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    Heraklith boards

    Just looking for some advice from you lime and heritage guys. Been sent a job for a listed building And its so vague and the materials I have not used. External heraklith wool insulation fixed to timber then lime render to boards Internal Insulate thermal fleece Heraklith board lime render...
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    sorry if its a dumb question but looking at machines again and was wondering do all 3 phase machines need the same sort of generators? would a pft zp3 need the same as a g4 as they are both 3 phase
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    Eze on ebay

    Full eze setup on ebay only used twice anyone lost it?
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    anyone got a m tech mono mix?

    as the title says anyone got or used a m tech mono mix machine ? had a search and can not find anything on the forums so was wondering if its similar to the ritmo ,voltage ease of use , materials and so on any feed back would be good cheers
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    dry liners and tackers

    Does anyone know of any dry liners and tackers for a job out near stansted airport way? if so could you pm me cheers
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    eze mix

    Just wondering if anyone has got a eze mix machine, if so are they any good?
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    looking for a plasterer in essex for barn conversion out onger way

    looking for someone to help me out on a big barn conversion near ongar. involves one coat work in-between beams on metal lath and skimming plasterboard ..client is very fussy so please no chancers .not sure how much will be ready at once until Wednesday if anyone is interested pm me
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    pft lotus

    Any of you guys at pft got a used lotus xs for sale ?
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    universal one coat

    hi guys got a very big job starting and its all gypsum universal one coat ,not used much of this gear before so any tips would be great . the work is all in between oak beams on metal lath with building paper behind. was thinking one coat let stiffen up then another one before sponge and...
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    turbosol mini avant anyone got or used one?

    Any of you guys got or used a turbosol mini avant ? was looking at them for site mix s/c and they dont look like a bad bit of kit Plastering machine Mini Avant - Plastering machine and conveying machine for common and special mortars - COMMON AND SPECIAL MORTARS
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    joddymix for sale open to offers

    joddymix for sale for a friend who has had a stroke, well used but still working open to offers ... based in essex
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    new machine

    has anyone seen or used one of these? Putzmeister have just taken the dealership on for a new range of equipment called MAI
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    pft lotus

    hi all can anyone tell me if the pft lotus is available in 110v? cheers
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    compact machine

    hi all i have been looking for some time now for machines and i am not sure what would be best for me :confused: or if it would really be worth it ! so here go's my work is varied from domestic skims ,external rendering to new builds,barn conversions and refurbs ,and good size extensions...
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    hi all ,what would be a fair price on a used joddy mix ,it is over 12 years old and one of the first ones (dont know if they have changed much) .i know its history and used it ..any ideas ?
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    screeders essex

    any screeders in essex with a pump roughly 700 meters over 2 floors? only decent people not chancers!
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    harwall vs dot and dab

    hi guys i am new to this site , just wanted to see what people'sopinions are on dot and dab ? i got to price a job to dot and dab /skim but i would rather do it in hardwall / skim as i find it much faster and not that much difference in price :RpS_unsure: