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  1. Wayners

    isothiazolinone in pva skin reaction

    After waiting nearly 2 years I had patch test at local hospital and I have a common allergy to methylisothiazolinone/ isothiazolinone and other names it goes under, but all the same stuff. It's in pva and paints. It's not the plaster so much causing skin troubles but more pva and other sealers...
  2. Wayners

    Pica pencil holder and sharpener

    Carpenters pencil holder and sharpener. Pica 505 Pica Pocket carpenter pencil. This is a mechanical pencil and you just swap lead in pencil toolstation sell similar...
  3. Wayners

    Gorrlia hook for drill driver

    What is everyone using to hold drill on belt? Found this and thought it looked good for screwing plasterboard ect
  4. Wayners

    Parachute bag for kit.

    Ever heard of a parachute bag? No I haven't. Use for nails or batteries, screws ect. Cheap at £22 and they stack in a plastering bucket.
  5. Wayners

    Braces (Suspenders) for work trousers and belts.

    Perry make braces that will clip to belt vs crocodile clips. Just got a pair from ebay from America for under £20. Also available in the UK. Those metal crocodile clips on some can come off so these plastic belt hooks are a really good idea Tushi belts are good although you have to remove...
  6. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Tried everything from super glue to foam. From grip fill to nails. Found the best stuff is polymer mastic. Sticks to everything Inc wet pva. Thin bead of mastic and on with the metal beads and plaster straight away of following day. Whatever. Simple. Holds really well from the start. Like this...
  7. Wayners

    Top cashback

    Toolstation now on top cashback. Just click the link to toolstation on the top cashback site for 6% back. Screwfix is 2% and wickes is 1.6% Click and collect only.. I use app on phone but TCB website works the same to redirect you to merchant. @Danny This correct place to post?
  8. Wayners

    Government grant. Act quick

    Covid support self employed... A staggering 800,000 got until Monday, midnight, the last time they can apply for Self Employment Grant 1. Another grant coming but you can only apply if you claimed the 1st one. This one.. It's a no brainer. Crazy some people. I know someone that hasn't claimed...
  9. Wayners

    Bike race

    Just for fun and just goes to show what you can do with the right tool. From what I understand there are 2 road racers. 2 motor cross and one yellow custom built bike with a champion rider haruchika aoki at the helm I think...His younger brother is riding no 2 and he struggles to get past him...
  10. Wayners

    Find UK address

    This site has just been launched where you can find any UK address on a map. Different to Google maps which doesn't, although gets your close.
  11. Wayners

    I would feel better if I could rant like this

    Not sure where to put this clip but I feel so much better after watching this guy. Hold on to your seat. Hopefully you will feel better too. If anyone here wants to copy and get things off your chest, you now know what to do. Sit in van and shout at phone. Bliss after
  12. Wayners

    Artex ceiling

    Stippled a ceiling which is the first one I done in years. Could be my last and amazingly this property I textured my first ceiling 35 years ago when I was 15. Just no call for it these days and the cost of a bag is shocking vs what I used to pay. Anyone still at this trade?
  13. Wayners

    Back trouble

    Who limbers up before work? Was on TV yesterday. So I can't bend but my plan is to be able to by Christmas. Struggle to tie laces. Can you put hands on floor? Everything hurts these days so I have to try something. Here is what you need to do. Im doing it. And the exercise. Lol
  14. Wayners

    Stick beads on with glue gun?

    With talk here about sticking beads on with tape I had a thought yesterday when fixing new rope to cat pole. Would a electric glue gun work to hold beads? 240v and 110v and battery available. Sticky with a quick setting time. Tempted to try...
  15. Wayners

    I got this wrong

    Skimmed this wall but a layer of paint that was used over contract emulsion has failed. Im taking the lot off and starting again. Gutted as big wall but taking it on the chin. Just no way to ever predict this. Seemed fine all the way through prep.
  16. Wayners

    Making tax digital

    We will all have to submit figures ever 3 months next year and this is the first one I've heard of that is free... Not had time to study but I'm happier now there are free options avaliable vs having to get some accounts app or pay to upload a spread sheet...
  17. Wayners

    Just sorting this

    Loft conversion and the bricks and wood where left on the plasterboard which caused the board to start to fall away over the last 20 years in lounge. Dropped 100mm in places and amazingly it stayed up but hanging on light fittings I think. It had pulled the nails clean out of timber which had me...
  18. Wayners

