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  1. mark ross

    Plasterers and renderers required London and Kent

    Hi all Looking for experienced trowels only . Must have CSCS. Spec : patching , BG grit and over skim . We are refurbishing communal areas in a block of apartments, Park Lane. Must be able to bond out and rule to a high standard. Hours are 8 to 3.30. Also have mono and plastering jobs...
  2. mark ross

    20 weeks run of work Park Lane London

    Hi all Looking for experienced trowels only . Must have CSCS. Spec : patching , BG grit and over skim . We are refurbishing communal areas in a block of apartments, Park Lane. Must be able to bond out and rule to a high standard. Hours are 8 to 3.30. Please call Mark 07768311650 to discuss...
  3. mark ross

    Self levelling through Mtec

    Hi all I have about 120 bags of Nu Heat latex to put through the Mtec M300 Any body done this , and if so what setting on the water worked for you. Thanks Mark
  4. mark ross

    Self healing technology

    Could self healing concrete crack technology find its way into the render market. one to watch !
  5. mark ross

    Renderers required

    Experienced thin coat applicators required to help on ICF project . Just off junction 5 of the m25 Kent . mark 07768311650
  6. mark ross

    Good trowels required for Kent work

    Looking for good trowels. Kent projects around Orpington. Roughly 4 to 5 weeks work, maybe more. Good rates paid. Quality expected. Pm me for details or call Mark 07768311650
  7. mark ross

    Fingers in the crack

    Sometimes...a silly piece of polypropylene mush just doesn't cut the mustard. 1870 s property sitting above a Victorian train tunnel. :RpS_crying:
  8. mark ross

    Mr Scissors/Exterior aqua panel

    This ones for you.
  9. mark ross

    Plasterers and renderers required

    Looking for plasterers and renderers to join our teams on projects around the south east of England and South London. please contact Mark for further information 07768311650
  10. mark ross


    Any of you guys used this before, I have an indoor swimming pool and ancillary building to price .
  11. mark ross


    Challenge mark. mmmm Not your every day bit of rendering .
  12. mark ross

    No beads again

    Turning a plain brick facade into rendered goergian facade, all traditionally crafted, including 32 Quions, window bandings and key stones, plinths, rustication on the portico with a run in situ top moulding with not a bead in sight. Ill put some pics up as we progress.
  13. mark ross

    Super bright plasterers light

    Just had a flyer in the post from Bryson products, they have a new 108w Jet light in their range. LOW ENERGY POWER JET-LIGHT, 110V Low Energy Power Jet-Light Jet-Light 108W 110V The giant step in lighting Brighter than a 400W halogen light Cold light work lamp Break and impact resistant...
  14. mark ross

    New Cube 29 er

    Been thrashing around some local tracks on the new mountain bike.:-) Any one else on here into off road or track riding.
  15. mark ross


    Diathonite, insulated render Any one used this gear ??
  16. mark ross

    European Business Directory SCAM

    Fellow small business owners, Just want to draw your attention to a very clever scam targeting small businesses across the EU operating out of Valencia.You will receive what you beleive to be a free listing in a directory.You will then receive a letter back confirming you have entered into a...
  17. mark ross

    Skywalker 1 stilts parts

    Any one know where I can get hold of lower strut tubes and fixing bolt for Skywalker 1 18" stilits. Need left and right side. Thanks in advance Mark
  18. mark ross

    WOW crete

    Tendering for some work in a famous persons house ( can't say who). I was amazed by the mock stone grotto which housed a jaccuzzi. Paul,( Warrior)......can you enlighten us as to how this was created ,and if you have ever been commisioned to do anything similar.
  19. mark ross

    What ever next !!!

    Well done sir, here is you NVQ . !! off you !!! Weber's virtual render system in action at Ecobuild 2012.wmv - YouTube
  20. mark ross

    Bucket coat bargain!!

    Surplus to requirments. 26 tubs of Weber TF150 Terracotta. 4 tubs of PR310 primer Terracotta. Any offer considered
  21. mark ross

    Tough surface

    Ok Lads, I have an offer to render out a large area of walls in milking sheds. There is no spec at present.It needs to be a high impact render which is both water resistant,durable and able to withstand constant washing . I intend to machine apply. My immediate thought was to use Fibrocem high...
  22. mark ross

    Novolit wood wool boards

    Gentlemen, Any body had any dealings with / or rendered over this board ? Novolit UK Can not see any BBA certs on it. Thanks in advance Mark
  23. mark ross

    Weber Thin coat systems

    Looking for a gang/ renderer to work along side our gang on a site in Brighton, sussex. Must have experience with thin coat systems and acrylic finishes, and be able to work to a high standard. Immediate start. Good price rates or day rate Please PM for details or call Mark on 07768311650
  24. mark ross

    Rondo Hose

    Any machine lads out there got 35mm mortar hoses lying around and would like to sell ??
  25. mark ross

    M300 maximum height ?

