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    S+c on steel lintle

    I have done this a few years ago with an sbr slurry.. Still there no cracks
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    Weber prices

    Put in mesh in the weber rendaid. Close to the background as you can get. That's what weber told me on their course last month
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    2 questions!

    Sbr them thermalites to f**k. They will sick the life outnof your scratch coat if not. Eml the gap at the top.
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    Tanking slurry

    1:1 sbr and cement. Scratch coat when tacky
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    ? Sand and cement, ? K-rend, ? SBR first what do you pros think

    2 coats of sbr slurry (1 cement : 1sbr) Sand and cement render applied when 2nd coat of sbr is sticky Coping stones
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    Any idea on how to match this finish?

    Ordered! Thanks mate!
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    Any idea on how to match this finish?

    Like this one mate?
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    Any idea on how to match this finish?

    Hiya guys. Have been asked to match this finish.. Was thinking to knock up a wet slurry and roll it over (long ply roller) once top coat is starting to set.
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    Power float

    How did you get on with it mate?
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    Soundboard... is it worth the money?

    Using this today... Customer wants 25mm. Batten fixed to party wall then 1 layer of standard pb with dB fixed over to top... My question is, won't the fixings from the batten help transfer sound through the wall? I suggested a stud wall Built in front (1 inch away from wall) with rockwall...
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    Screeding over synthprufe

    Screeded this afternoon. Came out fine.. Thanks for the advice!
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    Render over Pebbledash

    How did this go in the end?
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    Screeding over synthprufe

    Hiya guys, got a floor to screed next week. The Building inspector has asked for synthaprufe to be put down before screed. My issue is, the screed to be layed ontop of the synthaprufe, due to their not being enough depth for insulation. Can I just screed straight ontop of the synthprufe (once...
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    Sand a cement on internal walls with mutifinish?

    Wow. Good luck with your plastering
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    Deep cracks in plaster

    Pump the crack full of resin, bond and skim
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    Yeah mate got it. Start on the 25th
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    What supplier/ product did you use mate? Imperia italia?
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    Need some Advice with render on plasterboard

    What method and product did you go for in the end?
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    Kenwood damp

    Yeah mate paid 40 hours a week. Job and knock if it's not stupid o'clock... Time and a half on Saturdays. Minimal stress. Hopefully. Can bump Into a few lads before I start.
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    Kenwood damp

    Yeah I checked them out on there.. Seem legit.. The offices and setup seemed pretty professional... They use their own special made pre bagged render for waterproofing. They supply a labourer and pay 150s a day on the cards with a van.. Could do worse.
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    Kenwood damp

    How comes mate.. Interviewed this afternoon and got offered the job... I'm in 2 minds... Any info would be appreciated
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    Anyone help with this

    mortar joints of the blockwork bleeding through.. Surley has to be some kind of damp meeting with the mortar? Really odd though
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    Kenwood damp

    Hi guys. I have an interview with kenwood damp plc from Watford this afternoon... Anyone do any work or happen to have worked for this firm before? Thanks
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    Advice on rendering external basement wall

    Got a link to this stuff mate?
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    Innovative New Bucket Design

    I use these for my brushes and bucket trowels.. Game changer
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    1 or 2 coating?

    Nice new board put up the previous day.
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    1 or 2 coating?

    Looked streaky tbh, he said it would dry out ok... No problem. Tbh I didn't skim it, was just wondering if anyone else did the same.
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    1 or 2 coating?

    It's was about 20sm.. 5mins from last stroke of 1st coat to 1st coat of 2nd coat... Literally lay on, knock up fresh gauge, lay on again.
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    1 or 2 coating?

    Hiya guys... Worked with another spread today, he insisted on laying on his first coat, running the speedskim over it, mixing up a fresh gauge and going straight ontop.... 5 mins Max between coats.. He insisted that it was 2 coat work.. Anyone else working like this? P. S we were on day...
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    First paying Venetian wall

    Can you expand on this? Looks sound to me.. I'm not sure what missing? What's caught your eye...
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    Saturday job

    Arc will cover that
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    Sponge float.

    I use it after laying on the first coat if I'm. Going onto uneven surfaces or artex , then run a steel over to. Get most of the lines out before laying on 2nd coat... Might.not work for everyone but brings my work up nicely.. Found it seta the gear of slightly quicker aswell as its a broken surface.
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    Anyone used

    I have one of these. Heats up a room in no time. Spot on
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    Fibrous plaster coving

    Mitre coving box... Wall edge to the top of the box, cut your angles. Thread closed
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    Paint sprayer

    Sprayed my living room wall With one today.. Got a cheap new one 35 quid off amazon.. 240v
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    Guild of master craftsmen

    Ha tbh it sounded like a right old scam! £300 to sign up or something .. Matey was trying to set up a meeting with on site and all sorts!
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    Guild of master craftsmen

    Anyone a member or had any dealings with these guys? Had a call yesterday saying I was recommended and they wanted me to sign up? Apparently they can provide loads of work
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    Skimcoat over gypsum coving query

    Dot and Dab strips of plasterboard to turn the ceiling/wall joints into 2 45 angles instead a 90... Dub out as required with. Bonding once set, skim. Or,. I belive they do a special trowel to form curves? Set up. Batons and build up with. Bonding l.
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    Is this a job well done?

    Corrr even a mist coat wouldn't hide that!!!
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    Bonding plaster on to a conservatory brick wall

    Dot and Dab 9mm.board, patch in bead, reskim
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    Best steps to repair this ceiling?

    Multi tool around coving line, rip. Down ceiling, reboard to. Coving line. Skim. Case closed
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Iv done this with bonding before.. Pva dries a bit quicker too
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    New mixer

    I think that's for paint?
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    Hall & stairs

    This guy can't be for real?
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    Skim coat

    Iv been using it for weeks. It's decent stuff... Polishes. Up. Nicer than multi. Bag does around 12m2.. Closest thing to multi
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    The Pain

    My right shoulder and arm have shooting pain everytime I raise it over shoulder height. Self diagnosed frozen shoulder. Looks like I'll. Just have to plaster bottoms from. Now on and leave tops to the you ger lads!!
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    I need of a company to work for.

    Get yourself on all the website and in with agencies then just keep hammering away u till you get an opportunity... There's gonna be a load of people applying for the same position so just stick at it and something will come up.
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    I need of a company to work for.

    Get on with a firm that does council work for a bit
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    8x4 correx floor protection

    At that price id imagine it would be 2mm. Was it white sheets? .. The good stuff is 4mm I think.. Black sheets