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  1. spunky


    I’ve just ordered something from you and left a post from spunky in the ‘ would you like to add anything’ section if I don’t get a discount Cheltenhams not far from me I will come up up there and burn the factory down x love ya !!
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  3. spunky


    Does anyone know of a super sticky tape? We’re struggling with orange brick tape on stone it’s just falling off
  4. spunky

    Site rates

    Hello all what’s everyone getting I’m thinking of moving but I’ve been with the same firm for 7 years thanks for any replies
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    Hello all haven’t been on for a bit just curious to see what rates you’re getting on site work monocouche mainly but skim hardwall set, dot and dab post em all
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    Man and ritmo

    weve got a job in midsummer norton coming up if anyone with a ritmo is interested in giving us a hand we’d rule and spat you’d just need to bag the machine If you’re interested pm me
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    Monorex gm g30

    30 bags monorex gm colour g30 like a very light grey £100 quid must be collected by 10am tomorrow in Andover if interested cheers
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    Air holes

    is it just me or has anyone also noticed shitloads of air holes in scraped render lately ?
  9. spunky

    Refina powerfloat

    has anyone used one with the scraping attachment I’m thinking of getting one
  10. spunky

    refina powerfloat Thinking of getting one of these for scraping render If the link hasn’t worked it’s the Refina powerfloat has anyone used one?
  11. spunky

    Base coating parinter inc mesh

    what are you getting as a subby rate for this? I was thinking 6 quid it's nothing fancy just a coat mesh and key but it's over spar so a bit more work
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    Plaziflex spatula

    Had anyone tried one of these yet?
  13. spunky


    Wanted in the Bristol area the jobs are in keynsham and central Bristol Must have cscs and after the dogsbodies works over which we all have to do now and then there could be a good chance of staying on and learning the trade if you've got the right mojo Pm me if interested thanks
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    go f**k yourself
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    Hilti collated

    Does anyone know the buy it off the shelf price for a new Hilti collated 2.6ah package we got quoted 480 plus vat does this sound right I just looked on the website and it says there 465?
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    has anyone used parex tardex?
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    what have you done its horrible!
  18. spunky

    Plasterers/renderers/dry liners/dabbers

    If you're interested in work in Bristol get in touch please don't if you're not confident and if you're works shite you won't get paid not asking for legends just not rough bastards thanks
  19. spunky


    are there any dealers in the uk who ofer training repairs etc?
  20. spunky

    Dropping lifts

    Evening all were going through a phase of when we drop a lift were having stiffen the kit up is this normal? weve just had a solenoid replaced which could have been the reason I'm just wondering if it's normal? if I were to set the mix to how I liked on the ground then pass the hoses up should...
  21. spunky

    Diesels v electric

    Evening all .......Hand on heart which one produces the most consistent mix? Forget everything else
  22. spunky

    Accelerator through an m300

    Is it okay putting accelerator through an m300? If we dosed it in barrels can you swap the hose over Etc?
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    Ox trowel

    Does anyone use them? Picked one up earlier 24 quid for a stainless 14 inch looked lovely nice blade shape etc and nice handle
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    Danny if flynny just locks every thread started on here is it worth just turning it into an ad section rather than than a part of the forum, some lads might have a questions to ask if lads take the piss can't the mods just delete their posts?
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    Pft central

    Big thanks to Andy, Ryan and all the lads at pft, we must have spent the best part of 4 hours going back through the operation of the machine, had our Genny fixed on site, a hose cut down to more usable lengths a good look around the training facilities etc which look spot on they've got a whole...
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    Is just over a metre per bag a good average, it says 1.3 on the bag but were getting less than that sometimes a metre per bag this is 10mm beads machine applied
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    What would you rather do spray 120m then skim it 3 man gang or do 40m on you're tod by hand and bear in mind you're paying for the r/s and fuel
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    Pft ritmoL

    How are you all getting on with yours ? Will it spray 20m with mono or will it eat the rotor and stators etc, please lads be honest I might be on the lookout for one with a thin coat set up also but only if it does what it says
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    If you're running a certain mount of hose should the pressure reading be equal to that amount e.g 20m hose to 20 bar pressure ?
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    We had a couple of episodes earlier when we were spraying then it'd start spraying stiffer and you hear it building up to a whine then a pop and it stopped spraying then you spray it into a bucket and it frees itself up We were spraying large heads so the gun was up for a bit would this affect...
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    Shut off valve

    Are they any good?
  32. spunky


    Does anyone know how to avoid bubbling on joints when one coat sponging finish ?
  33. spunky


    Our batteries died on the Genny is this normal? It's not had loads of use and sits still for 2 weeks tops just seems a bit weird?
  34. spunky

    Plastic trowels

    My mate left his plastic trowel on site so I've had the pleasure of using it all week, it's this style Plasterers 1 Stop Shop » Plastering & Screeding Machines there brilliant, loads better than the Refina trowel, better finish there not as flexible, you get more pressure on, good for winders...
  35. spunky

    Electric scrapers

    Has anyone tried one? We're on next day scrapes and just want something to break the surface Power float for plaster & render finishing Page 1
  36. spunky


    Were using an mtecm300 everythings fine then it'll start spraying thick so you can almost see the aggregate for a few metres? Is this normall were getting it alot I thought it might be stop starting but even on good runs its happening?
  37. spunky


    Has anyone got any tips on finishing the base coat as far as I know it likes to tear.......
  38. spunky

    spray caps

    What's the difference in spray cap sizes we've got a 16mm that we use and a 10mm dies it make alot of difference were using mono ?
  39. spunky

    love it

    used the machine for the first time today there mint we did 85m in 2 1/2 hours! Has anyone got any tips for spraying especially around beads it just wants to slide around on them
  40. spunky

    sand cement

    What's the best way you all go about traditional sand cement through a machine? Can you spray one coat in one coat if you dub you're bells out before you drop an elevation or is it 2 passes and still floatable? or is cpi the best route and do they do different bags per coat and any idea of prices?
  41. spunky

    instruction manual

    does anyone know if there's a downloadable manual for an m300 cheers
  42. spunky


    What do you lads do if you're spraying do you do one pass or 2?
  43. spunky

    cheapest place for beads and schnizzle

    Where do you all buy you're beads and stuff from for mucho cheapo prico
  44. spunky


    How do you finish you're basecoat? Were 2 coating approx 3mm per coat different days then sponging and troweling off but its coming out turd, we tried both coats same day and it just moved around and doing it next day as soon as it skins over you can't get the spat lines out with the sponge...
  45. spunky


    I've only ever used it as a prep coat for mono, I need to cover painted roughcast in a couple of passes keeping the second coat tight as poss I want to sponge it for tryolean can you sponge it and will it take a s\c tryolean over the top or just tryolean it with parinter if I have to but don't...
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  47. spunky

    Monocomposant and maite

    What's the difference?
  48. spunky

    vapour barrier

    Were laying plastic membrane before insulation goes down inc an upstand then screed, we've been asked to attatch the membrane to membrane that protrudes 300mm from the block around all edges of the room Ensuring a good overlap and using tape to secure it Had anyone done it like this its a...
  49. spunky


    Is anyone off here selling a 14" permashape trowel on ebay?
  50. spunky

    Plasterer/trainee thread

    Is it worth unlocking it if a lad wants to reply he might not now how to