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  1. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    You OK Stuart?
  2. GrantyBoy

    Bagged Lime render?

    What's the best pre bagged lime render out there..basecoat and topcoat Got a stone wall to price up about 100m2.
  3. GrantyBoy

    Designing logo

    What's the best/easiest way to design a logo free? Just something really simple I'm after. cheers
  4. GrantyBoy

    Anyone used Stucanet?

    Doing a dentists shopfront this week - it was previously cement rendered on EML and building paper over ply wood but there has been water ingress and the whole lot is cracked and bossed. We're going use stucanet, base coat and dry dash never used it before thought I'd ask.
  5. GrantyBoy

    Old victorian skirting - New flooring

    Moving in to my new place next week and want to put hardwood or a thick laminate in the living room. Only issue it's all been plastered and painted and the old original skirtings are massive and I don't really want to rip them up. What would you do? fit that horrible scotia beading or bite...
  6. GrantyBoy

    Nudura ICF

    Just been to price a house with an extension done with these concrete forms. They want the lot dry dashed - does this gear need rasping before mesh for key?
  7. GrantyBoy

    Work boots?

    I hate wearing boots, bought a pair a few months ago for a job we had on a railway line and the f**k**s crippled me after about an hour, I usually wear trainers but they don't last long doing externals - cement just eats away at them so I'm up for getting a pair of comfy boots. What boots you...
  8. GrantyBoy

    Recommend me a breaker/cango for hacking off old render.

    Don't want to spend a fortune, preferably light weight. *Kango
  9. GrantyBoy

    Mono colour/drying time

    Done a large garage conversion last week in k rend white ft and it's a bit darker than the sample the client got sent out. He's passed comment on the colour not being the same, will it dry out whiter? is this common?
  10. GrantyBoy

    White pre-bagged render?

    I've used white sand+cement and white pre-bagged loads but it always dries an off-white colour. Doing a garage and 2 doors up had theirs done and it is pure white, almost like it's been painted. I had a look and it's not paint. Floated and sponged with white beads. Anyone know what it could be?
  11. GrantyBoy

    Amazing new instructional video for any newbies

    Here we go guys, awesome new instructional video and very easy to understand. Enjoy guys.
  12. GrantyBoy


    Lovely big house for sale here if any of you win the lotto buy me it!! we done all the work inside and out its an absolute corker ;D hope the developers get what they'r asking for it as they are good guys...
  13. GrantyBoy


    Job was cut short today when i was bonding an artex ceiling and a massive drop landed rite in my eye never felt pain like it. Had a little bit of multi in it but nothing like this. Doctor put anestetic drops in and cleaned it out with what seemed like a jet hose. It'l be goggles for me from now...
  14. GrantyBoy

    Alrite Guys

    Alrite guys just registered on the site  :) Work in and around Glasgow for my dads plastering/roughcasting business just on for a bit of banter and to help anyone oot! cheers   ;)