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  1. thebigfella

    Plasterers required board and skim in Sheffield

    Hi got 3 house ready mid September to board and skim decent lads only msg me for more details cheers
  2. thebigfella

    Soundcoat plus

    Straight forward question anyone used it ? Whats it like ? Its on the spec on some houses ive got and never used it ?
  3. thebigfella

    Mono over old block work

    Hi lads would you treat an old block wall before applying weber pral m it's been hidden behind a fence for a few years will be brushed down but would it need anything else ?
  4. thebigfella

    Render board advice

    Hi got a couple of dormer Windows to board and render and need some advice, what board would you recommend? I'm using weber lac base and full mesh would you advise a primer before finishing with weber sil tf ?
  5. thebigfella

    Had enough of domestic work

    I've got to say I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow had enough of sh/t domestic work being let down by customers and builders saying things are ready and there not, having to juggle work for them just to keep them happy and they don't give a sh/t about messing me around, I do feel like...
  6. thebigfella

    Newbies and lurkers see what you can get

    Cheers @Danny just shows if you put the effort in on the forum it pays off! Love this and the sound quality is mint
  7. thebigfella

    Invoice 2go

    Anyone use this app for invoice/quote ? Looks ok just want one that I can use on my iPad and iPhone
  8. thebigfella

    New dewalt screw gun

    Has anyone got one ? What they like ? I know there cheaper than the other brands but are they worth £300 ?
  9. thebigfella

    Cheap NELA need rid asap*p*r*lex-18-/252117656864?roken=cUgayN
  10. thebigfella

    tyrolean gun spare parts

    Hi lads does anyone if you can get spare parts for my gun I've lost the adjuster bar on the side ? And now the dark nights have set in and it's nearly freezing I pick up a lovely tyrolean job [emoji24][emoji30][emoji30][emoji30]
  11. thebigfella

    Van insurance

    Alright anyone know of a good insurance company for my van ?
  12. thebigfella

    Soot stains

    Alright boys & girls is there anything I can put on a chimney breast to stop soot stain coming through before skimming, customer had a plasterer do up stairs and he sealed the chimney before but it's still bleed through?
  13. thebigfella

    New style conservatory

    All right boys and girls just been to look at a new conservatory and it has a metal internal frame instead of block work and was wondering what's the best way to fix to it the metal work is a lot thicker than the stand mf ?
  14. thebigfella

    Plasterer from Doncaster hits mayweather
  15. thebigfella

    Apprentice or skilled plasterer

    Thinking of expanding the empire I was wondering what's the best route.? Get a young lad trained up or employee a fully qualified plasterer ? What's your views
  16. thebigfella

    Worlds strongest man

    Does anybody watch it? there's a plasterer on there called mark felix? Is he on here? I need a lift
  17. thebigfella

    Merry Christmas

    Like the title says have a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my fellow spreads cheers
  18. thebigfella

    White mold

    Hi lads/lasses just found some white mold in corner of our little ones room near the radiator just above the skirting. It's not salt, what's the bestest safest way to clear it up ?
  19. thebigfella

    Dust sheets

    Alright lads/lasses I'm after some more dust sheets anyone know the best place to them ? hate getting from builders merchant as there a fortune ?
  20. thebigfella

    Not enough screws

    Don't you just hate when the customer does the boarding and they dont put enough screws in.! Bloody hate it
  21. thebigfella

    Artex ceiling

    Alright lads just been to look at ceiling needs abit of prep what would you do? Scrape the high spots and skim or a thin coat of bonding? or overboard?
  22. thebigfella

    Krend training day

    Alright lads/lasses has anyone been on it? would anyone recommend it? looking to get in to it as a few of my customers are asking for it ?
  23. thebigfella

    British gypsum freebies

    Alright lads once again thanks again @Danny and @BritishGypsum for a quality mine tour, danny you took to long to make it to the pub for a pint @jesssop started to eye me up so I had to get going :RpS_w00t: Has as anyone tried out there freebies yet I've tried the new unifinsh mark 2 must...
  24. thebigfella

    Twitter feed

    Hi @Danny don't know if your seeing your twitter account but it looks like it's getting spam
  25. thebigfella

    Boat race

    Anybody watching it first time for me and im bored already but ive got wine so its not to bad
  26. thebigfella

    NELA s*p*r*lex Trowel review

    Alright lads hope I'm starting this in the right place? Got my trowel tonight when I got in and first impression is it looks pretty good the handle is strange looking but feels nice to handle not to heavy, it seems narrower than the other trowel I'm using at the moment but all in all I can't...
  27. thebigfella

    Refina plastic trowel

    Alright lads has anyone had anyone problems with these trowels coming unstuck from the foam? I've had a couple before and they've been fine but my latest one I got last month has come unstuck ? I feel lost with out it :(
  28. thebigfella

    Silver wall surprise

    Hi lads just been to look at a job (hallway and stairs) the customer has taken the wallpaper off and some section you can see silver foil that's under the old wallpaper, has anyone seen this before I'm guessing yes the section are small 5" square is the biggest would you suggest that it's got...
  29. thebigfella

    Needs some help advise

    Hi lads don't slate me just yet but how hard is it to do lime plastering? I've just had a customer ring up and ask if I can do it which I said no I've never used it, they can't find anyone to do it and asked if I would like to have ago? But just after some advise as whether to just say no or...
  30. thebigfella

    A cracking question

    Hi went to look at a job today and the top 6 inches of the internal wall and on some of the ceiling have cracks running horizontally nearly all the way round the external walls it's a bungalow maybe 80 years old and I'm just after some advice ? I've taken some pictures for you to have a look
  31. thebigfella

    Does anyone own a dog ?

