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    Band of builders

    Any one a member? Became a member a while back and they do some amazing work, they are doing a project at the minute called Sadies project I think. A bloke from BG called Paul who I've met and he is a top guy and another lad gave their time up to do it. I've not got a link at the minute I think...
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    Rising damp

    working at my nephews house which has had the dampproofing experts in at one point, what's gone wrong and how would you fix it? This has been done once and I will show you what's gone wrong and it's embarrising after what has been done and spent, school boy error :)
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    Terrorist attack

    here we go again and for once I'm gonna go with @gps we need to ban this terrible religion and move this guy back to his own country and round up all his members and lock them up indefinitely no questions asked...
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    Interested to hear @gps and @pageys opinions especially, but others can join in :) so corbyne is demonised by the far right media as a terrorist but May is on her knees begging another terrorist organisation how is this possible? Interesting how the media will play it but I can't see it being...
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    Why they won't leave

    heard it a number of times from the same people, if we increase corporation tax companies will leave (let's leave brexit to one side coz we know companies are leaving). Here are five reasons they won't so if you want to get involved in this thread? atleast read the link. Let's hear the same...
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    pagey in one

    @Pagey this best described you and also your may @gps :)
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    Boris has lost it :)

    He has lost it hahahahah acting like @gps, f**k**g embarrassing and you can see the fear in his eyes, made my day :)
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    Blowhard lol

    paxman got it in one lol
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    The NHS BOGOF deal

    She has been rumbled yet again, selling it off under our noses and as fast as she can and for as cheap as possible. @Pagey you said they weren't selling it or privatising it, maybe get one of your kids to explain this video.
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    Car crash :)

    I was discussing with @Lodan about Mays car crash election campaign, they really got complacent and it deffo went to her head this article picks up on a few points we mentioned.
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    The battle for number 10

    Well let's see how they both perform :) May didn't want to go face to face and who could blame her? Lol for the guys in the gambling thread might be worth opening a book on May saying "strong and stable" but be warned she has changed it to "the best brexit deal" and finally "a stronger Britain"...
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    trump gets owned

    Things are changing, let's see what he tweets about this? Macron ain't gonna take his s**t unlike May who was like a lap dog. His tweet will be interesting coz unlike a politician he won't remember to keep his mouth shut...
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    Tories brexit scam

    Imagine if the EU were gonna bring in laws to stop tax avoidance and offshore scams, make it a bit more clearer where the money is going and hidden. Imagine if you were the PM and you were upto your eyes in it and so was your old man, also all your friends and family and their family and the...
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    Magnetic plaster

    Decided to use my magnetic plaster from smarter surfaces, curtesy of @Barbara :). I did a job a while back at a children's hospice in their main room where all the kids chill, this hospice relies on donations to run. I did the main wall in magnetic and they are buzzing with it but coincidence...
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    Cry wolf

    hmmm theresa theresa when are you going to give up? You are a f**k**g embarrassment
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    I've already noticed

    I've noticed this happening over social media and a few other places so be aware :)
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    Media caught out :)

    Well then what's going on here? Caught bang to rights playing their game lol
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    Backtracking again

    This is becoming a joke, she is only at again, seriously what is strong about her leadership?
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    May Meltdown

    She truly is losing the plot lol this is an embarrassing prime minister who has to negotiate brexit? Wtf I sometimes think she wants to lose the election I've had a funny feeling since the start. She is doing everything possible to turn people against her and the party and the funny thing is no...
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    Saint Theresa

    Why will nobody appreciate the generosity of the Tories? Isn't our glorious leader so wonderful, kind and generous? Nasty people have unfairly maligned lovely Theresa's Dementia Tax as "cruel"and "malicious" because it's supposedly a way of asset stripping elderly people who are unfortunate...
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    IRA in government

    Funny how corbyn is called an IRA sympathiser for wanting peace in Ireland, but the Tory party have a former member of the IRA but it's ok? What you recon @gps @Pagey
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    Our NHS

