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    Water-proof plaster

    Went round to price a customers bathroom.Instead of having it plastered and re-tiled , they just want it re-plastered. Apparently the hotel they had stayed in had no tiles ,just water-proof plaster. Any ideas what this could have been ? The finish was a bit rustic rather than smooth.
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    Fire place

    About to render the inside of a large fire place. The customer has decided to install a log burning stove. Originally I was going to give it a good coat of OCR ,float finish but now,with the added heat,would it be better to use a 5-1-1 washed sand,cement,lime mix ?
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    Rendering some garden walls later this week and it will be getting colder.Will it be ok to add frost-proof to OCR ?
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    can it be done ?

    Rendering an extension (concrete block).As it's an 1860's property the front has to have 3 false doorways in order to blend in.The client has applied celotex to the wall and covered with EML,leaving the 'doorways',bare block.This is to save thickness on the render around them. I can not think...
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    Dumbed down ?

    Having read some of the recent posts regarding sponge floats,spatulas etc and whether it makes a difference if you start floating from right to left or vice versa (sorry Danny) i am starting to wonder if any traditional ( dashing,screeding,rendering,float and set etc)plasterers still exist.Just...
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    WEBER OCR ( advice wanted )

    I have approx 25 mtrs to cover.The walls are of brick construction ( 1936 ) and in sound condition. A doorway and window have been blocked up using celcon blocks. I intended to rend-aid the blockwork and when ready, render the lot with OCR. However,the guy at Weber says i should mesh where the...
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    bill ( new member )

    Hi, my names Bill, i'm from the Brighton area and been a plasterer for nearly 30 yrs.Will be posting regularly soon.