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    Thumb nails

    Anyone ever cut them too short
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    The Office today

    Working somewhere different
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    Hey Guys & Gals. Old school friend lives in Weatherby. Builder with plenty on in need of a good Spread or 2
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    Bought meself a 16 Plate Transit Custom Limited on a Long Wheelbase. Its to replace my T5 which is a good van. Just fancied a change. Quite impressed so far. As Yesterdays and Todays job has been Cancelled not used it for work yet, dont want to get it dirty now, Lol.
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    Its s**t sometimes, Mum passed away in September after going into a Diabetic Hypo Coma and getting brain damage. Dads pretty f**k*d with out her, arthritis etc. Then during a routine eye scan my right eye has a Mole and a detched Retina. Just waiting for the letter to go in and have the eye...
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    Anyone Used this gear

    Really nice to use. On top of there own Pre rend
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    Self Sufficent

    If i had the time and not so many intrests id love to be self sufficent, grow as much as my own as possible and keep my own animals. Grow a few things every year as it is, but not much. Anyone else into the lifestyle, or fancy having a go.
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    Anyone Else

    Into eating Healthy
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    Cleobury Mortimer

    Had a fone call tonight. Plasters required for new build houses. If anyone interested.
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    Show us the back of your van

    Ok, I'll star with pic of my Van.
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    Catnic Scrim

    Does anyone else find this stuff complete fuking shitee, wont stick.Opend a new roll yesterday, straight on to new board and had to lay it all on with multi. Looks nice, but its complete fukin shiteeeeeeee.
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    Float and Set work

    Approx 280m2 of float and set work in Farnborough Hampshire, must be cscs carded, direct for contractor.If intrested i can pass on your details, starts next week.
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    Well Done

    To Tony Wierneski(think thats how to spell ya name), a local polish Plasterer who has won my award for the 2 worst ever ceilings i have seen skimmed, the third never got done because you ran out of Plaster. Even the decorator the lady got in refused to paint the ceiling as he told her it was...
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    Render Boards

    Never used any before. Whats the best ones to get and where do you get em from.
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    From last year

    My first sub-1:44 laps at Cadwell - YouTube Following my mt round Cadwell Park
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    Heathfield,East Sussex.

    Had a guy come through my Webshite as a recomend, bit to far for me to travel, but to good to loose.Just states some rooms and a Hallway, sounds like a nice job. Any takers.
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    flat boy twa.t

    had flat boy skim working with me today,we had a 60m2 ceiling to skim ,and walls to skim all on board work.he was there at 7.30 putting the ceiling on when i got therel lol ,he is an absolute nutter and a s**t hot spread, i am not just saying that to big the twa.t up but its true.we got it all...
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    Irish_spread text me this pic the other day` Bit of competition for Eddie lol.
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    Tool sale

    Plasterers kit! Various tools for sale: Mixers Trowels Hawks Loads of buckets Tarps Cordless drill Step ups Extension leads Etc etc Lookin 4 sensible offers collect only farnborough area.
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    Fooking Builders

    Gets a call from a builder friend on Monday.JJ,can you come and do a ceiling and float and seta chimney breast, its ready for you to go. I turn up today to this.
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    My mate has a 52 plate Toyota Hiace van for sale,60,000 miles, he is 2nd owner had it from almost new.immaculate condition if anyone is looking for a van.
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    Had a call form a guy today asking for a quote to repair his toilet wall. His toilet roll holder has fallen off and left 2 small holes in the wall.Could i quote to repair holes and re-fix the holder. Both holes approx 10mm round.Have quoted to fill both holes and re fix holder £150.He has...
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    Little Render job

    In Aldershot Hampshire, approx 30 m2, 3 pillars, and a veranda, its being hacked off this week end,so it s ready Wednesday,needs a Tyrolean finnish.
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    Im Sold on it

    A few week s ago my mate i was working with used Artex sealer on a couple of lids we were doing, i have used it ever since.Its a little pricey, but goes a long way.Gear hangs around longer,you only put 1 coat on, skim when its dry, normally skimmable in a bout 20 mins.If you have`nt tried some...
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    Sign Written

    Hi Chaps. Skimmed a few lids for the guy who has written all my other vans. He has just signed my old faithfull Transit the same as my other Citroen,but added a caption he thought of after i finnished skimming his house. Ok, left myself open for some stick , so fire
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    Help you get beetween jobs quicker.

    Thinking of selling 1 of my beloved toys, if anyones intrested.
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    Looking to give a job away i cant fit in,its all skimming, 28m2 lid and respective walls.High Wycombe aera.
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    Who is back at tommorow

    And what are you up too.
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    Hi Chaps. Had a text from Danny in Vietnam saying he was in hospital seriously ill in Hospital with dengy fever.Has been there for 3 days, not sure how much longer he will be there.Just asks we all behave ourselfs in his absence.
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    For Sale

    Various car sterios, good price, need to move them sharpish.
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    East Duwich

    Hi Chaps, been asked to a quote in East Dulwich, its for one of my regular clients.Its a bit far out for me.Anyone up for it. If so p.m me.
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    If anyone is in the market for a decent van my mates selling a 04 plate Tranny, with 110,000 on the clock, mint condition £3,000 . I would have it myself if haddnt just bought another Citroen this weekend.
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    This was a 1st for me

    Went to look at a rendering job to day, cust wanted to see some previous work.Gave him address and he whacked it straight into the new google maps and zoomed right into the house, can only see views from streets, not in rear gardens, amazing .
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    What a twazz

    Bought my self a nice little run around van at the weekend, Citroen Berlingo, 1 owner from ne w only done 60,000, absoultly mint, some twaz rammed into the back this afternoon,both doors stoved in, even rippled the the floor.Bet this ones a right off.
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    Bad day

    Just look at this, at least i could laugh about it.Lol
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    Just to show all the snips at me being fat and ugly are untrue, here is a pic of me.
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    Anyone know

    Hi Chaps. Need to get hold about of about 50 Oldroyd membrane fixing plugs, anyone know anywhere i can get hold of these, found 1 place , but only sell them in boxes of 200. Cheers jj
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    Does anyone still get that felling

    Had one of those nice jobs today.Customer let loose with a wallpaper steamer,mullered the plaster. Hacked off back to brick, set three beads float and set the wall.Looked real nice when finnished, one of those jobs that made you feel real good at the end.
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    Now this is the killer

    Did a job the other week for a regular contact , a 9m2 kitchen ceiling .They supplied with some gear called ExTex.They suggested i paint this on prior to skimming the ceiling .Followed instruction on the tin , 1 hr later all the Artex was on my dust sheet , leaving a perfect ceiling .We better...
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    Garden Wall .

    Hi Chaps . Been to look at a garden wall today , typicall problem being painted , no course to stop the damp tramping up and the paint has bubbled off .Apart from a small aera , which can be repaired , the rest of the wall is in reasonable condition , so a scrapre would probably be ok .Just...
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    Hi all , on some other forums i`m known for eating pies and kebabs , some else has my name ,so here is my alias.