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    Fireplace help advice

    I'll get my coat.
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    Bob Ross

    Poor old Bob. Watch the documentary about him on Netflix.
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    Crazing on boundary walls

    Stop moaning .put a fence up in front of it. Or some laurel trees . We are all to fussy these days.x
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    Very Patchy Mist Coat - Causes?

    PVA it.. beer time.
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    s**t tip

    Lovely big lock up. I like the old windser chair. I found the top half of one on a skip and bought it back to life.
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    Stay or walk. Away

    Get paid each week. I won't go over light weight blocks.your on a hiding to nothing. Good luck.
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    SBR/PVA Mix

    Back in the day .ronafix was used on site a lot , that stank.
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    Trowel .

    Yes shilaleighs . Just go to figure out how to sell them .
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    Trowel .

    Copper hamerite .
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    Trowel .

    Cleàned .and jazzed up 2 trowels . It's worth the effort .feels like you've got new ones..
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    Anyone tried caustic soda. To clean carbon trowel. Don't drink it . thinking of trying it on my piles .
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    Youtube wankers!!!

    Best video .Roger bisbys . Daughter plastering.
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    I think You've got a crush on Eric.‍❤️‍‍
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    That's not nice.
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    Carter plastic skimming trowel. Do you know who sells them. Ask Eric on you tube says they are good. Anybody.
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    Wot are the + plus on giproc boards for
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    Water proof pva . Is double the price of standard pva. But better in my opinion. regardless of the make . That's wot I'm saying ,I think it's worth the money. You knob jockey.:nocausagracia::cachetada:
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    On the ant problem. I've been using the fancy ant spays every day, works a bit , but not great. So the other day , I put domestos, bleach and water in a sprayer. Gone all over , bingo . Got it from pound land , guess how much .x
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    Summer styles

    You G** boys. I wear long johns. Then jeans .then joggers over the top to keep my jeans clean.
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    Last couple of weeks I've been using water proof pva from wicks .17 quid. It definitely controls the sucktion . Better. I'm gonna stay with it .
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    blocked drains info needed

    Looks like dab .
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    It's funny really , you young guy's have never seen a big muff. It's horrible
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    :sorprendido3: I love hairy chicks . I remember when chicks had hairy Fanny's:loco: my older brother said the bird next door sunbathes and he watches from his bedroom window . He was divorced. ,this was back in the 80s.he said shes got a massive bush , it's all hanging out all over the...
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    That blonde chick could be over fifty. Get a photo of her .
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    Bad light

    Was there a window
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    blocked drains info needed

    He's right . Chuck it in the flower beds. Or storm drain .no arguments then . As far as money goes. Get money every Friday. Wages. If things go wrong like this it's not to bad. My quotes say as a sole trader payment is due on day of completion. And give them a invoice every week for money...
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    Come on can't only be me. Searching for the sugar Man. Netflix. Six to Rodriguez.. put it in Spotify. Jess you will start crying.x
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    The f**k**g sun

    Just did a bedroom it's got those fancy shutter blinds. I closed them ,got the money. Said keep them shut for a week. :birra:
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    Crazed hairline cracks throughout the house

    My customer says she's got a nasty ,4" crack that needs filling. But wants a fixed quote. :frio::sisi::loco:
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    Wots the postcode for shawlands. :endesacuerdo:
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    Work hard Play Hard

    Do you live on your own ,smoothy love.
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    Any of you knob heads play the guitar, x
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    Music .

    Just found out about 62 Rodriguez . Wot a interesting story and a great Singer songwriter. Can't stop listening to him , sugarman ,ect . Any of you old gits heard of him .
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    Vintage plastering

    Nutter. X
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    No need for name calling.shorty. if you're greek why are you being a traitor and hanging out with those benders.. :frio: :birra::boxeador::chica:
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    It's all in black and white . In Nicosia. Memorials, photos. Ect, I think it's the only divided city in the world. Except Belfast. I've seen old ladies all dressed in black waiting and praying for their sons to return home . Are they making it up . I'm talking hundreds went missing. That's the...
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    That's the filthy Turkish side . when they invaded ,they captured loads of Greeks . Never let them go , the families are still mourning for their loved ones .
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    I like pathos. And keo .Beer. flights are expensive.
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    How many times you been to Cyprus,and wot town
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    Last year they got into my bar a couple of time's. They were everywhere. Had to clean and hoover top to bottom. Bastards
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    I've never had problems with ants before, but here, just starting again, it's none stop, drive.paths.front back you name it. I don't get it .I don't leave food out ect. Drives me nuts. But was in b and q. Last week. Got this stuff. £10 , easy, quick. And you could use the bottle for work.
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    Render Over painted pebbledash.

    Would you spend £10,000 on fancy render . Just paint it grey like everyone else.
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    Old boy.

    Looked at a job Tuesday. Old boy opened the door, I said hello plasterer,he said yes I am but retired, oh, so we chat about old times for 20mins. I say right let's see the job . Wot job .I was in the wrong street.. he was 79 looked good. Wot are the chances a,I said a, you could have knocked me...
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    I get the impression you are not a very good mixer. Or miserable c./unt.
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    Have to say , I think food in spoons is very tasty. You can get a nice steak meal and a pint for about a 10 quid.,
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    Forgot the snap.x
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    Just come back from the pub, first time back .we ate four of us. Felt a bit strange. no ok ,prices gone up. Me and the wife went to spoons yesterday, I had a big pizza and a Guinness,8 quid. Just having a night cap. Got Chris Rea on . ;)
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    Show me the money.

    Miserable c.unt.