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  1. ChrispyUK

    Getting stuck in

    thats vincey
  2. ChrispyUK

    Lorry driver

    The Welsh are ok in moderation :coffe:
  3. ChrispyUK

    When to use corner trowel?

    there are other names for it!
  4. ChrispyUK

    When to use corner trowel?

    I started a good thread on this years ago. one thing I’ve learned as a chancer and what @Olican told me. Never twitch too soon.
  5. ChrispyUK

    happy birthday

    Happy birthday Scarlett and a top dad as well. s**t f**k**g plasterer though :coffe: X
  6. ChrispyUK

    Dot and Dab plasterboard before tiling

    What’s your budget?
  7. ChrispyUK

    Nightsearcher light bulbs

    put up a pic Pete. Only so many type of bulbs.
  8. ChrispyUK

    Fireplace help advice

    Powers at be will do anything to stop people being a bit self sufficient.
  9. ChrispyUK

    Solar Panels

    I’ve helped my mate on a few solar installs and repairs. Work out what power you roughly use from appliances during the day and convert into kWh’s and multiply by going rate. Will give you an idea if there is any saving. Each panel is roughly 250Watts, so rule of thumb, is that you get 1kW...
  10. ChrispyUK

    Dot and Dab plasterboard before tiling

    If it’s a wet area, just batten and use tile backer board. It’ll give room for your pipe work.
  11. ChrispyUK

    Dot and Dab plasterboard before tiling

    Didn’t spot that. Yep no need to insulate party wall.
  12. ChrispyUK

    Dot and Dab plasterboard before tiling

    Think Tom has covered it. I do lots of bathrooms, and on these older properties, the one problem they nearly always have is mould due to condensation forming on cold walls and ceilings. Last one I did, I gutted it back to brick, pulled the lath and plaster ceiling down, battened and insulated...
  13. ChrispyUK

    Gypsum and clay plaster

    trt it and report back :coffe:
  14. ChrispyUK

    Bob Ross

    nice trees though...and a little wood shack!
  15. ChrispyUK


    It’s a feisty one
  16. ChrispyUK

    Dot and Dab plasterboard before tiling

    As above and use proper tile backer board.
  17. ChrispyUK

    1st job nerves.

  18. ChrispyUK

    1st job nerves.

    get that little heater on
  19. ChrispyUK

    1st job nerves.

    yeah, he’s a f**k**g chancer too :coffe:
  20. ChrispyUK

    1st job nerves.

    never did. Just mentioned that it can get you out of the s**t and I suppose also into it if you’re not careful.
  21. ChrispyUK

    1st job nerves.

    I used to get nervous, but not so often now as I’ve learned to get over most problems. Plaster smells fear, so don’t get monkey brained if you’re getting stressed and it’s going off quicker than you’d like. Stay focused. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to slap another coat on and miss...
  22. ChrispyUK

    Easifill on inside of external wall

    They’ll take it up after the sanding is finished
  23. ChrispyUK

    Easifill on inside of external wall

    don’t forget your little heater
  24. ChrispyUK


    Misleading thread title. Thought we were going to have an interesting and thought provoking discussion on ladders...and possibly hop ups.
  25. ChrispyUK

    dont you think all trades are dossers apart from plastering

    I must be the biggest dosser then :coffe:
  26. ChrispyUK

    Easifill on inside of external wall

    He’s only filling chases and not rectifying your skimming so he’ll be ok!
  27. ChrispyUK

    beats spreading

    It’s a great pastime mate. Don’t get caught up in buying loads of gear though, the fish don’t care if you’ve got a £20 rod or a £200 one. Get the basics and get fishing.
  28. ChrispyUK

    filling a few holes in new skim

    not exactly. You can knock it up and it’ll stay workable for longer. Too sensible tonight :llorando:
  29. ChrispyUK

    sloppy multi

    bubbles darling :chica:
  30. ChrispyUK

    Renovation of bathroom

    I’ve had those before on a bathroom job. Can’t remember the proper name but like those hollow terracotta blocks you see on building sites in Spain. PITA anyway. If they’re not falling apart then you can just dab over them.
  31. ChrispyUK

    filling a few holes in new skim

    Toupret is the best, feathers out better than easifil. A little heater speads the job up.
  32. ChrispyUK

    sloppy multi

    Add a few handfuls of powdered water, thickens up lovely :coffe:
  33. ChrispyUK

    New guy

  34. ChrispyUK

    Moulds for cove & ceiling roses

    tbh Andy, I was joking about BnQ, thought they were more esoteric
  35. ChrispyUK

    Sand and cement scratch coat on solid brick?

    external walls, batten and use insulated PB. Internals use hardwall.
  36. ChrispyUK

    Moulds for cove & ceiling roses

    Didn’t realise their range would be that popular!
  37. ChrispyUK

    I’m back

    High build masonry paint get that.
  38. ChrispyUK

    2nd time lucky. I hope!!

    Bet the t**t finished it with a speedskim! :coffe:
  39. ChrispyUK

    What would you do?

    Mesh it, board it, bond it, dub it, float it, plaster it, fill it, skim it, pva it, grit it. just pick 3 from the above
  40. ChrispyUK

    Damp patch on newly plastered wall

    Put a gilt frame round that...looks like a wildlife painting.
  41. ChrispyUK

    Patching up after rewire.

    If it’s a solid 9” wall then no, don’t use it.
  42. ChrispyUK

    Patching up after rewire.

    Bonding and filler to finish off works well. And a little heater :coffe:
  43. ChrispyUK


    Bicarbonate soda
  44. ChrispyUK

    Ritmo for sale

    Thanks for the thought Andy, but decided against it