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    Eze on ebay

    Together we stand United
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    Trowel fires

    Sounds like you got a problem on your hands there. My guess is cheap steel I hope your not skimming with a draper lol
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    spraying acrylic

    I bought an eze 24 at the beginning of summer and I think it's great I'm doing some of the best acrylic jobs of my life at the moment with it.
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    Is this mesh anygood

    If its genuine sps mesh it should be good stuff. I use sps but the scrim they give me is not that colour
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    Contractors & Sub Contractors - CIS Changes and CITB Levy Change

    You must be doing well then bobby. When I looked you needed like a 300k turnover for gross status. Good on you if hitting those figures
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    Nearly 50

    The best thing you can do is hire one first and see if it works for you. The first machine I bought it never really worked and I wasted a few bob so the second time around I hired one first to make sure it was the right machine for me and for the work I was doing. Thankfully it's working out...
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    Anyone fancy rendering this gable??
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    Spraying 1.5 mm silicone on to a painted house??

    If the background is sound flat and smooth the finish will go on nice but I would contact the topcoat supplier first to make sure the primer is suitable for the surface your going over. The last thing you want is it all coming off in a few months
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    How to clean dirty hand marks of Nano.

    I had a similar problem a few weeks ago one of the guys got bitumen on the topcoat when painting the plinth, he tried scrubbing it away but it just made the area around it fade. I stippled some of the topcoat over it with a small paintbrush (dabbed it on the wall not brushed ) it looks fine now...
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    Sto dear.

    They must of layed that on with a guager
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    VAT registered?

    If your labour only you should register for flat rate VAT you charge 20% on your invoice but only pay 12% on your VAT return. No good if you supply and fit tho.
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    0.5 silicone

    0.5?? You could put that on with a paint roller lol
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    sponge floats and basecoat

    It's called cerica it's made by the people who make lock tight
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    sponge floats and basecoat

    Yeah I've always used wetherby or sps basecoat until recently. I always do 2 coats notch trowel first bed in the mesh then give it another tight coat I know people finish it with the spatch I struggle tho. I have done it with water and my trowel like skimming but this is more time consuming than...
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    sponge floats and basecoat

    When basecoating ready for texture I've always used a sponge float to smooth everything out but I'm coming across basecoats that just can't be sponge floated, it's like the material dries just on the surface and drags. I find just using the spat doesn't quite do it for me. Surely someone else...
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    Do you need to use adhesive? I haven't done a wet fix system for about two years
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    Anyone with experience with air fed hopper spray gun

    Do Do you use a machine? I've been looking at the refina screw pumps and the eze 24 but the hopper guns cost peanuts
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    Anyone with experience with air fed hopper spray gun

    Hi does anyone have an idea if the air fed hopper guns are any good for spraying 1.5mm silicone topcoat. The videos seem good but wondering what's it like around the scaffold lifts, does the hopper get in the way. Also do you get an even finish. I've been having a look about and you can get set...
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    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    Hours of reading and you tube vids. I would buy a used one if it was in decent nick otherwise I would get a new one. Do you use either of them or know for one for sale?
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    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    Hi guys I've been looking for an half decent render pump and I've narrowed my search down to the two above. Can anyone offer any advice reviews etc on any of these or maybe a similar machine. Your help will be much appreciated
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    render machine advice wanted!!!!

    Hi, cheers for your advice. I may hire one for a few weeks to see how I get along with it, I'm sure I could work out a system for getting all the base coating and scriming done before dropping back to pin and bead up. When it comes to applying dash receiver how much flattening in is needed when...
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    render machine advice wanted!!!!

    Hi, im looking into buying a rendering machine. I've never used one before and im hoping it will make my life a little easier. Hopefully someone might be able to offer a bit of advice on what machine to get and where to look for them. The contract im on at the moment is scrim and pin over...