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    Jub carbon base

    does anyone know if jubs carbon base is compatable over stone work? Cheers
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    Mono in North devon

    im looking for a small gang with a machine to do 170m2 of parex monoblanco for me in the next few weeks Unfortunately I have a prolapsed disk and I've had it for a couple of weeks now so struggling to walk never mind work!!! I can bead and prep if this helps It's a million pound new build so...
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    Thin coat in exposed area's

    I have 14 flats to render with a carrier board then a thin cost render system on a timber frame build I intended to use the jub render system which I have used a few times now The builder has said the labc want a premiere guarantee which is needed for jobs in severe weather area's. I'm based in...
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    R10 primer

    anyone know roughy how much a 20kg tub of k rend r10 will go? Being sprayed on also Cheers
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    Parex fixopierre

    Is this like a sbr type product? Cheers
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    Tyrolean air gun

    Anyone used one of these for a sand & cement tyro finish or is just for bucket coats/primers?
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    Rendering over new blockwork

    anyone got any idea what the recommended time is to leave new blockwork before render I thought I read somewhere 4 weeks? Cheers
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    Weber OCR overnite

    Ive got a big job starting in a few weeks and with the colder days I'm struggling to get the OCR finished same day. I know the love juice can be used to speed up things but was thinking of leaving over nite It's new build Thoughts chaps?
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    Parex over stonework

    i have had a spec back from parex for rendering over a stone substrate I was thinking of micro,parmurex with mesh then monorex. The area rep has come back with Parlumiere renders which is there lime render range which is a route I didn't want to go down tbh The customer wants a breathable system...
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    received this email this morning. Made me laugh!! Hello, We are polish renderers gang, 3 years experience in EWI system, 1,5 year in scratch render and traditional. We have CSCS cards own machine (putz meister) tools and vans, just looking for more works. So if You have to much work and You...
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    Graphite eps

    I looked at a job yesterday and the customer said they had a quote from a green deal installer and they recommend using 60mm graphite eps as it has the same valve as a standard white 90mm eps board What's your thoughts on this? Cheers
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    Monogris E.

    Anyone got any idea what the cost of this is? Didn't get chance to phone Encon today? Cheers
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    K rend gp mortar

    Used this today for the first time.nice to spray although it doesn't half pick up quick!! Only scratch coated with it mind. 130 bags through the ritmo (y)
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    K rend gp mortar

    i have a few jobs next week using this. I will use it as a 2 coat material so after any info!! Does the 2nd coat pull in when sprayed? I will be using the Regina power sponge also. Has anyone used one with 2 coat work? Cheers
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    Ford ranger

    anyone got the new ford ranger pick up? Thinking of getting a new one on the march plate.
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    600mm centres

    i started a site today (timber frame).the agent has insisted that 600 centres with no noggins on ceilings taking a 12.5mm board is ok. This is to be skimming also. I mentioned this to him a few weeks back although he reckons it's fine Your thoughts please Cheers
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    where's my post about the website?
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    Tiling on screed

    i laid a screed floor on Saturday and want to tile it ASAP. Do I need to wait till fully cured or is there a adhesive I can use before its dry? Cheers
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    9 houses internal works

    i have been offered 9 houses in North Devon Looking to sub this out if I find the right guys. I'm gonna put the rates up as I need to find people ASAP. Hardwall/skim £8 Tacking £2.50 Skimming £3.75 No digs paid Paid fortnightly Cheers Rob
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    Jub carbon base

    im spraying this on Thursday.i know dan has used it but any others had any experience with it? Cheers
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    Weber ocr

    has anyone used this recently? If so have they had any issues with cracking? Cheers
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    Hopper with compresser

    Anyone else use one of these? I have the lk402 compresser and hand held hopper and wondered what bar pressure they spray bucket coat? I also have 3 different size nozzles.which is the best to use? Also the same question for a sand & cement tyrolean finish Cheers
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    Knauf aquaboards

    im boarding out a timber frame at the moment. Do you guys always use knauf tape and filler to tape up boards? This gear is ridiculously expensive!! Can I use another manufactors gear? I'm using jub render system Cheers @Runswithscissors
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    Screws for render board

    Can anyone recommend a good place to buy large quants of screws for knauf carrier board? Cheers
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    Hopper gun

