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    skimming spatulas

    anone used those skimming spatulas from refina they are £ 80 + vat dont know what they are like
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    multple notifacations

    danny av went from about 30 to 1500 and odd notifacations with nothing on them any idea whats happened cheers
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    anyone got a filzomat for sale and how much how old etc cheers lads
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    cheers les

    thanks les yet again for sorting my machine out and correcting my bad habites with machine etc. ps get some metal hinges for that thingymebob instead of them cheap plastic ones ha ha got nowt to de with my 16 clem lying across it lol
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    webber prahl m

    is it just me or is anybody else having probs there gear is playing havoc with my rotor and stators ??? 700meters at best the mixing bar is down to the width of a razer blade and my star wheel is shining like s**t on a barn door ban the stuff
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    clamped r&s

    just bought a new clamped rotor & stator from les ive only done about 7 ton with it and it seems to be worn already am using webber mono ive tried to pressure test to 10 bar but the best i can do is 6 bar ive even loosened it right off and started again to no avail .am i doing sowthing wrong or...
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    metal stud and mf prices

    just wodering if anyone can give me an idea on meteragw rates for metal stud and matal furring fixed to cielings spraying a monocouche job at the moment and have had the internal package pushed on me cheers
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    m tech300

    lad selling his mtech 300 used once snapped the mixing paddle he doesnt know how to use it and he wont try £4000
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    my hundreth post

    my hundreth post 500 seems along way to get into the coverted locked room what goes on in there i wonder
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    right you techy boys how the fcuk do you go on about adding one of those wierd thingymebobbys any help would be appreciated cheers lads
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    how far today then lads

    am travelling from newcastle down to york round trip works out about 160 mile ish. how far are you guys travelling have trowel will travel
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    off work today

    off work today having roblems with rota and staters where using webber ocr tiling grade .worked off and on doing a few thousand meters in the last couple of month . no problems but now av done 3 rotors and staters in in 3 days doing b between 120 and 160 m2 a day . not just my machine either...
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    priceing job

    got a job to price up patching round window and door reviels render and dash 40 houses dont really know where to come in at . i dont normally do patchup jobs but its for a good client any ideas ?
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    fiolzomat ?

    thinking about investing in a fiolzmat any of you guys used them are they any good cos there a bit pricey to find out after youve bought the thing that its useless.
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    pain killers

    anyone got any remedies or good pain killers cos my elbow is going (french word) crackers
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    aye aye

    just taking the opportunity to say hello to everyone plasterer for 30 years owned my own machine for 3 years live in newcastle hope to have some good banter with you all if i can help anyone in anyway i will specially with the render side monocouche acrylics etc
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    on a job at the moment spraying mp75 where about a third of the way through the job in total about 3,500m2 just wondering how you lads have found it that is if you have come across it before we've bin there 15 working days and just got the hang of it now . where getting 5.50 a metre do you think...