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  1. duke163

    Last room before holiday

    Why does this have to be my last room ??? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. duke163

    Polished plaster Hertfordshire

    Any of you guys know a good venetian plasterer Hemel Hempstead way ? Job is a feature wall in a bedroom for the wifes niece in the new year . Cheers
  3. duke163

    Top deal for mixing drill
  4. duke163

    Tacking machine

    Picked myself up one of those fancy tacking machines :D
  5. duke163


    Has anyone used this product ? I've been asked to quote for 2 blockwork columns on a house that has been built by a german house builder . The main house is a thin coat ewi system but the client has added the columns to form a gateway at the front of the plot . What base coat would you...
  6. duke163

    Crazy walls

    Re-skimmed two walls in an office building last night , didnt seem to be anything wrong with them until flattening the bad one in the first pic and it just slid about on the wall so left it to re-skim tonight . Anyway turns out they had full wall stickers on them previously and they got us in...
  7. duke163

    Builder and client today

    So we've got the hall stairs and landing on over textured ceilings and walls today when the builder/plumber turns up and on the orders of the client starts taking walls down that i've just put on ! Block walls !!!
  8. duke163

    Arenino blanco

    First part of latest project done .
  9. duke163

    4000m2 skimming nr monument London

    Mate of mine looking for a good gang to start as soon as monday. Call Steve 07769977592
  10. duke163

    Ready to skim

    Trying to take a serious pic but it seems my mate is a little excited about starting skimming tomorrow :oops:
  11. duke163

    Thin coat plastic beads

    Anyone know where I can buy plastic skimming beads ? Cheers
  12. duke163

    Flow screed

    Can anyone recommend a good flow screed company for a floor approx 200m2 near Basingstoke ,it will be direct for builder as I'm too busy to get involved. Cheers
  13. duke163

    Hack off and re-render

    A couple of months back i posted some pics of a builders own rendering 80m2 of rough , cracked render with bad beading . I told the customer (a work colleague) not to pay him and that i could sort it for less than 2k but the builder says he can hack off and do it again for £500 . :eek:
  14. duke163

    Raking joints on retaining wall

    A customer I have been working for wants a new retaining wall tanked before it is fitted with 6mm 1200x1200 porcelain tiles. The builder didn't sort out any water penetration issues when it was built unfortunately. Have any of you raked the joints back 10 to 15mm prior to a sbr slurry coat ?
  15. duke163

    Linen bags

    Bought these to keep all the dust sheets tidy in the van about 18 months ago . I thought they were cheap crap when they turned up but they are top drawer .
  16. duke163

    Rough kitchen

    We've got a kitchen to do tomorrow as yet unseen that has been slashed in so badly the kitchen fitter has refused to start :eek: should have some pics tomorrow
  17. duke163

    Arenino reviews?

    Has anyone tried Vimark arenino yet and posted and pics as I can't find any ? Cheers
  18. duke163

    Vimark monogrip

    Anybody used this for reskim over old bare plaster ? I'm thinking of trying it but want to know if it stops suction at all .
  19. duke163

    Builders rendering

    First day on a plumber mates job and he asks me what I think of the render the builder has done ! What would you say ?
  20. duke163

    K-rend suppliers in the south

    Who does the best prices for tc15 and primer , For job near Basingstoke. Cheers
  21. duke163

    Bullseye or egg

    Greeted by this little treat this morning :(
  22. duke163

    K rend Mineral tc

    Anyone used any of this stuff yet ?
  23. duke163

    Delehedy plazi

    2 hits and it's falling to bits !
  24. duke163

    Good day

    Nice little extension tacked , stuck and skimmed in a day for decent money and home before 3pm to be greeted by the new mattress my back needs
  25. duke163

    HP12 in the hopper

    Is it always a c#nt in the hopper machine guys ?
  26. duke163

    Mapewall gpr

    Meshed and scratched a coat over shocking brickwork last week gonna top it tomorrow and not sure what to expect timing wise , anyone got any experience? Cheers
  27. duke163

    Huge rendering job USA

    Long long run of work
  28. duke163

    First spray with mtec200

    Well that went smoothly !
  29. duke163


    Come on then who has had this done ?
  30. duke163


    Looking forward to having a play with the machine at P1ss tomorrow
  31. duke163

    MapeWall GPR

    Has anyone tried using this as finished render ?
  32. duke163

    Chalk cob cottage render

    I've got a job where the client wants the existing render sorted to match the new extension we are going to render , It is sound but cracked in places and on chalk cob walls . It's been eml'd then s&c with block lines cut in it. I fancy giving parinter a go but what flat render finishes can you...
  33. duke163

    First timer

    Hi Guys , Looked on here many times for tips on systems or tools etc but not seen a cure for a bad back yet !