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    New trowel

    Marshalltown MXS 145D
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    Lime Plaster Greasy Marks + Lime Render advice

    Fat lime is a term of phrase meaning pure lime putty and has nothing to do with a grease Mark . You could be getting a tanned staining from sulphar or it could be high level of salts present like dropsalot says keep wiping the salts and be patient and don't use any detergent whatsoever this will...
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    SBR vs freeflo

    Water / SBR 1:1 then add cement till you get a slurry you don't need sharp unless your gonna cast it
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    l*m*-g***n products.

    Lime lite has cement in it and their finish has gypsum so not a valid lime product Only used ultra and duro both good products
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    Monday mornings.

    Pissed off ! Acrylic wash off twice this week even though it had two days drying in good weather it re emulsified in rain bottom inch is knackered then to boot my van decided to have a little trip down our road straight through a wall Right I've had three so it can go fxxk off!
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    Finding A Lad.

    Acrylic failure
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    Multi spar dash

    Where abouts in NY mate ?
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    Rough And Set.

    The first thing we do when we get to a job is find out where electric and water are whilst the young uns are wafting they're phones in the air looking for 3G lol
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    Rough And Set.

    We had a job where customer wanted sand and cement two of my lads didn't have a bloody clue . I had to go and screed it all out for them first so all they had to do is fill in the screeds ffs in the same week one of them wanted a bloody pay rise the cheeky t**t . The truth is young uns don't...
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    Is Skimming Dying out?

    Hey hey my my Skimming walls will never die Better to skim them, than to dry line Hey hey my my
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    Lime Render Job best approach?

    Knock off the existing render if you have time let the walls dry as much as you can . l*m*-g***n , baumit , tellings, all do barrier mortar all lime based, use this on the damp areas as they will stop the salts coming through to the surface . Then floating coat of lime render , I mix my own as...
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    Refina plaziflex trowel

    There's a place for plazi trowels or flexi trowels for example curved ceilings or maybe an old stone built house rounded corners walls and ceilings all over the gaff following the undulations. I don't think they're necessary in new work really I can finish just as quick flat and Matt with my...
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    Hydrualic Lime Render suitable instead of Renovating Plaster

    Unilit 30 is specially made for the job the salts crystallise within the pore structure of the mortar stopping them coming to the surface. Telling lime products make this Also l*m*-g***n do one called Ultra although I'm not familiar with this product
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    Hydrualic Lime Render suitable instead of Renovating Plaster

    Give it a coat of unilit 30 first and you won't have any bother
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    Lime with perlite instead of sand?

    I think it will maybe crack unless it's mixed for a long time and the water has saturated the perlite giving it more time to shrink if you know what I mean though I've never used multi granular perlite so it might be fine suck it and see I guess
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    Here we go! Been called back :(

    Did my fireplace with fireboard not the pink plasterboard but proper fireboard filled in the screw heads and painted it not a crack or screw head popped nd that's been ten years
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    Lime with perlite instead of sand?

    Using perlite alone with lime doesn't really work that well because you end up with a mono granular mix which cracks however I use it in a insulation mix with two different grades of perlite and hemp shiv this works really well. Hope that helps
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    Zinsser primer

    Our decorator put zinsser on our oak kitchen units before he painted them
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    Rising rates !!!

    Which qualified skilled tradesman goes out for £2.25 a metre ??? Shocking
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    One for the traditionalists

    I would use a fatty wet dash mix with half the chippings or less than half and tamp it lightly with a sponge to take the edge off the appearance
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    Sponge finish tomorrow

    Always put lime in your mix when it's cold ( winter) . After about 2 hours the lime starts to work in the mix and pulls it in
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    Board joins/dubbing out

    You can only get square edge on normal board , sound bloc and insulated all seem to be tapered
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    Should I be worried?

