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  1. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Hi after a bit of advise I want to try and insulate the downstairs external walls of my Victorian house it has solid wall construction brick exterior which we get a bit of condensation on in the winter months not a lot just the odd bit behind a side board and storage box. I’m thinking maybe...
  2. Jbeesy718

    TPF Mug key ring and extra time

    Just got home to a delivery of the above. Thanks Danny love a freebie
  3. Jbeesy718

    Drill bits

    What you using for porcelain tiles? The Bosch multi drill bits are a great alternative to the expensive diamond bits get up to 10 holes on Porcelin tile n many more on ceramic. And only afew £ from screwfix.
  4. Jbeesy718

    Happy chappies
  5. Jbeesy718

    Best way to plaster Chimney breast

    Been to look at a job today the lad has had a chimney breast built in breeze block to house a cassette style wood burner the brickie must be blind or a cowboy or both it's up to 40mm out at the top (big step back aswell not even subtle!!) I'm goin to do it s&c then skim but worried I will get...
  6. Jbeesy718

    Everbuild heatproof plaster help

    Got a chimney breast to skim on mon in Everbuild heat proof (it's a fancy gas fire not a stove) the guy has bought fire board but looking through old threads Would I be best using a cement board hardy backer or the like? First time with heat proof any help would be appreciated.
  7. Jbeesy718

    Hardwall or s/c??

    Iv taken the tiles off in my bathroom and most of the old s/c has stayed and is solid bar afew bits. I want to level it out
  8. Jbeesy718

    Ewi Sheffield

    A builder I do some work for wants me to do a ewi job on a shop. He wants to fix the boards himself and me go in n finish off. But wants me to price up materials for him. Does anyone have a number of a rep in the area I could contact as I use Lumbs in dewsbury n they were useless no idea on ewi...
  9. Jbeesy718

    Best place to buy betokontakt

    Got a flat to skim n gona use this on walls as their all artex just wondered where to get it and how much I should be paying for it. Yorkshire area??
  10. Jbeesy718


    Do rust stains bleed thoroughly? I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  11. Jbeesy718


    Been to look at a job to cover some horrific artex and I'm goin to brown it out first as it's so deep, would just pva be ok or should I use a bonding agent if so what's best? Cheers jb I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
  12. Jbeesy718

    Hey up

    Hello everyone my names jonny and iv recently taken the plunge and gone self employed plastering full time been doin odd bits on side n there was abit of demand for my services!!! Had a look around the forum and it all looks good really helpful so far. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App