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  1. Lastlaff

    Looking for work.

    In tonight’s ‘London Evening Standard’ - might suit you.
  2. Lastlaff

    Marshalltown DuraCork handle

    Got myself one of these today. By the look, feel & texture, it’s a mix of the normal red rubber with a spray of cork in it - as I like the Nela cork handle I thought I’d try it out. And the cost of it is about 10 mins work.
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    London spreads

    Evening chaps. Might suit someone - In the Evening Standard tonight :)
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    Plasterers wanted.

    Evening all - in the London Evening Standard...might suit :)
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    Looking at getting a VW Transporter - anyone on here owned this? The salesman (slippery fukcer), said it was owned by a plasterer since 2016 and has just upgraded to a Crafter. The racking through me as it doesn’t look great apart from the bottom boxing on the right for beads.
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    Inside job

    This might work out for someone - got it sent today :)
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  8. Lastlaff

    Fibre hands

    This was in the Evening Standard yesterday - fill your boots if it’s your thing...happy weekend all :)
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    Italian plastering

    On holiday here and the beer is cloudy vomit, so I’m hoping to find some quality plasterwork or render - pics to follow. I’ve already fallen out with the hotel manager over the air-con...
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    Duraflex v Permaflex

    What is the difference? So far, what I think I know is Marshalltown produce either a carbon or stainless steel xtralight finishing trowels - I’m looking for a 14x5 ideally carbon and pre-broken in (but not Permashape), do they make that? I’ve broken one of my trowels recently and can’t deal with...
  11. Lastlaff

    Plasterer for life...

    Interesting read - are we really one level up from a Painter? The skills we use daily to overcome every other listed-trades fu#kups!
  12. Lastlaff

    Thistle UniFinished

    In B&Q on Saturday - spotted this pallet load of Uni that had not one bag taken from it - £13 down to £8.97 clearance. Use by date 25th March - five days out of date and still £8.97...the mind boggles! I looked up above and on their racking another new pallet of Uni with a use by date of May -...
  13. Lastlaff

    £100 gets you?

    One tub of Thistle Bond-it, in! or 2 Marshalltown trowels or 22 pints of Guinness or 165 mars bars Why is Bond-it so expensive!
  14. Lastlaff

    Extreme Scrim?

    When I un-rolled it, it was torn, missing cross-fibres and falling apart, ‘stronger joints’....I don’t think so!
  15. Lastlaff

    Shitty tools

    I keep my trowels in good nick but this hasn't been cleaned for a few years - I've knocked off an inch of plaster....can't wait for Monday to try it out .....
  16. Lastlaff

    Tear off that skirt

    That's what she asked me to do - just not that type of skirt! Anyway, off came the skirting boards as she wants the walls to run into the concrete tiles - clean lines. I'm going to use stop beads to form the junction unless anyone got a better idea? Why do I always get customers with OCD ideas...
  17. Lastlaff

    Friday night Curry

    Well it arrived today - the Curry trowel, 13x5 stainless steel finishing trowel. On first inspection it looks a crock of s**t.
  18. Lastlaff

    Feather edge v darby

    When I started labouring, some of the blokes I worked with used feather edges and some used Darby's, for ruling off S&C/renders or lightweight plaster (I was and still am a feather edge user). The Darby too me always seems to be a 'rule' mainly to push material around a wall and scrape off high...
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    Spraying plaster/render

    what year did you start spraying?
  20. Lastlaff

    Quiz of the night

    What do you SEE?
  21. Lastlaff

    Quiz of the week

    Who knows what this tool is?
  22. Lastlaff

    Scratchy muff?

    Eye catching! Make it a thing of the past with these TPF sand filtering bikini bottoms. The missus will no longer cause you embarrassment on the beach raking through her nether regions. Available in three sizes: small/medium/obese, and in two colours: white or black....good if she suffers from...
  23. Lastlaff

    70's & 80's kids

    Remember these sweets anyone - I could smell the Parma Violets through the wrapping paper. Sherbert Fountain, Black Jacks, Fizz Wizz. Gonna trough the lot before the kids get home.
  24. Lastlaff

    Lairy customer today...Who's your worst?

    Very excited he was, even his top lip was quivering. Anyway, got me thinking about who's had violence from this job? ABH/GBH/GUNS...
  25. Lastlaff

    Nela s*p*r*lex this normal?

    The black tape (what's that all about by the way) is starting to fray and starting to peel back very slightly - anyone had the same and does it get worse?
  26. Lastlaff

    Pussy Galore..

    "I must be dreaming", what a quote. Just finished watching James Bond Goldfinger. Sean Connery or Roger Moore both brill but who's the king?
  27. Lastlaff

    What was your 1st motor?

    I forgotten loads of them but never forgot the first...Ford Capri 1.6 LS, colour fire-engine red with blue checked (almost Burberry but not that Chav) interior seats - what a car. A bit crushed in the back, that's where tall boy sat (he was a short arse). Up front driving, you were spoilt for room.
  28. Lastlaff

    What's in your lunch-box?

    not that kind of lunch-box pervvy, your lunch scran. Mrs Lastlaff gave me some sushi today, and I've got to admit it was GOOOOD. She used to always do me a bacon sarnie each day but I'm feeling a transition is this mans food?
  29. Lastlaff

    Anyone spread for the rich n' famous?

    I once did a plastering job for Moxey off Auf Wiedersehn Pet - ironic isn't it, him being a spread
  30. Lastlaff

    New member

    Hi everyone. I've finally got round to signing up...I'm definitely not the most tech savvy - hope to add my bit to the chit-chat. Hope you're all having a great Sunday.
  31. Lastlaff

    New member

    Hi everyone. I've finally got round to signing up...I'm definitely not the most tech savvy - hope to add my bit to the chit-chat. Hope you're all having a great Sunday