    Whats the highest any ones pumped with the 300. We have got to go vertical 18 metres, with another 15 metres horizontal, and 6 from the pump to the scaffold.( pumping Weber LAC) ????
  26. mark ross

    Weberplast TF 150 / WeberSil TF 150

    To date all our Weber thin coat systems have been topped with the Weber plast TF A client likes the idea of paying " extra" for the sil. ( silicon) rich TF Not used this to date, but am guessing the charactersitics will be identical when applying and finishing ( by hand) Any one have any...
  27. mark ross

    Thin coat and sand/cement rendering

    Hi, Looking for a 1 and 1 , or 2 and 1 gang to assist in job in Burgess Hill , West Sussex. Must be highy competent in Weber thin coat systems, and two coat sand /cement render. Will be about 4 weeks worth of work. Please PM me for further for details. Mark
  28. mark ross

    Alumasc M.R. S4 Plain Polymer render

    Good evening gentlemen, I have tendered for a job with Alumasc M.R. S4 Plain Polymer render spec'd. Any one sprayed this gear, or have any experience with it. Good or bad. Thanks in advance mark
  29. mark ross

    Light coloured patches and worms

    Hi All, Turfed the garden about 3 years ago, looked lush for about 2. Towards the end of this year, we have light blotching in the turf and now a load of F******g worm holes appearing. Any one have any advise on how to bring it back to its former green glory. Thanks in advance Mark
  30. mark ross

    K Rend

    Cheers Flynny, Spelling sorted :-) coloured render,monocouche,machine rendering, K Rend, rendering 3.wmv - YouTube
  31. mark ross

    Download advise please

    Can any one advise on how to dowload pictures to the forum that are greater than the predetermined memory allowance. Most of the pictures we have are on average 3 to 6Mb in size. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mark
  32. mark ross

    Long Day

    After a spell of iffy weather we returned to site, under pressure to ge all done. Sprayed on 125 bags of egrade , to be scraped tomorrow:RpS_crying:. Which got me wondering what was the most anyone had sprayed with a 3 man gang ( spray ,and scrape next day)
  33. mark ross

    M300 heads up.. fault

    Just a quick note to any new M300 owners ( less than 1 year old) M Tec have changed the pot closure sensor from earlier models.. We experienced problems with this to our detriment. Machine will not start as it detects an open pot when it is in fact closed. The issue, in all fairness was...
  34. mark ross

    Any one here ??

    Always quite in this section....... like a ghost town... So to fill the gap , just thought i'd say i'm finishing off with a nice 10 m3 this coming Thursday before the Christmas break. Then looking forward to to all the festivities(and booze) with the family and the kids,and resting the bones...
  35. mark ross


    So Andy....( from Essex) How is the new Ritmo performing mate ?? Blocked the pipes yet ?
  36. mark ross


    Laying our first limecrete slab and lime screed in two weeks. ( HL5) Any one had any experiences they wish share. Thanks in advance Mark
  37. mark ross

    K rend colours ??

    Just done a small egrade champagne.... Seems the final tone has a yellow tint to it, not at all like the samples given to the customer.(Krend sample book) Any one else had issues with variations ??
  38. mark ross

    Hacking off old render !

    Can be FUN !
  39. mark ross

    Winter looming

    With the winter months looming and the snow probably on the way. Any of you lads taken steps to change tyres to winter ones to help you on the way to your jobs. I have sourced Vredestein winter tyres for vans, they seem to be the cheapest. Any one found or used cheaper than these...
  40. mark ross

    Thankyou Mr Gibbo

    They say you never stop learning.So very true. During a thread a couple of months back dicussing mock ashlar lines, ( of which we have done for years very carefully in semi drying render.I picked up a very good tip from a guy on hear using a 4 inch disk cut in half.the next day to cut lines...
  41. mark ross

    Rapid set fibrecem for exterior moudings

    Afternoon gents, Supplier gone under, got to turn out 40 or so corbels for a exterior refurb, any one know of a good and reasonable supplier for fibrecem for ext mouldings... Thanks Mark
  42. mark ross

    Grano topping v Weber duro range

    Gentlemen,, I have about 700m2 of grano topping to lay and polish ....which we are well converse with. I want to explore the posibility of using the Weber industrial system ( 4600, 4610 ) as a high impact equivelent. Do any of you have any experience with this system, goood or bad. mark
  43. mark ross

    CPI mono... good or bad

    Evening gentlemen, Any one have any veiws or experience with the CPI monos. ?? Mark
  44. mark ross

    Quioning it in !

    This one was a break from the norm, nearly 100 freehand quoins, with bands and ashlar markings ( scratchy head time.)
  45. mark ross

    Bond it V blue grit

    Thistle bond it V blue grit ?? Will blue grit adhere to distemper ?
  46. mark ross

    Modified screed

    Modified screed. Flexi Screed V Ronacrete uniscreed ?? Mapai Topcem V Ardex Rapid X 35 ?? Debate any one ?
  47. mark ross

    K lime

    K Lime finishing grade 213, Any body had any experience spraying the above material.?? Veiws or opinions most weclome. Thanks Mark
  48. mark ross

    Penny lathes

    Lots of discussion on scrim, Any body remember banging on sets over penny lathe and not needing ( or being told not needed) ye olde jute over them. Bring on the old boys
  49. mark ross

    Dry Wall Angle Bead

    Had some of these in the other day...... Dry wall angle HOOK bead.. Any thoughts......
  50. mark ross

    What a dreary day,till I saw this !

    Hammered off site by the rain today,Saw this in Tunbridge Wells. Mono done by blind man.....multi couloured climbing wall :RpS_lol: