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  1. merlin

    stolen Genplus

    Generator been stolen in Northamptonshire, serial number 092/27_07 if anyone gets offered one please pm me, long shot I know
  2. merlin

    plasterer/renderer midlands

    need a hand for a couple of weeks in Leicester spraying monocouche , experience in monocouche not essential but a plasterer who can rule and bead and wants to learn about spraying mono and base coats would be ideal, further work as well ,
  3. merlin

    fakenham float & set

    bout 500m2 pm me if interested, fakenham norfolk
  4. merlin

    screws per m2

    as above how many on 15mm boards
  5. merlin

    sto approved

    is anyone in midlands/south east?
  6. merlin


    does it hold well over night or do you have to finish it same day?
  7. merlin

    sovereign plasprime

    been told this is alot better than gyprime, because the grit is made from recycled upvc windows it doesnt sink to bottom of tub like gyprime and you get a more even coverage , it was develoved by a plasterer for sovereign , when stocked at a well known merchants it out sold gyprime 10 to 1...
  8. merlin

    sovereign plasprime

    been told this is alot better than gyprime, because the grit is made from recycled upvc windows it doesnt sink to bottom of tub like gyprime and you get a more even coverage , it was develoved by a plasterer for sovereign , when stocked at a well known merchants it out sold gyprime 10 to 1...
  9. merlin

    thin coat

    anybody do thin coat renders day in day out?
  10. merlin

    new g4

    been using a new one this week , makes me want a new machine even more now ! (paul take note)
  11. merlin

    fishing rods and reels for sale

    i have 3 x 2 3/4lb tc harrison chimera custom built by snags £300 vgc also 3x daiwa 5500 tournaments loaded with korda adrenaline very well used but in good nick £270
  12. merlin

    insulation thread

    what happened to it?
  13. merlin

    20mm render

    fully meshed, took bout 2 1/2 hours to spray 50m2 this afternoon, theres no need for that >:(
  14. merlin

    rain and mono

    dont spray mono when its p@ssing it down , youll get terrible lime bloom ::)
  15. merlin

    second hand ritmo

    check german ebay alot this is the first ritmo ive seen
  16. merlin

    sto levellcote

    any body sprayed it? got to do some in couple of weeks
  17. merlin


    just spent 4 days battening and boarding 100m2 of cement board on a timber framed school , had to ping lines through from corner to corner just to get the wall straight, cant help but think if it had been a metsec buildng it wouldnt have taken half the time !
  18. merlin

    working on own

    sprayed 45m2 on me tod today , started 8.30 , ruled spatted, machine washed out and packed away by 11, hardest part was putting machine back in van nearly give meself a f@cking hernia,lol
  19. merlin

    site opening times

    been told today we have to keep to strict opening times, ie 8 till 4.30 which is about as much as i wanna work but unfortunatly we are using krend and the blocks are 7N concrete with little suction, company MD said if we dont think we ll be done by 4.30 we shouldnt start in the morning. lol
  20. merlin

    finished house

    just finished this job after 4 months of sh@t weather, pro rend prep fully meshed with silicone top coat ;D
  21. merlin

    pft twister

    found an old d63 in lock up that had bout 10 bar left on it so used it today sprayed 3 1/2 pallets of weber ivory ,been getting that out of d52 might start using em again! anybody using em?
  22. merlin


    looking for someone for a weeks work asap in st neots for monocouche render onto blu clad boards also some porches , day work, will be good rate as will have to be top job!
  23. merlin

    external insulation

    was talking to someone in the industry last week about the carbon footprint of the manufacturing of ewi, he said the next generation of insulation will have to adhere to the governments new policy on greener housing, and that their company has brought a cork plantation in portugal ! i know sto...
  24. merlin

    rend aid

    using rendaid today got around quartar of way through pallet and it changes dramatically from rendaid ive always had to a much lighter not as sticky gear and realy gritty that didnt need as much water, although much easier to use, anybody had this before?
  25. merlin


    gotta an atatchment permenantly on machine now for a fishing umbrella , ;D, rain turned to snow again today,
  26. merlin


    loving me new g5 , much better than me old machine, gears mixed better, dont struggle so much , doesnt seen to draw as much power off gennie on start up either ;D
  27. merlin

    waste of time

    turned up at chelmsford today to finish render, gear was spose to be delivered y day, rep from minsters turned up at 9 this morning told us hes brought the render, have you got a moffat i asked no he said i got a mondeo! hes only brought 20 bags out to us in his car! when we wanted 80 f**k**g...
  28. merlin


    think my solenoid valve has gone today , kept getting damp mortar bridging mixing pot , cleaned pot out 3 times until i realised water was still trickling in mixing pot when we wasnt spraying causing the bridging, then noticed water trickling out of solenoid , never had problems with solenoid...
  29. merlin

    Machine for sale

    im selling my maltech m5 next month, plus hoses, short spray gun, cleaning kit etc, pm for details
  30. merlin

    weber pral m

    fed up of it , back on e grade tomorrow ye ha, ;D
  31. merlin


    been using a g5 lately with a hopper extention, been finding that if the hopper is full right up the star wheel jams, weve had to jack the front of the machine up to take the weight off the star wheel , anybody had this prob on g5 or any other machine?
  32. merlin


    any of you contractors been doin any "all risk" contracts and if so are they working out ok or not worth it , seems to be the norm now , just seems the main contractors trying to squeeze prices down again!
  33. merlin


    anybody with experience of scraped renders in east midlands please pm me !
  34. merlin

    what can u do

    turned up on job today only for the agent to start hassling me as to when the renders gonna be finished, shoudnt do it this week i say its too cold , well it ll be ok m8 he says we ll cover it up wif hessian, yeah but if it freezes its gonna come back on me i say , no it wont i ll take the blame...
  35. merlin

    thank f@ck for that

    just finished tackin timber framed bungalow were doin, startin skimmin 2moz , im not moanin but i F*****g hate tackin. 4 meter high vaulted ceilings , and 15mm 8x4 boards, F*****g arms are like popeye s
  36. merlin


    i have a 18 volt senco duraspin screw gun for sale if anyones interested still boxed never been used,
  37. merlin


    any of u cats wif machines using mp75 at mo, if so r u doin 2 sets a day by rollin ur sets or r u doin 2 full blown sets?
  38. merlin


    hi fellos , never bin on forums b4, tho because ive no work at mo and found this site while feckin bout no line thought id register, bin spread 4 26 years 4 me sins, though still learning new things every time i rock up at work