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    Render times

    Hi everyone. Got a garden wall to render but the brick layer has had to do some extensive work to repair after removing old render. Just wondered how long new brick walls should be left to dry before rendering? I should know this but in twenty years I've never had to render over a new...
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    Freeflo out of stock

    Done a rendering job of an external garage. Freeflo was not in stock so used sika rendermix. Well impressed with the mix. A dream to spread but rubbing up was difficult. To sticky in my opinion. What do you guys think? Also, is integral Waterproofer an option for rendering verses Freeflo...
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    Seaside mix

    May finally have a job but the weather is being a bitch!!! Anyway this house is south facing right on the beach with a road in between. High tide means the sea is the road width away. Not done one this close to the salty sea before. Any special mix I should consider - (Trad S & C) I know some...
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    Qualifications !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a time served plasterer and was looking for site work as my work has dried up and last job got cancelled. Agency wants nvq level 2 or city and guilds. How the hell do I get this for the cscs card to get on site. The agency guy said I'm probably a better plasterer than those with the nvq but...
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    South east alien

    Had three weeks work cancel on me. supposed to start tomorrow!!!!! Any one need an experienced plasterer - own tools and transport. Thanks Guys James
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    How to screed.

    Do the odd screed job here and there and usually get away with but after watching one of the pros on you tube I'd like to learn some of that finer detail - If you can help?? At the mo doing a 4 to 1 sharp sand mix - in mixer till wet enough to ball in hand. Go round edge doing box screed and...
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    Lime ?

    Been getting annoyed on a rendering job!! I don't think I'm the best renderer and still have a lot to learn I expect but I've done enough of it only not with lime! Customer wanted lime in mix so I thought no problem. Only I've been having trouble with the scratch coat drying so quick it's not...
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    paint over new render?

    Got a lime based external render to do and I have to paint it too. I was going to leave it about 4 weeks but my customer has been told by the nano paint supplier to leave it 1 week for each 1mm of thickness the render has. I usually aim for about 15 - 18mm so that equates to 18 weeks...
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    Arch ways

    Hi everyone. Need some advice please Got a rendering job coming up and it's got a double arch over front door. Whats the best way to form decent archway with regards a lack of bead for the arris?? It's gonna be a two coat lime job. I will add a photie if I can work it out!!! It keeps asking for...
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    Attempt at Quoins (Thanks to Mark Ross)

    First of all a big thankyou to Mark Ross for the half day tuition! You went above and beyond - You are a scholar and a gentleman!! Right - the builder asked me to do this as his plasterer started and then decided he didn't know how to do them!! Hence why staggered baton and top coat already...
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    Ornamental Rendering

    Hi Guys Have searched but I don't know what it's called to get a successful search result??? Got a job for a builder but need some advise on how to do it. Huge seaside house 5 or six stories high in Folkestone - Kent. Would have been an exclusive place back in the day. It's plain face render...