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    How much aday for a spread in west of ireland

    I was getting 200 a day in Galway 2 years ago and I was working for a mayo subbie day rate now in limerick is between 250 and 300 depending on the contractor
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    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    No problem just think it’s a silly question and definitely asked by someone who knows nothing about the trade
  3. J

    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    Sweet Jesus this has to be a piss take if not this trade is f**k*d
  4. J

    Metal edge beading showing.

    This boils my blood clearly a good job and comes on here being totally clueless and try’s to get a reason not to pay him ,we should start a form on here about people like you who are clearly bad clients
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    Hello, New at plastering in the US/east coast. Repairing plaster but now prepared to replanted a whole wall. I have so many questions.

    Have you seen the new kraft hawk he’s using it’s like a half sheet of ply the size of it ,and the amount of stuff he puts on would fit on a normal 13 inch hawk and don’t get me started on that conga trowel as he calls it all for show
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    Painfull hands

    Agree with glucosamine been taking it for years it’s great for joints ,I have swelling in my finger joints only a few at the moment but I know it’s a down hill path I’m on with them
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    White stucco

    A 25 kg bag of cement is approximately 5 shovels ,always been that way same as when we used 50 kg bags approximately 10 shovels 3 to 4 shovels of cement in a big mixer is sufficient for a float finish it would change for the likes of dash ,same as when loading sand it’s supposed to be a level...
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    White stucco

    Normally in a big mixer we put 50 shovels of white sand or what we call silver sand 2 bags of white cement that’s a 5 to 1 ratio and to that we add 3 shovels of lime that’s for a finish coat float and sponge finish coat , your scratch coat can be done in normal grey cement any bell casts or...
  9. J

    White stucco

    Often use it white sand and white cement with lime ,white cement is stronger than normal Portland cement so your mix ratio changes
  10. J

    Dormer bungalow

    He’s definitely full of s**t
  11. J

    Newly skimmed walls - is this an acceptable finish?

    How did he manage to bring all his tools and buckets and drill on a horse because he definitely is a cowboy
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    Nela mediflex

    I found the same problem with the midiflex took forever to wear in I bought the new Nela black edition I find it has the same problem I just stick to my mt until last rub and then use an ox 16 inch super flex the ox are a really nice trowel
  13. J

    Nela trowel

    Agree it definitely needs a run on a sharping stone
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    Render over Pebbledash

    I replastered a bungalow years back that was pebble dashed the pebbles were solid so I gave it a good pressure wash then a good scud (slurry) coat two scratch Coats the second basically just to straighten it up then a top coat float and sponge finish I pass the house quite regularly and it...
  15. J

    K rend

    Yep u can we often just float and sponge chimneys
  16. J

    Sand a cement on internal walls with mutifinish?

    WHY ,because your on here asking stupid questions and because of those questions it’s as clear as day your no where near qualified enough to take on a job like this learn to walk before you run mate ,get in with a gang and learn the ropes ,
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    Well in one of those pagans and I’ll be celebrating
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    Newbie looking for some advice

    It won’t fall off if done properly.
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I have in the older bonding
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    Noobie, looking for tool advice

    Brilliant buy the tools thinks he’s a spread,the amount of Time and effort to learn to be a plasterer takes ,and time and time again newbies come on here after buying a trowel and think yea I can do it I have a bucket I have a drill Jesus I have a set of spanner’s I can’t change a gearbox...
  21. J

    Pva advice

    Yea get a plasterer
  22. J

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    I’ve a citeron I've a Citroen Dispatch 2015 I’ve had it a year now I’ve never had an issue I suppose it’s luck of the draw .the van I had before it was a transit connect I was constantly changing injectors on it
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    Drywall Routers??

