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  1. dele


    Got a 3 bedroom apartment for boarding and skimming from a builder, agreement was 3 stage payment 50% ,25% and 25% on completion for materials and labour on 4 weeks time frame. Got the first 50% and job almost done, just the large living room, the front porch and an arch work left, asked for the...
  2. dele

    Silicon moulds VS fiberglass moulds

    Which last longer?
  3. dele

    Done jobs

    Before and after photos of just renovated 3 bedroom. Onto the next one.
  4. dele

    Who I'm I? Superman plasterer?

    Got called in this morning to save the world.
  5. dele

    Back with a bang!

    Hello everyone, i'v been on holiday for the festive season and just got back and welcomed by several jobs on my table, with 3 for January, 2 major. Signs of a very busy year ahead. I will take each one at a time and bring back photo feedbacks for your digestion. Thank you.
  6. dele

    Finishing up

    Been busy with this living room, hope it came good.
  7. dele

    Baby on board

    My girlfriend just popped out a baby girl, I'm the latest dad in town. Damn!
  8. dele

    Guess what guys... I'm back!!

    :musculoso: been very busy this few months with some projects. Here is a teaser.
  9. dele

    For a clearer picture of me

    your opinion is invalid
  10. dele

    Caption this
  11. dele


    Hello everyone, it's been a while I dropped in, been quite busy this few weeks.
  12. dele

    Completed jobs

    Some of my done deals
  13. dele

    Uploading failed

    Why am I unable to upload work pictures on here or isn't it allowed?
  14. dele

    Fibre cornices on bent walls?

    Hi everyone I got this huge job to install some fibre cornices in a pretty huge living room but got let down by the bad walls caused by the incompetent brick layers.the walls were so crooked the fibre cornices couldn't stay on it. I had to travel back 20 miles to source for a replica mould which...
  15. dele

    Just got here

    Hi everyone my name is dele and I'm happy to have stumbled upon this forum and also got the app in the process I'm a plasterer based in lagos Nigeria. Been a professional for 7 years I needed platforms that will develop and take me to a higher level in the business.