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  1. A.plasterer

    Anyone cut down a speedskim?

    ok as most of you know I live in the land of palm trees , senoritas and a strange fiery glowing orb in the sky. Said orb softened my 1.8m s/s roughly midway in the motor press up against tools putting 1cm kink in it. Was wondering if any of you have cut these down successfully? Perhaps I just...
  2. A.plasterer


  3. A.plasterer

    Do not leave your plaziflex in the sun.

  4. A.plasterer

    Battery lighting any good ??

    Am looking to get something like this as have job coming up in underground carpark and dont want to be messing about with the timer lights down there. Anybody have similar or this and any good ?? Says 3 n half hr work time per battery.
  5. A.plasterer

    Not sure what to make of this!!!

    Go to you tube and type in PLASTER WALLS kevindblanch and then look at his Real venetian plaster 1895 restoration project. :o