    This beauty turned up today.good investment for 55 notes!!
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    50mm board

    is there a board out there that gives the same u-value as 90mm eps? I'm sure I read somewhere there is a 50mm phenolic board thats gives you the same as the 90 Cheers
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    Sand & cement render in sunny North devon

    as above I have a couple of jobs coming up in North Devon in a month or so.2 coat traditional sand & cement work. Each job around 400m2 solid measure Contact on for rates Cheers Rob
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    Paraguard/everbuild sealer

    Has anyone used the everbuild sealer.just finishing a monorex job and was going to use paraguard.the quants I need is around 1 and a half tubs. I've had a quote for paraguard for 240 plus so at 500 I was thinking of using everbuild sealer @ around 60 for 25 litres. Any feedback chaps? Cheers
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    Pricing to hack off

    Out of interest how many price to hack off on a fixed price? The last two I have done one was done on a price which came off within the timescale.the other which I had a idea would be a bugger took twice as long to get off,although I was on a day rate. On refurb work getting it off is always a...
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    Shadow bead

    I have a 100 or so shadow beads I want out the way. Any takers?
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    Isomat render products

    Anyone used this gear.seems cheap
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    Mono sealer

    Can anyone recommend a decent mono sealer I can buy off the self? Cheers
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    Parex monorex colour

    Any idea if they do a black mono? If not any other manufactures? need 10 bags Cheers
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    Coloured lime render

    I'm after ideas for a coloured lime render that is sprayable. Not interested in using mono as I don't fancy floating it Out of interest I know paramurex is breathable but what lime content would this have? What I've found is some pumpable lime render's are not great up float up also how would it...
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    Mono test panel

    I have 2 do one tomorrow for a job and want it to go off within a few hours. Any ideas of quants for 2 bags? Cheers
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    Mono band

    I have a large elevation of mono to do (white).on the drawings it is showing a band running through the middle. If I was going to do this with sand&cement I would measure where the band is going to be,and scratch the area when topcoating and when dry fix stop beads ready. Would this be the best...
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    Bagged material

    Has anyone used these? error
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    50mm insulated boards on ceiling

    I'm tendering for a job and one of the ceilings has a spec of 50mm insulation board fixed to the timbers. I've never heard of this before. Your thoughts please chaps Cheers
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    40mm floor

    I'm converting a garage into a utility room and want to raise the floor by around 40mm.any ideas on the best(cost effective) self levelling gear to use. The garage floor is of a latex type finish Cheers
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    Fibreglass on trailer roof

    Hi chaps I have a box trailer and the roof needs repairing.ive fixed ply down and now need to get it water tight. Will fibreglass be flexable enough due to the movement? Cheers
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    Has anyone rubbed this up with a float and sponged Cheers
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    Acrylic finish over painted fibreglass

    I am doing a job at the minute and the guy wants some balcony's with fibreglass panels that have been painted.will topcoat take to this? Cheers
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    Parex weathertech weathershield

    Is anyone aware of this product.its on a spec I have for the parex direct system on a timber frame.its bloody expensive that's for sure. I will ring parex tomorrow but I like to hear first hand from spreads also Cheers
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    Parex basecoat

    What would be a suitable basecoat for monorex.substrate is stonework Cheers
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    Replacing Cills for ewi

    I have looked back through previous threads but wanted to know peoples thoughts on getting over the problem of fitting ewi to a property with concrete Cills. I am looking for a solution that will be coat effective whilst still in keeping with the original Cills? Cheers
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    Ewi on a cavity wall

    How would ewi perform on a wall with a cavity compared to it on a solid wall? Cheers
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    Sand & cement through the ritmo

    Right I know this been discussed before but I am going to try this myself in the next few weeks at my unit before I start a job. A few things I am curious about. If I use a worn rotor/stator which holds about 8 bar will this ok?obviously I will pre-mix the gear so the water will be turned off...
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    Acrylic/silicone finish

    I have a job to fit ewi on some elevations on a property. The client wants the finish to match the existing finish which is sand/cement.hes not keen on a 1.5mm grade.can anyone recommend which finish would be best suited Cheers
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    Harling coat

    Can any of the older spreads on here share any info on the harling coat method?
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    Baumit lime render

    I will be spraying this week through the ritmo l weather permitting.topping it with there 1.5mm finish coat. Anyone used baumit 39 universal before? Cheers