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    Hacked off a house today ready for damp course injection.. Used a fella i have used before. Just took a call from the guy whose house it was. The damp proofer only tried to muscle in and badger him into giving him the re-plastering job saying he would do it for £100 cheaper than me!!! Im...
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    Newbies Read This

    Hi Welcome to the FAQ section for newbies to the forum or the plastering trade. If you have a problem or need advice from any of our members then feel free to post your question in here. There have been quite a few topics covered as you can see, however if you would like to know more on a...
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    Soldiers Thread

    I have removed the Soldiers thread from both the private forum and the other one that was started in here. You guys are right, it dont belong on this site. The whole racism card belongs in another place (Hopefully) far far away from here!! Thanks for your comments guys :)
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    Bad Feeling

    Guys there is so much bad air around its getting very silly. A lot of people are going on about banter, but this aint banter its personal and it must stop. I have had to delete a lot of things from threads that are just unacceptable and have no place on this forum. Any member who feels they...
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    Faces to names

    Just thinking about putting faces to names to everyone on here. Makes it more real knowing who we all are!! I'll start off
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    It can get worse!!

    If you thought the credit crunch was bad, this is worse!! Imagine this lot turning up to do your house! :D :D :D
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    Dot & Dab

    Im going to dot & dab my extension tomorow. Its onto thermalite blocks. Can i just get on and dab straight onto the blocks or should i wet/pva them first ???
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    Kicked Out

    Ive been kicked out of the private members club :D :D :D I gotta say that after 20 odd years of working the doors of Newport and Cardiff, it makes a refreshing change to be on the other side... :D :D Danny you'll make an excellent doorman with moves like that, if the plastering work dont pick...
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    Post totals

    Has anyone noticed if their post totals are going up per post?? Ive posted quite a bit today and my total hasnt moved from 126!! I'll never get in the private room at this rate :'( Can you have a look Danny??
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    Lath and Plaster Ceiling Price

    I was wondering what you guys would charge for a ceiling approx 5mx5m. Have do do the following: 1. Take down existing lath & plaster and bag debris (Client will dispose of debris) 2. Insulate ceiling (Customer supply insulation). 3. Reboard (Customer supply board) 4. Skim. (Customer supply...
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    Domestic Disasters

    I was prepping a kitchen few weeks ago, when i managed to run my lattice plane down the wall and take a nice little nick out of the hot water pipe that was buried in the wall resulting in a lovely spray of hot water out of the wall...  :'( Was just wondering about other mishaps other spreads...
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    Price for a big ceiling?

    Been asked to quote on skimming a ceiling. Havnt seen the job yet, but its a 1000sq mtrs. so its a large one. Any ideas how to price it?? Not done anything like this size so i know it would take a few spreads on the go, but not got much idea. All comments welcome :) :)
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    Scrim Troubles

    Is it me or does all scrim tape go to shite after about a meter?? >:( Have used a couple of brands but they all frey off the edge. Does anyone else have this trouble?? If not tell me what your using??
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    Any Swansea spreads on here??

    Im based in Newport and am doing a job in Swansea for a reletive next week, render and skim a damp course job in her house. Trouble is she needs a bit of rendering done to the outside of the house and weather permitting i should be able to get it done as well as the inside work next week. But if...
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    Newbie from south wales saying hi to all

    Hi all, Martyns the name. Look forward to getting to know everyone.