    I’ve been using a roto zip for years it’s a great bit of kit
  24. J

    Im looking at getting a cordless paddle mixer which is best any ideas need it for a firm mix

    I agree with them i definitely notice the batteries are not holding charge like they did when I first got it would I recommend one nope
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    The homax looks good I used to use a goldblatt banjo for years until it got pinched I never replaced it I have looked at the homax online and it looks a decent bit of kit
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    Need some Advice with render on plasterboard

    Use White cement and what we call silver sand it’s also white it will be Snow White when it drys we use this a lot outside,white cement is stronger than normal so the ratio of sand is different I’m also in Ireland but definitely not over plasterboard
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    Plastering Cost for a 3 Bed Semi-Detached

    As quoted go get a local plasterer to price instead of trying to get prices here so you can try beat down a local lad with the i was told bullshit ,telling people what’s wrong with the house and actually walking around it with a qualified plasterer is two different things ,also remember the...
  28. J

    Builder in Brittany France

    No it’s not only in office blocks maybe thats all most interior work is sand and cement base coat with a top coat of gyproc skimcoat as stated it can vary in colour from dark gray to pink it’s basically the same stuff as used in the uk ,we also use hardcoat instead of sand and cement we used to...
  29. J

    Anyone know / recommend a decent 360-degree worklight?

    Eaurber do a 40 watt rechargeable work light in screw fix 54 pounds it’s not 360 but it’s a fantastic light I was so impressed I bought two of them I’ve had Aalto of rechargeable lights over the years and this is by far the best
  30. J

    New trowel

    That it is , each to their own marshaltown,Kraft ,or Bon trowels are far superior but that’s just my opinion
  31. J

    New trowel

    There balls of s**t now
  32. J

    Elite carbon Kraft trowel

    I use a 16 inch one it has the purple striped wood handle it’s very much the same as a mt 16 inch I have
  33. J

    Dewalt trowel

    Pure shite of a trowel it’s just an expensive floor scraper
  34. J

    Old bathroom plasterboard plaster and scrim questions

    Just get a professional to look at it ,fishing for information to try sort it yourself is pointless telling someone what the problem is and them being able to fix the problem is two different things ,just pay someone to do it
  35. J

    Is it just me?!

    Your managing a development and you haven’t a clue what a plasterer can do can he do this can he do that, it’s not all shiny and nice pay peanuts get monkeys it’s obviously what the lad that hired you did ,it’s bonkers there’s more and more lads coming on here who haven’t a clue fishing for...
  36. J

    Paper tape

    Paper tape is by far superior to Scrim anywhere that’s vulnerable to cracking I’ll use it and I never have a problem
  37. J

    Help !

    Butchered plain and simple when he came did he have a van or a horse
  38. J

    Soul destroying!

    Very well said I totally agree courses are a load of shite i started on the bucket and barrow watching what the plasterer was doing and over time was allowed to pick up a trowel just to flatten a wall then progressed to the hot press on my own it takes years to learn how to plaster .doing a...
  39. J

    Hi all iv been plastering since 2007-2018

    That’s great I started when I was 20 when I was 30 no pain or issues whatsoever now I’m 50 and the aches and pains are there ,coffee and painkillers and I’m good for the day
  40. J

    Filling chase

    Couldn’t agree more
  41. J

    brick outline newly plastered wall

    He read somewhere it’s not enough render it’s the same old story they come on here to flog the plasterer looking for ammunition
  42. J


    That there is I’m 6,4 and use 15inch and even on them I need to duck down :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  43. J

    Tyzac trowels

    Stick to marshaltown tyzac are a bit heavier and less flexible I have a few tyzac’s and being honest they never leave the van
  44. J

    Hello to all, and i need advice

    Who’s guarding there back every plasterer on here knows what those spots are and in your first message u we’re blaming the plasterer was the dept of plasterer enough did he use the right type of plaster etc all u wanted was people to agree with u and then u would go back at him all tooled up...
  45. J

    Hello to all, and i need advice

    Never the homeowners fault ,u only came on here to try get ammunition to go back at him with as was said grease or nicotine is the probable cause so if your looking for a superhero to blame look in the mirror
  46. J

    Apprenticeship help....

    Self employed apprentice bullshit he should be on the cards until at least he’s qualified
  47. J

    sleep apnia

    Totally agree it really messed up my memory I had to ring the wife on day and ask her how do I get home also my heart started missing beats and misfiring because of it I’m still on beta blockers today because of sleep apnea
  48. J

    sleep apnia

    When I first got it I found it very hard to get used to it .it will take a few weeks I found the pressure that the doc set it too low and I adjusted it higher myself,I don’t drink much but when I have a few pints I find the cpap ok in fairness My sleeping definitely has improved I still wake a...