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    Labourer in Northampton

    Looking for a labourer in Northampton, own transport required. Mainly spray render on domestic jobs. Call nick 07791133965
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    What would you suggest here

    Iv sent the pics to beddy as I don't know how to do it. Went to look at this job today, bloke wants mono over all existing render. Render is sound. Only problem is the unsightly cross section of the bell bead, obviously it will need another bead on top if we mono it so it will look turd. Do u...
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    Ritmo running weber chalk

    Has anyone had any probs running this gear, the ritmo really struggled on speed 10 today, packed up 5 or 6 times in and hour. Il run it at speed 9 tomorrow. Just wondered on other experiences of it.
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    who here uses a machine and drives a vw transporter?

    Just wondering, coz the ritmos provisionally sold but will need another pump, thinking g4 or Quattro and wondering if it will fit in my Van with genny
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    Mono in Leicester

    My mate's put his shoulder out and having cortisone injection this week, I need someone to help me out with two plots in Leicester but need answer asap as we all no there's no loyalty out there! Nick
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    self cleaning renders

    Got a client asking a self cleaning render, brick substrate. Never dealt with acrylic yet, is there any scratch renders that are self cleaning? Any info much appreciated, quoting thus Friday.
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    Tackers/stickers Northampton

    Hi We need stickers and tackers immediately, one town house ready now and another early next week, further 7 plots after that pm me or call 07791133965, sensible hours please! nick
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    Respect to beddy donut man

    FairPlay to Steve for bringing the donuts the wallcrete training today, best donut I've ever had! warriors wallcrete training is spot on, you have given us some new inspiration for the plastering trade and looking forward to getting on it. :RpS_thumbsup:
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    Ritmo L on eBay

    There's a ritmo l on eBay ! LoL I hear its a gudden:RpS_biggrin:
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    Daft mp75 question

    First off I've not used it yet. I have a school job which we started before Xmas break, originally it was for hardwall and skim so we have dabbed all the reveals. The question is can I still use mp75 with all the reveals dabbed? Could I fit skim bead and finish to it with mp? Or am I stuck...
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    Thistle one coat

    Bg have stopped projection plaster, they say one coat is as good or even better, I havnt used either so wondered on your opinions of the stuff. If its crap il have to open an account with another merchant for mp75
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    Ritmo l on multi

    Alright lads thought I would let you know I have posted a vid on u tube of us spraying 156 squares of multi on in one set. Two trowels and lab on the gun, was rather easy labour and prob could of handled it on my own with just the lab. If you search pft ritmo L you should come across it they...
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    machine plastering health and safety

    i have sold one of my pumps on the basis that the guy can have it for a week (now turned into two) to try it out at £250.00 per week. if he keeps then the rent is free. i trained him on it for a day. they filmed me setting it up, then set it up themselves and pumped, then cleaned out. they...
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    Pump services on eBay

    Someone's on there selling there spray rendering services on eBay. Does this actually work? I mean has anyone here sold there services as a spread on eBay? Seems far fetched to me, eBay is for general public, just can't see contractors looking there for a gang. Maybe Im wrong.
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    s*p*r*lex spat goneski

    my mogoloid gang left it on a kier site at peterboro, its the red handle type. if anyone sees it lurking around please point it in my direction. i fkin love that spat, its a real asset on the lids.:RpS_crying:
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    software to measure plans

    right lads I'm getting a bit tired of sitting down for hours measuring and pricing plans with a ruler pen and pages of paper! I'm getting plans for fourteen units that are all different for one of my builders. i have been looking at take off software and they all seem very expensive and more...
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    Silverstone predictions

    My money's is on Lewis, but alonso is close behind. If it rains Lewis should have it sewn up
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    Loadsa pumps

    Loads of em on flea bay at the mo. m100 m100sc g5 and a familiar lookin ritmo m!
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    Got a phone call today from a bloke that's seen my mtec for sale. He said are you selling the m100 on eBay? No I say, but I am sellin a monomix. He says oh I thought you might want to buy my m300! So I say no ta Iv just bought a ritmo that pumps everything I need, he says my mtec does that. So I...
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    M tec monomix with 14 kve generator

    It's up for sale and ready to pump. 10mtrs of mortar hose, water butt, three rotor stators (2new).its literally ready to go. Will easily pump mono 20 mtrs. It's with les lord at the moment as he has ran through it and replaced some of the wear n tear parts so you can be confident it's in tip top...
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    Help with quants so I can price

    I have a job to price at short notice , I have priced all the plastering dry lining and itchy stuff but I know nothing about metal work! Can someone tell me what metal work I need for every square meter as the descriptions in the Sheffield insulations book mean little to me. There's also a 12m2...
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    Monojet on eBay

    Who's is it? I'm interested. In the Raleigh racer.
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    hardwall and skim vs mp75 vs thistle projection

    i have no experience of the one coat projection plasters, what do you guys think to them? is mp better than bg projection? and how do both offer up to the old hardball and skim? iv heard drying times on mp is ages, is the bg one the same? as bg is mainly "accepted" on sites i would think this...
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    anyone know about these gennys?

    i can see it has small wheels but does anyone know if its going to do a decent job to power a pump? very cheap for a new genny with 12month warranty, from research on the net the engines are good. LT11000ME-3 3 PHASE & 240v 10 Kva 20Hp TWIN CYLINDER PETROL FRAME GENERATOR | eBay
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    Anyone used sika systems?

    Just got some plans fir an extention, spec list states sika plaster to be used on an external wall that will now be an internal wall. Says to to use sika or equivalent, I'm guessing it's not a one coat and would need a breathable finish over the top. Iv not used these materials before, have you...
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    Looking for a tacker, Northampton area

    As it says above, give me a shout if your interested. Cheers, nick
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    Labourer/ or trainee spread

    Looking for someone in the Northampton area. Email me for details, cheers nick
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    Im new ere

    Hi all As above states I'm in Northampton, and a bit sarcastic. Hands up if your around the county!
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    Plasterer in Northampton

    Hi My diary has just gone quiet so I'm on the look out for work. Also just bought an mtec mono mix for hardwall and external renders. Please visit Northampton Plaster Co for my contact details. Thanks for any help in advance! Cheers