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    Help !

    Looks like you have duvets on your wall. Don’t pay the c**t.
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    PVA onto plasterboard before plastering

    how much a valet cost you?
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    Leicester lockdown @britishgypsum

    I saw two pallets in the fareham b and q if that helps 12 o’clock today
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    10mm metal stop beads

    All sorted now cheers
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    National hate service

    Bet you’ve got a buried penis tapit.
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    10mm metal stop beads

    You would know
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    10mm metal stop beads

    For nhs job ICU.
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    10mm metal stop beads

    Anyone got some?
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    Pricing 2400 ft house

    It’s just s**t plasterers who are desperate for work, we are one of the higher earners on site.
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    Durafinish ?

    When your mixing for first coat mix it up in the bucket leave for five minutes then remix it won’t go off as fast.
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    Il have a look cheers.
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    Been on site year but got the basic cscs card. Not a skilled tradesman card.
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    Tell me more.
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    What’s the easiest and cheapest way of getting your Nvq? Can’t you get someone out to site to see you actually plastering and they pass you.
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    I’ve just stuck a handle on a plastic chopping board, my walls are coming out Lully. I can’t keep up with all these trowels coming out so I invented my own
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    Playing with these today

    Gonna be hard to mix plaster up in them.
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    Nela twitch

    This is hidden in bricklaying tools best twitcher I’ve had.
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    Speedskim end caps

    Screw the c*nt.
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    Which cordless mixer ?

    Bloke on the site I’m on has got one....theres 110 outside every room :rolleyes::cachetada:
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    Looking for wor west sussex/hampshire

    Ok cool yeah he’s gonna start with me, gonna see how it goes on the contract we will be starting possibly room for you will see what happens
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    Looking for wor west sussex/hampshire

    Are you @Aaron.B brother by any chance?
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    Speed skim

    Get the fast one, and pva your beads.
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    Fareham or surrounding area improver/labourer

    We have been having a chat via direct message. It’s all good. He will be starting in December
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    Fareham or surrounding area improver/labourer

    As title says anyone interested? Cscs essential. Looking to train someone up. Long runs of work.
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    Look whats turned up today!

    Who have I got to give the nod to skullfuck me at @BritishGypsum to send me some sample bags?
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    Looked in mirror

    Bet you got an overlapping forehead.
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    Is this Acceptable?

    Have you paid them?
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    Is this Acceptable?

    Looks like you’ve stood a mattress up against the wall. :frio:
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    Ok. The truth about me

    Needs another wet trowel mate
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    I no how they make hardwall

    Andy I’m getting paid triple to dub hardwall out 35mm how you like them eggs?
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    Sorry mate won’t happen again mate.
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    Anyone put hardwall on artex?
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    Some people

    Lurpak is gonna bust his nut butter everywhere.
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    How much would this cost to skim

    You said in first post it’s your first home and you haven’t got much money. Now you have two homes?? Quote is still£750 you can get rid of the waste.
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    How much would this cost to skim

    siebenhundertfünfzig danke schon.
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    plastering 2018

    About a month ago, I said to my mate I wish we had a decent rendering job to do instead of boring sweaty skimming. Literally the following day we got a phone call for thin coat render. So now doing that along with installing the gebrick panels. Life is good and my arm doesn’t ache. Get on...
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    What tool would break ye heart if ye lost it

    The mini cro bar in my pants.
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    Yeah the combination of the two wasn’t the best constantly felt sick but helped the pain. Il check the other thread out cheers.
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    Had sciatica since February I was a right angle for to weeks went for therapy. Got prescribed tramadol and diazepam. It all helped. Still do stretches and exercise. But still quite stiff now and again. Anyone got some stories and tips to help it out?
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    Under the Srairs

    Mesh and bond it. Use plenty of screws. Bonding is stronger than you think. Make sure you cut your fingers on the mesh too.
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    One coat

    Don’t need to coats in this weather it’s warm enough. Maybe winter if the second coat will fit over the first coat. I recommend I size up on the second coat.
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    Andy g

    Maybe he needs have an hour with some cock. He seems very angry.
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    Andy g

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    Andy g

    Andy ever had cock in and around your mouth?
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    Knauf Airless Day In Sittingbourne 16 March 2018

    What’s the rates m2? :cool:
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    Dot and dab dusty walls

    Float and set.
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    What kind of plaster is this?

    suck a fat one right up to the back wheels.