
  43. gooner59

    Where to buy SBR liquid

    IN large volumes please anyone , say 100 ltrs or 205 ltrs at a time . Thanks for any replies guys........
  44. gooner59

    Please post a pic of your sign written van Here

    AS i said please for us all to have a nose lol.......
  45. gooner59

    Bought 1m serrated straight edge today

    With other stuff from Rafina ,i was planning on rendering on to Styrofoam then ruling -of with the said straight edge ,then applying the cloth-mesh then a second coat over to embed the mesh !! is this right please ??......
  46. gooner59

    Where is the best place to buy

    1M X50LM rolls of mesh cloth on the net please looking to pay no more than £34-38 ........
  47. gooner59

    I fancy one of these

    2013 Ford Transit Custom Limited Van £2000 down £229 a month | eBay how about you ? just read the gadgets on it , even pre- warmed on them cold mornings lol.....
  48. gooner59

    Weber rend OCR

    Is this render suitable for use on to EWI with mesh ?? do you need a primer/bonding agent for the insulation first !!!? thanks for replies .... :-)
  49. gooner59

    where would you guys go to look for

    a new van for work , or where has the best deals, thanks for replies