    600mm floor protector fitting to packexe 625mm applicator

    I use taktec floor protector but I like the packexe application machine. It makes it easy to apply however, packexe application machine takes a 625mm wide roll but most brands like taktec are 600mm wide so I bought 2 rolls of 12mm masking as packers, that fit both ends and works a treat.. Run...
  19. Wayners

    Head torch

    Bought this headtorch for £9 off ebay including 2 18650 batteries. I keep the old 18650 batteries out of old tool packs as they are useful and lots of things can be powered by them. The beam pattern on this torch can be changed. I use when I skim sometimes and couldn't be without my head...
  20. Wayners

    Tax digital

    Tax digital. Anyone vat registered you need to be tax digital ready by April this year. Use bridging software to upload a spread sheet is one way.. Use accounting software and apps is the other way... That's the only 2 options we will have... Spread sheet templates are available for free or ask...
  21. Wayners

    Cyclone vacuum dust extractor

    Made this cyclone..really easy to make and some use a old Dyson or just make a cyclone from old plastic tub and waste fittings. See youtube... The one in picture is not the turbo cyclone as could not wait for it to come from china, that has a rounded top. This is the flat top standard cyclone...
  22. Wayners

    Plastering in this hot weather

    Strange one today. Over board and skim. So hot I thought.. Right.. 1 coat of gardz on board and banged on the multi. Done in one hit and hanging really wet. To wet to be honest as took 2 hours 15 to complete. I never set out to do in one. I normally do board in 2 hits. Plastering is a little odd...
  23. Wayners

    Ceiling board hanger (plasterboard)

    Interesting tool for one man to fit plasterboard. I'm still sticking to a board lifter but for some this might be an interesting tool. Guess it's been talked about here before? See here
  24. Wayners

    Seal with gardz

    Anyone used zinsser gardz as a sealer prior to skim? Just wondered. It's brilliant as a sealer over 100 year old chalky surfaces and would work great on contract emulsion to prime. Not sure if it's good to skim over through?
  25. Wayners

    Artex sealer equivalent

    Been looking about for some sealer and found this wickes stuff. Been trying it out as I wanted something that seals better than Pva but doesn't have the sand like blue grit. Found this from wickes but early days. Anyone used? It's also says to use this product before there one coat plaster and...
  26. Wayners

    Bosch pro tools around half price.

    Refurbished kit with warranty..don't know of anyone here has a use for it but still.. See here
  27. Wayners

    EBay 20% off until 6pm today

    Across the front of eBay is a banner 20% off diy. Just bought some festool kit and got £75 off which is maximum discount. Anyone in the market for some pro tools then is a good time to buy with the discount. You got until 6pm today.. Friday
  28. Wayners

    Artex sealer

    Looks to me it's disconnected? Everywhere around me has no stock. Ie trade centre and B&Q. Anyone hear anything about this? Guess I'll have to switch to some decent Pva instead when I'm doing repairs but no idea what to use if I artex a ceiling. Water based undercoat I guess,as that should work...
  29. Wayners

    Paying tax with credit card, act now!

    Heads up everyone.. 13 January 2018, HMRC is banning credit card payments, meaning you need to act quickly if you want to pay your current tax bill by credit card. Consider paying monthly by setting up a budget plan online on the tax site. Best way...
  30. Wayners

    Screwfix mixer 240volt. £74.99 today only

    Deal of the day tub mixer. TUESDAY 28TH £74.99... 240volt though.. Not showing correct price on link though here
  31. Wayners

    Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish

    Where to get it? I was buying from B&Q but 2 stores o called in at don't stock it now. In fact they don't have any fiba tape in store? Maybe one of the merchants around me stock it but don't want to drive around looking. Found one decorating site online that stock. I seen post mention Johnstone...
  32. Wayners

    Putz spat way better than speed skim

    Well I bought this putz and that's the end for speed skim. I was shocked at how good the putz is. Been mucking about with speed skim but the Putz eze spat is in a different class. It's bionic. Better, faster and stronger Imo...
  33. Wayners

    Mesh for internal walls

    Was using this mesh on internal walls today. Real easy to apply. Well impressed. 100m x 1m roll. Walls were a real webb of cracks and a previous skimmed walk was cracked up so I thought I'm not getting called back, so used the mesh as a fix. Walls are concrete so solid under. Anyone used before...