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    Trowel .

    Cleàned .and jazzed up 2 trowels . It's worth the effort .feels like you've got new ones..
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    Anyone tried caustic soda. To clean carbon trowel. Don't drink it . thinking of trying it on my piles .
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    Carter plastic skimming trowel. Do you know who sells them. Ask Eric on you tube says they are good. Anybody.
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    Wot are the + plus on giproc boards for
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    On the ant problem. I've been using the fancy ant spays every day, works a bit , but not great. So the other day , I put domestos, bleach and water in a sprayer. Gone all over , bingo . Got it from pound land , guess how much .x
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    Last couple of weeks I've been using water proof pva from wicks .17 quid. It definitely controls the sucktion . Better. I'm gonna stay with it .
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    Come on can't only be me. Searching for the sugar Man. Netflix. Six to Rodriguez.. put it in Spotify. Jess you will start crying.x
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    Any of you knob heads play the guitar, x
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    Music .

    Just found out about 62 Rodriguez . Wot a interesting story and a great Singer songwriter. Can't stop listening to him , sugarman ,ect . Any of you old gits heard of him .
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    I've never had problems with ants before, but here, just starting again, it's none stop, drive.paths.front back you name it. I don't get it .I don't leave food out ect. Drives me nuts. But was in b and q. Last week. Got this stuff. £10 , easy, quick. And you could use the bottle for work.
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    Old boy.

    Looked at a job Tuesday. Old boy opened the door, I said hello plasterer,he said yes I am but retired, oh, so we chat about old times for 20mins. I say right let's see the job . Wot job .I was in the wrong street.. he was 79 looked good. Wot are the chances a,I said a, you could have knocked me...
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    Just come back from the pub, first time back .we ate four of us. Felt a bit strange. no ok ,prices gone up. Me and the wife went to spoons yesterday, I had a big pizza and a Guinness,8 quid. Just having a night cap. Got Chris Rea on . ;)
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    Think my robins are about to fledge. I'm worn out scaring of predators . Nextdoor cat . squirrel. Two magpies . thinking of getting a airgun . To dispatch the squirrel and Magpies. Not the cat. Got nest of blue tits to . Feel like a expectant dad.
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    Been drinking bottles of Budweiser last couple of days .from Lidl. No hangover..
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    Pub .

    Had lunch at pub Friday. First time since wotsit. Forgot how expensive it is . £120. Four of us plus the dog .
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    Dr martins. Screwfix .
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    Advice please. Gone make bedroom in bungalow loft . Wots the best roof window . Center pivot ,or top hung. Cheers.
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    Never done any of these new type renders. But seems there's a lot of problems with them. Cracking.staining, ect. 2years after can look crap .
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    Watched a classic car show. In NZ. A vw trailfinder truck . Great little machine, you can get 6 sheep in the back. Fantastic.
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    I need a space saving staircase . Anyone got one.or made one ..
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    Its all kicked off in my garden today. Robins have moved in to my old hard hat. Blue tits found a box too . And a tiny finch is hanging around too. And pub gardens opened . Made my day, :birra:
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    Arch formers.

    Are there any off the shelf arch formers.other than the mesh ones. Cheers
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    Just got this today. , Chain saw on a disc. For 4and half disc cutter. Looks nasty.
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    K rend

    Can you put a tight coat on and sponge and float it . :inocente:
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    Laine grey

    That guy on youtube . plastering for beginners. I think is from Manchester way. Is working down south. Long way to travel. Do these people make any money from these youtube videos.or is it for fun.
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    Custom made bar stool, very comfy.
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    Bucket brush hook .
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    Happy paddy's day one and all, get on the guinness.
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    Happy paddy's day one and all. Get on the guinness.
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    Lock down

    Pubs are going to open soon . But we will be on 6pm curfew
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    Wot make do you use for tyrolean finnish.
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    Did a small flat roof job today. All ok I think. He paid In folding. Now it's pissing down. I can see it from my bedroom window. Fingers crossed. Ps still don't know why I've got know emojis.
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    Job I'm on, plumber says I used to be a plasterer. Blah .blah. how many times have you met blokes like that. He's going on about big sweeps ect.
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    Can we do domestics still.
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    Booze time.

    Stop messing. Around . And let's get on it .. Happy new year..
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    Didn't eat much Xmas day . Spent several hours getting pissed in my garden pub , don't remember going to bed. Didn't drink boxing day. Hope you all had a good time..
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    Speed skim.

    I've got the 900mm speed skim . gonna try it out today, first time. Empty house so no one watching. I'm gonna do it in my Christmas y fronts just in case I make a mess.
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    Tier 4.

    Can we work in peoples homes in tier 4. Cheers
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    Anyway f**k the virus. Treat your self. Wife got me this ,aldi. , £14. Very tasty.
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    Customer text me Friday, they both tested positive for covid. They've moved out. I'm starting there tomorrow. He said it feels just like a cold . there in there 30s
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    Hanky panky.

    Off today. So took the guts out of the dishwasher.and waste ect. Cleaned it all. All working brand new. Major brownie points. Then I'm cooking dinner. So I say I'm feeling a bit lumpy, do you fancy a roll around later on . She doesn't say much. Five minutes later she comes in , says her stomach...
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    Spam.spam. spam. Who remembers spam. We used to have it with egg and chips . Fritters. Sandwich for work. I made one today fist time for donkey's years. Lovely.
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    New shoes for my steps. Damaged a lino floor once. Been meaning to fix them.
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    Speed scim.

    Gone buy a speed scim from Amazon. ox 900mm plus pole plus handle . Stainless steel. £106 . Is there different thickness of steel type . I know wot you old duffer's are going to say (andy).but as I've said I can't do lids off a hop up . I have to scaffold out. I'm falling to bits. So thought I...
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    Anyone use a 11" trowel to finish with . Worked with a bloke back in the day, it's all he used and was spot on . Tidy ,no mess on the floor. And dogs cock inch brush for corners. .
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    Finished that effing job today. I feel s**t .it was a small job ,but hard work ,cream carpit, sheeting up every day. Cleaning up . customer in , it's all that climbing about. Steps. ladders. Scafoldboards, ect. Everything is playing up. My back, my bad knee, my shoulder, my wrist. I having a...
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    Big bish.

    Anyone seen the big bish on youtube. It's better than Netflix.
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    s**t house.

    Did a bog under the stairs this morning, customer pva ,it for me. Chucked it all on , tidy ish , sponge float. Big set whole bag. Unusual feature. Now chilling. Proper old sounds.
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    Carlite ,ultra does it go off to fast.ive got 2 bags to try out .
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    You always forget wot a f.ucking nightmare staircases are. I'm fed up.