    Quick question we are getting a dog and by the sounds of it I might have to take it to work now and again, does anyone take there dog with them to work? all my work is domestic/private jobs so its up to the customer I guess if I bring him? Any feed back would be great
  32. thebigfella

    Cheltenham burger race

    Ok anyone in to there burger racing .? And has anyone got any tips ? Ive got my bets placed for today and if they come good that's it I'm retiring :RpS_cool:
  33. thebigfella

    A plumber and a plasterer ?

    Was on my way to work the other day and I saw on the side of the van plumbing and plastering ? I saw another van advertising the same, I know people are trying to do more to get work but I'd sooner chop my arm off than be a plumber :RpS_biggrin:
  34. thebigfella

    Ireland vs ENGLAND

    Ok it's got to be the biggest match of the 6 nations, who do you reckon is going to win ? My money is England to win 28-12 :RpS_cool:
  35. thebigfella

    Joiners don't you just hate them

    Why can't joiners build studding right ? The last two jobs I've been on they have set the studding out wrong, it bloody pi** me off its more like a patch work quilt, it's common sense :RpS_cursing:
  36. thebigfella

    Freddie flintoff

    Is anyone watching the boxing tonight do you think he can win. ?
  37. thebigfella

    Twitter feed

    Hi Danny don't know if your aware of this but your tweeter account is posting loads of stuff about Nfl and jersey tops there must be 20 post this morning . Just thought I'd let you know
  38. thebigfella

    chimney breast leaking ?

    hi went to look at a job yesterday and its a bit of a head scratcher there's a chimney breast in a hall way up stairs that is leaking a yellow substances and theres a couple of patch on the ceiling above the breast too ? it looks like nicotine but its not but it continually leaks out ? they`ve...
  39. thebigfella

    cracking up

    hi lads we have finished a new build a couple of weeks ago and i popped back today to start coving and noticed a lot of the ceilings have cracks in them upstairs and downstairs along the joints as if there was no scrim ? every board was scrimmed, i was just wondering if anyone had any answer...
  40. thebigfella

    has anyone used dri- coat

    whats peoples views on dri coat compared to sand cement ?
  41. thebigfella

    site work

    just a quick one i might have some site work coming up and ive not done much price per metre work but is the rate more or the same for insulated plasterboard? and whats the best way to workout the mtr2 on the reveals ? cheers
  42. thebigfella

    need a bit of advice please lads

    hi lads ive got a crappy patching up job round new windows they've chopped some of the render of and it needs patching up but i could do with some advice on how to get the same affect ? it looks like pebble dash painted but there not pebbles as i can crush the lumps it looks like tyrolean but...
  43. thebigfella

    is it my fault

    hi just finished a rendering job for a local builder he told me i didnt need my labour because he would mix up and barrow all the gear for me, so day one i showed what i wanted in the mix we got the scratch coat on no problems day two i topped it all off and its all finished no problems i get...
  44. thebigfella

    have ago spraying

    hi im intrested in seeing machine plastering done and its something id like to have a look at and maybe have a go just wondered if theres another gypsum day out coming up :RpS_biggrin:
  45. thebigfella

    everbuild super scrim

    just got to say how super s**t this scrim is, hessin has more stick than this s**t the customer has bought aload of it from the merchant and he wont take it back so ive goot to staple it on :RpS_cursing::RpS_cursing::RpS_cursing:
  46. thebigfella

    tiger stripes

    had a spot of bother on the job im on at the minute skimmed most of the rooms and theyve had the sprayes in but noticed on the bottom of a couple of walls theres them dreaded stripes, the walls seemed prefect but im proper pissed off that this has happened the customer hasnt noticed them but i...
  47. thebigfella

    mobile forum

    daft question but im struggerling to get the forum to let me on when im on my phone i click on your tweeter links but they all ways say ive exceded my logins ? any help would be great
  48. thebigfella

    transit connect van

    hi just wondered if any ones got the transit connect van people are saying they not very good ? :RpS_blushing:
  49. thebigfella

    masking tape

    hi has anyone got any tips to remove the glue left on the widows after they`ve left the masking tape on to long :-0:-0:-0?
  50. thebigfella

    breaking a tyrolean gun

    just started a troylean job and my gun has gone walkies so ive had to hire one but the basta*d thing is brand new any tips apart from taking it back and just man up and work through would be great