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    Bet 365 boss

    Anyone see this today.. the boss made £469 million in 2020. Clearly the lockdown had a effect but f**k me people are really making some silly money! Not to mention the 1%elite who are running the show. Will there be a point of being well of an not, a divide is society. No middle ground as such...
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    Mugs pricing jobs!

    Went to price a house to get roughcasted the other day.. customers starts to go on about the they have already had someone out to price it but he’s not showing much interest in showing them examples an taking weeks to reply etc. So long story short I go home work out a price then send them it...
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    Anyone watch the mains the night.. few good scraps! Max Holloway though :numberone:
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    Bugger it.

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    Elite carbon Kraft trowel

    Anyone using or used one on here? Ordered a 14x5 wooden handle. Keep is half interested in this game for another we while ha!
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    Versapanel cement Board

    Has anyone used this board on external roughcasting? Customers used it but not heard of it. Use enewall products usually but there not sure. Anyone went over it before?
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    Calm before the storm

    So the government still haven’t worked out anything for self employed people. So they expect us to go into lockdown or stay at home for the country an while not getting any form of income to cover us. sorry but my kids come first an if I need to work to put food an pay rent well guess what...
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    More strings to the bow

    Who just does plastering? See company’s only covering plastering, others cover tiling screeding aims taping roughcasting coving etc. Is it a good thing to cover other aspects of work to get more money in, or do you master one or two? Who’s winning the race, the one who is great at plastering or...
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    O S B board

    What’s anyone’s thoughts on this. Getting asked to render over on new build.
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    Dashing Berlin

    Has anyone got a device for dashing? Or is hand dashing still quickest? Not looking for a huge machine that needs a lorry to get to an from the job. Just something that runs on airpressure. For Domestic jobs etc. Not sure what’s best out there for looking into. Cheers
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    Bran Spankers

    Is it just me who doesn’t drive a brand new van these days 03 plate an still solid ha! All I see is new tradesman vans kicking around with new logos.