    Keep hearing it's the immigrants causing the problems to the NHS, so let's hear what a doctor says, before you blame propaganda or look for someone else to blame maybe imagine for a second it's true. Also hear, well them that can afford it should pay which in turn means them that can't afford it...
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    Boris cheating and lying again

    it is becoming a joke let's see where the mail goes with this, blatant lies Then cheating lol
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    For the many

    so I'm gonna start sharing a few of the crowds meeting May and corbyn just to see what's happening coz MSM seem to not Ben showing much :) Let's start today with corbyn
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    Don't bank on it

    dont be banking on your parents or grandparent inheritance which I know so many people who are banking on and worse still a lot of parents were banking on it. Don't forget we will all be in that position it may not take till your 70...
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    Makes abbot look clever

    lets see where the media go with this Jammin out by 20 billion add that to the 2 billion black hole left by their U turn on National insurance lol
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    Roll on Wednesday :)

    I hope they snivel there way out if it because the lie gets bigger :)
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    Theresa met a real person

    Theresanew met a real person today and this is what she had to say lol
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    Pay to speak to your GP

    The tories are trying to keep this quiet And it's just the start so be warned.
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    Seriously have a read

    Despite what @gps says about this guy being a lefty he has good points backed up with facts. Plasterers get a mention as well and these policies would be good for us.
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    GPs's got a bad card on the flop :)

    Oh dear, oh deary me, your poker game you were playing with Europe has not dealt you the hand you WISHED for :) unless I've jumped the gun ;) Marine Le Pen concedes defeat after easy Emmanuel Macron win - Sky News
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    In a nut shell

    When are some people really gonna wake up?
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    BBC in the spotlight :)

    Social media really is changing the way we find out facts and it's up to yourself to check them, then check them again. Twitter is great for finding out what is happening straight away :)
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    The revolution has started

    @gps never mind the membership is at an all time high so is this :)
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    The Tory yougov polls

    hmmm quite a shift in a couple of weeks :)
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    It just keeps unravelling

    oh deary me
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    Could be true?

    imagine if this was true and people really believed it :)
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    Don't forget the British

    Now this is what I see as something that made the British Great,but some people see it different what do you recon @gps or are you gonna just blame someone who is behind it?
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    Left wing BBC

    Yep your spot on @gps The mainstream media have made Diane Abbott getting her numbers in a muddle their lead political story of the day. Even the evening news shows are running with it as if nothing else has happened in the day. It's understandable that it would get coverage, it was a total...
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    And the curruption continues

    here we go straight off the press it gets worse.
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    Kim Jong May

    ao where has she been hiding out today? Cornwall of all places and a safe seat as well again, no press allowed in all locked in a room hahahahah the tories get worse.
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    The Tory challenge

    I was gonna call it the @gps challenge, but I thought I would let all the other tories in on it when they get back from hiding in the forest ;) I got this online but I'm gonna mix it up a bit :) I'm gonna post up the Tory track record in government The rule of this game is very simple, all you...
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    The new China

    Sounds about right :) "The Tories actually want to turn the UK into a low-skill, low-tech, low-pay, low-welfare economy to compete with China and India on their way up as we meet them on our way down, and trashing the value of our wages is one of the ways they've been trying to achieve it."...
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    May visits another village hall

    yep that's right she sneaked in the side door, didn't speak to the public or answer any questions then was ran out of there lol let's see how the MSM deal with this one.
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    May is deluding herself

    Yep that's right and she also lives on another planet lol how does she think she can come back from a meeting and tell all her stooges at the meeting in the woods, it all went fine? She is aware there is no sun newspaper in Germany...
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    Theresa May under investigation

    Oh Deary deary me lol, she is a bent c**t and it should be out Tuesday Wednesday but let's see how the MSM deal with it.
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    This won't make mainstream media

    You won't see this on the BBC or any of the other main media sources so I will put it out there :) this is a strong and stable leader lol for the many not the few ;)
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    Theresa May hiding in the woods

    yep that's true your prime minister is hiding in the woods :)
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    A strong leader

    yep it's that strong and stable leader Theresa visiting labours heartland But what really happened? let's see who reports on this tomorrow :)
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    We are all in this together

    anyone remember that one before the strong and stable lie?