    Looks like a quick earner before the Christmas break hence skimming the sand and cement the next day
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    help with finish please

    Just use the head off a semi stiff brush , the boobly bits are only bits of material what the brush leaves on dragging. There's nowt technical about that finish Maybe hold a rule plumb on each pass with the brush
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    Kendal work

    What's all this £3 per metre nonsense £20 an hour more like it
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    Roughcast/wet dash

    Did you put any additive in the dash and what was your mix for wet dash to much lime and it can shrink too quick
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    lime plaster north west

    Hi Kelly when is the best time to catch you?
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    lime plaster north west

    I'm doing a lime job in darwen atm
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    lime plaster north west

    Lime lite contains cement and lime lite finish contains gypsum
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    left to right

    I always skim right to left for the first horizontal spread a couple of trowel lengths down and then pull up and along left to right I don't find it weird In fact if you turn your wall 90 degrees anti clockwise you wouldn't start from the bottom up would you IMO and probably my opinion
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    Non scraped krend

    We float up dash receiver on the plinths and reveals and it looks good
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    Haired lime mortar

    2.5/1 washed sharp sand /lime NHL 2 limeco hyperlime 2 is good Fibres. Don't bother with goat hair they'll send you dizzy whilst teasing them into the mixer I just use the 20 mm concrete fibres they're just as good Floating coat same mix but knock a sharp out and replace with silica knock the...
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    Don't buy a makita collated!

    Bought the hilti collated great machine and great after sales service , granted they're more expensive but you get what you pay for
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    Sound bars

    We get 90p per linear metre
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    customers who text you

    I don't need to put 100m a day on and your lucky if you get a properties to do that on week in week out unless your house bashing on big sites where the rates are that poor you probably have no choice . I run a good buisness to a high standard im always learning though, as I've got older I've...
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    Lime render cracking - please help

    4:1:1 is far too strong mate ( simple as)
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    Rendering advice

    Spatterdash with sharp sand/ cement 2:1 with sbr in the mix put 2 litres of sbr I'm a mix then slurry up with water . Scratch coat 3 sand in 15litre buckets 10 litre bucket of cement 5 litre bucket of hydrated lime and a baked bean / soup can full of sovereign rendermix oh and 1 of the sand...
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    Lime Plastering Advice and Recommendations

    Is it a cavity wall, or solid brick construction because many were. Also was it damp or condensated in the first place . A word of warning if your gonna dot and dab insulated board give it a coat of insulating plaster first before you dab otherwise it will condensate behind the board . Try...
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    render over stainless steel mesh hairline cracking

    What insulation did you use? And 3/1 is too strong
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    NELA s*p*r*lex Trowel review

    I think the nela needs a bit more width same width as their premium would be ideal IMO
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    Silver sand added to pearl grey pebbledash.

    Silver sand would make it grey tho it is quite (dead) to dash with and takes carefully mixing (hydrated lime would improve the mix and would brighten it up tho sometimes can be to bright for the backing. Get your plasterer to do some sample panels on the wall to compare, say one mix with 6:1:1...
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    well ive done it!!!!

    Lol my missus is always playing fook about plaster int house and she hates the smell of freeflo she can tell if I've bin rendering. I come in go int front Room get on all fours and my two little ones jump on me back so I take them round the room and fling em on the sofa, bits of skim everywhere...
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    Bonding in finish

    I finished some walls that were getting papered the other week with bonding in it 3 scoops of finish to 1 bonding and it troweled up a treat infact you could of painted it
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    Multi behaving badly

    Bonding can be funny stuff to skim onto mate, best skimming the next day or at least till all the bonding has turned colour (dark)
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    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    it's all a load of b*ll***s you might 100m2 a day indeed??? Unless your plastering a fookin warehouse with massive get good days when you get good runs and then there's the small rooms pipe boxing etc which slow you down like dabbing for instance, you will get a corridor when you can...
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    Lime plaster 'repair'

    You can over skim with lime skim. Prime the walls with dg27 first let it dry (24hrs) then straight on with lime skim . I make my own 1:1 NHL 2 / moist silica sand and fibres . Bang it on , let it take in then water and sponge float to work the fat up , then dry trowel the fat in . Leave it while...
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    Ah cracking hands

    Our lass had some amazing nipple cream when my Lal one was ont pap Get that on yer cracked hands. Don't scratch your arse with it on yer hands tho or you'll wek up wi no bum hole
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    Chippy in need of plastering/mould advice!

    Put some insulation onto the wall with insulated plasterboard but solid dab them so they don't condensate behind them
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    Plastering problem when trying to trowel up....

    We had this kind of prob 3 years ago with board finish ( I don't use multi ) . It started going dark in places while it was still green which made it difficult to finish . I thought it was the water as it came from a spring but just turned out to be the batch after trying some from another merchant
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    Super flex review

    Last wipe on curved ceiling that's about all they're good for i will stick to my carbon mt rest of the time