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    Hi everyone!

    I just have lots of question on plasterboards etc, and this seems a nice forum to ask :)
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    Vertical radiator on single stud?

    Hi, I have an internal, decorated plasterboard wall with poor studding: from left to right, there is a 22mm wide (i.e., horizontally parallel to the wall) stud, then a 38mm stud (the two studs are spaced 60cm), then the jack stud of the door. I need to hang a ~2500 BTUs radiator (I have gas...
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    Plaster identification and screw recommendation

    Hi, I need to fasten standard 15mm water pipes to a division wall in my house (built in UK in the 1970's). Some clips are already in place, but I need to add more (I am talking about clips like this: I am only...