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    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    ryan mi little old chucky egg its very naughty adding comments to my post ... i forgive you ... I do know the wearing faults on the m tec and as this part is connected to the frame and there's not a lot that can be done with it . But after many many years working on actual building sites man...
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    Machine for Lime Plastering

    There's a lot of companies now making bagged lime renders i tested some the other week with a 5mm grain it sprayed lovely through the g4 standard D 63 i was amazed how well it sprayed and so were the company they bought one there and then
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    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    out of the two i would have the quattro iv had both machines and know the problems m 300 can give you in future wearing parts . so quattro come,s out top from a plasterer and technicians view.
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    we buy it from jacksons builders merchants £6.80 per 25 kg bag
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    EZE 24 or Ritmo EWI

    been doing that for years with the r.i.t.m.o
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    EZE 24 Output

    been doing that for years ryan with the ritmo
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    2008 pft g4 What do you think?

    hi mate yes i remember you now .I knew i hadnt sold it and was woundering how it had all the sticker on it . yes steve did send it to me and had a full service .
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    2008 pft g4 What do you think?

    Sorry that g4 never came from me it has my stickers on it but I never sold it.
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    Where are they?

    I'm here
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    The Ritmo coach bolt

    you cant fit a quick release system with out fitting either a cut out switch or a locking system . the problem with cut out switch they can get dirty and fail so you will have to go with a locking system . if you dont do either of these the machine will fail our european safety certificate...
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    Strato render machine

    if i was you cathal watch this space . from PFT theres another version of our machine which will be cheaper and better in 110 volt
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    Acrylic hose price

    hi steve iv got some 19 mm hose with high pressure geka fittings on you can have them for cost mate
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    110 ritmo

    good for you ryan . i like new machines and one that dont need any add on's what so ever i would really like . maybe you would like to think about that one has a lot of guys will pull you up if needs an had on .
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    110 ritmo

    what another one i thought the ez machine was the best thing since sliced bread mabe not then . pie is loverly you dont know what ya missing . one thing on my mind is ryan who would buy a machine that only pumped 7.5m not me thats for sure .
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    110 ritmo

    Ryan your just reading from a data sheet which tells me you don't really know . Iv seen data sheets that tell you with a three phase pump you need a 20 kva generator .has you know that's not true . So I invite you to come to a Ritmo demonstration 110 volt and we will put to rest your...
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    110 ritmo

    We have never been stopped using 240 volts . We have machine going to a bam site in the morning and guess what's yes it's a 240 volt . And they are very much up on there H&S . Ryan we have 110 volt Ritmo so if companies want this machine it's up to them we also have our new 360 ltr compressor...
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    Which machine????

    Marko currier has 4 or 5 men why not you mix and lay on for these guys against the ritmo . The ritmo is there for one man or a big team it can do either it's there to help you not challenge you .
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    automatic water pressure switch

    yes it should be ok .
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    They sell lancy diesel machines too . They are based in Ireland but sell through the strata Company .
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    It's the same machine putzmiester sell Mp12 made by the same company in Germany . Iv had one its a nice machine . Around £6500
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    M-Tec 100

    240 has more power than 110 volt in any machine motor and is much cheaper to produce . That include drill motor too .
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    Just starting out

    Hi Djt . To cover up your windows you can use D - tak it comes in all different sizes I.E for your standard windows you would need 1100 and doors 2100 it's not expensive and its comes in small rolls that you just fold out we have used it for years . You could use 500 for floor areas or you can...
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    M-Tec 100

    what power source do you plug your transformers in to ryan mi little old chuckle bunny .
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    M-Tec 100

    We are a contractor and have been using 230v machines for years Ryan and have never been stopped from using them . We have them in our health and safety programme for lord & downing render systems . And have never been challenge on 230 volts . Ryan Where do you get your info from children's...
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    ptf ritmo chines

    85000.00 chinese yuan = £8975.62 there much cheaper in the UK .
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    pft lotus

    here you are nick enjoy. PFT LOTUS XS - Schnell einsatzbereit, zuverlässig, leistungsfähig und einfach zu bedienen. - YouTube
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    pft lotus

    I think it will be coming soon we are just looking at sales at the moment . If it goes well then 110 volt will be immanent .
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    When you check your back pressure do you have any fluctuations in bar pressure .
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    Don't you find it weird if you post you want to buy a machine the M Tec dealer is in first place to make a reply . Now one of you has a problem and he is not here to help . Ambulance chasing comes to mind .
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    machine plasterers dance Knauf summer ball 2013

    featuring John Walker PFT Scotland and Ian Jones PFT Wales. SUMMER BALL - Plasterers Dance - YouTube
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    machine plasterers dance Knauf summer ball 2013

    featuring John Walker PFT Scotland and Ian Jones PFT Wales. SUMMER BALL - Plasterers Dance - YouTube
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    Long lance or standard?

    use what makes you feel happy .
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    90 Degree Mortar Hose Coupling?

    I will take a photo and send it to you steve
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    compact machine

    once you use a machine you will find the work for it . it is the way forward for you
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    90 Degree Mortar Hose Coupling?

    they put it on the gun not the hose for tight areas
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    acrylic set up

    Remote cable high air output compressor and spray set gun .
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    Mortar hose comparability

    hi cam yes it will . p.s what have you done to your hose mate .
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    What machine is best

    Hi Mixy PFT have the two best selling machines in the world for the application you are looking for which are the G4 and Ritmo . Any of our dealers will be more than happy to demo these machines for you . And we have many applicators out there who can share there views with you regards our...
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    mp75 water setting for ritmo

    hi bobby you have two water inlet hoses on the ritmo mixing chamber so keep yours on the top hole and it will be perfect . regards MP 75 it is a fantastic product and the reason it did,nt take off was that knauf uk got it all wrong on some of the companies they put forward as applicators . In...
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    mp75 water setting for ritmo

    Speed 9 water 300 put water on top hole of mixing chamber
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    love it

    We were one of the first companies to bring it in we have been using it for over 20 years . It leaves no residue on the windows . It's been around for years in Germany we were using it in 1989 when I was working over there . So I brought it back with me . Sorry Keith I thought you knew ...
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    love it

    We've been selling that tape for years they used to get it from us years ago
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    110v help

    I will make you a splitter to try Steve and send it down to you .
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    110v help

    Hi steve first what size compressor are you trying to use . if its your fitted compressor you still need thicker cable but you can split between the ritmo and small fitted compressor at the in put socket on the machine and then run water pump on its own lead to the generator . if your using 15...
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    and who will warranty it rich .
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    The new G4 neXt generation

    Hi goody sorry im late with a reply . The new generators will be about the same size the difference is it will give you more power .
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    The ritmo

    the reason the sliding plate can stick is because you must clean your air filter at least once per week that is the only reason for them to stick .