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    10mm metal stop beads

    Anyone got some?
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    What’s the easiest and cheapest way of getting your Nvq? Can’t you get someone out to site to see you actually plastering and they pass you.
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    Fareham or surrounding area improver/labourer

    As title says anyone interested? Cscs essential. Looking to train someone up. Long runs of work.
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    Had sciatica since February I was a right angle for to weeks went for therapy. Got prescribed tramadol and diazepam. It all helped. Still do stretches and exercise. But still quite stiff now and again. Anyone got some stories and tips to help it out?
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    Im now on my fourth day of not smoking. Feel ok just want to buy things like a new tv etc. I've just got to keep my mind occupied. Anyone on here experienced quitting?
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    Anyone desperate.

    If someone's stuck.
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    Plastic waste. Need to sort it out. We are killing this planet.
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    Some curves and face angels makes a change from rooms.
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    Gypsum domestic scheme.

    had a delivery today with this on it. Anyone done this?
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    Two plasterers looking for a labourer in Portsmouth..

    Long run of work on site and domestic on the weekends if you like. Work also over Christmas. Cscs essential. Previous experience would help.