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    Wanted pft g4 or g5

    Hi if anyone is wanting or knows anyone selling a used pft g4 or g5 set up please inbox me. Cheers
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    splash back egding bead

    Lol went on upside down ! will try another one
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    splash back egding bead

    Thanks rob yeah I know what you mean about the stop bead but I think it will look cheap being galvanised . Was thinking If you could get a chrome quadrant which you could stick over the top to make it look nice and finished or something similar like flat aluminium bar maybe?? I've got a decent...
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    splash back egding bead

    Hi chaps I wondered what you venetian lads used when doing a splash back in a kitchen where the worktop returns for a finished edge instead of just masking the line which I personally think looks shite. Tile edging trims are to deep at the smallest being 6mm so wondered what you other guys used...
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    First wall

    Just seen it pal my apologies I must have pressed It and not even noticed! I've only got 19 posts under my belt and causing trouble already :-) need to get used to this bloody iphone
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    First wall

    dont get me mixed up with CT PLASTERING mate I think it looks a great job ;-)
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    Weber rend aid

    The last time I used it it was not far off £20 squid a bag! oh and don't get it on you skin as it sticks like **** to a blanket!
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    Rendering. Garden wall and planter

    Looks nice for now but give it a couple of years when it starts turning green
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    How to prep a wall to be re-skimmed?

    Pva and let it dry a day to kill the suction then pva again the day after and when tacky re skim! Simples ;-)
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    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    Amazing stuff pal! how long have you been doing Venetian plastering rob & have you got enough work to do it full time or do you do other plastering in between jobs to keep you going?
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    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    Excellent job there pal I'm looking to get in to this myself and just booked a course at gold trowel. Venetian plastering is not really heard of and although it's a niche market I think it would be a good thing to get in to. I take it that most of your work is down south rob?
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    plasterer/renderer midlands

    When's the job starting pal?
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    Spraying OCR

    Great job pal! what thickness was you spraying and how many bags did you get per metre? I'm seriously looking at buying one of these ritmos they look like the way foward!