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    Job available urgent next week thin coat

    Got an urgent job booked in for next week with customer desperate to get it done. Very small only about 8m2 of cement board, then nivoplan (base) 10mm full mesh and topped of with tonachino plus 1.2mm Can't do it myself as Iv just dislocated my kneecap and can't risk it. Jobs in dronfield...
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    The great things that come with plastering

    When the customer is fit When the customers daughter is fit (18 +) When the customer fires up the old tassimo to mash When the customer brings cake (biscuits are so so) When the customer goes out and leave you alone to crack on As above, but points to the kettle first Sticky scrim that doesn't...
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    Render carrier board

    @Runswithscissors Could you get me some prices please for 8x4 sheets suitable for ewi works please. 100+ quantity Many thanks,
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    PUTZ Buckets quick review

    Just wanted to put this up. PUTZ buckets Got a few at beginning of week, very easy to use and clean. Strong, robust and flat bottomed, mixes up in around 90 seconds or so. 50ltr will take around 1.5 bags or just over, so a decent amount to scratch on, not much splash on half buckets either...
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    K-rend lotus effect sealer

    @krend Do K rend make a lotus effect sealer? Similar to paragaurd AG Can't find anything on site and can't get in touch with anyone with it being Sunday. Thanks
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    Insurance backed guarantees

    Does anybody offer these? If so, how? and who with? I am pricing work up rendering and offer the customer my own personal guarantee if they agree to the way i would like to do the job, i also offer them the manufacturers guarantee, all this on paper and i would stand by it if needed (touch...
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    Is this right?

    Just finished 2 artexed ceilings this afternoon, the biggest being about 25m2, reskims. Just called the customer to make sure everything is ok as we left and posted key. He told me he's not happy as we have left a hole in the ceiling where the light is, this is one hole where the lift fitting...
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    The MyBuilder experience

    I thought id put this up to help anyone who is thinking of using this site, its going to be a long one. Im not embarrassed to say, we have gone quiet, we really pushed the rendering side of things this year and think may have neglected the plastering side of things, we have took a couple of...
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    Time wasters

    Bit of a surge recently for me, wasn't as bad this time last year just seems to be since we started doing internals against few weeks back. Every enquiry, just absolute time wasters. 1 - do a 20 mile round trip at 8pm to price a kitchen, living room & dining room where the guy hasn't even took...
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    funny things you do to the labourer

    my missus has bollocked me today for bullying the labourer. Apparently its not very nice to pretend to be the council (housing), call him off a withheld number and tell him the 1 bed flat that he agreed to move into yesterday has now been given to a disabled person instead :bailando: its also...
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    The blame game

    Had a job this week doing a staircase rip out and redo. My labourer stapled sheets to carpet and triggered the alarm, customer put code in to stop it and it wouldnt stop, anyway he immediately got the blame for stapling through cable. We couldn't find the damage in cable, alarm still sounding...
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    Bonding cracking

    Morning all, just a quick one. Did my first internal job since March this week and used some bonding to fill out skirts and a few chases, wet the areas down slightly beforehand, filled out and left overnight. Came back the following day to find all the bonding has cracked up and along the...
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    Lights for mono

    We have been caught out on this current job by losing light at night, we've had 3 finishes after 8:30pm and struggled to see when scratching up. We have used a site light but returned the next morning to see 1/2 misses, thankfully they'll be hidden behind a fence, we've had to do it again last...
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    Labourer sacked

    Well after 4 months, 6 render jobs and 2 plastering jobs iv decided to take the decision to sack the sorry excuse of a man which happened to be my labourer Finally tipped me over the edge, when I dropped him off on Friday and told him I'd settle his wages up on Saturday as I hadn't got the...
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    The sad, but true future of modern rendering

    It is becoming fairly common these days for me to receive calls regarding bad rendering, performed by someone who doesn't know, or hasn't took the time to learn how to use these modern renders we now see. With 100s of bags of k-rend, parex and weber all available readily within a 2/3 mile...
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    Customers getting on scaffolding

    The job we are on at the minute is 2 semis, joined. One customer is absolutely bang on, leaves us too it, has a joke and appreciates how we are tackling the job. The other customer next door is also ok, but somewhat annoying, however, the husband whose not a bad bloke has been getting on the...
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    Lk402 wanted

    Trying to get hold of one of these sharpish. Anyone know how I can get one within a week to buy @UKPlasteringmachines @pft
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    Applying wet primers

    Anyone know if there's anything that will spray r10 or micro, we normally roll on but struggle with some very uneven surfaces. Very much doubt any could be run through a ritmo but what about rendaid? Thanks, mac
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    When Builders render

    This tends to happen 3 years old........ Iv got some cornflakes In the cupboard that have outlasted this masterclass
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    Keep or sack

    Just after some neutral advice regarding my labourer. First time it took someone on looking to trading them, so appreciate the experience some of you have. Firstly, the lads on a 2 months trial. I told him so many times this is how it will work, when he's good at 1 he moves onto 2, then 3 then...
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    Work waste

    How do people get rid of their work waste? Usually on bigger render jobs, I'll get a skip, for smaller domestic jobs where there's not enough for a skip I'll take the waste home and put it in corner and get 3/4 skips a year, but now it's starting to cost me, £180.00 now for a skip at mine...
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    Stolen photos from website

    Just been checking my website for ranking, and stumbled across an image taken of my work 2/3 years ago, problem is, it's on another guys website........... Who lives about a mile away. Iv emailed him asking him to remove it, anything else I should do? Many thanks, MAC
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    Dove 15mm beads.

    Have a render job in a few weeks and need the following. 8 stops 10 bell cast 18 angles In dove which will match up to pral M mushroom. Problem I have is I can't buy them individually, all I'm getting offered is packs of 25, which is too many and with being a funny colour don't have much...
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    Buying a machine

    Just a few questions for guys in the know. Iv been researching machines and hopefully will be buying 1 in the near future, I'm leaning towards the G4 due to reliability, the mtec m300 has also been mentioned but I have read a couple of negative comments. Work wise it will be used solely for...
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    how would you deal with this?

    Right, I'll try and keep this brief, I'm on my phone, so apologies in advance for any typos. I stripped and re-rendered a big end terrace in august 2014, job complete customer happy, paid up no problem. However, the neighbour (well say Mr Smith for the sake of it) complained throughout the...
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    Business Networking events

    Just had a call from a guy, asking if I'd be interested in joining the local networking group. approx £10 per week, meeting every Friday and currently 32 other trades and professionals in there, only 1 trades profession per group. told me I could have exclusivity on plastering and rendering...
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    EWI to be stocked at Minster

    I was in Minster yesterday settling up my account and got chatting to the sales people, apparently Weber will be stocking the Minster branches will EWI stock from next year. whats everybody's thoughts on this? I asked for some samples of the XP and XM systems to show customers who were...
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    EWI info

    i have a few questions regarding EWI, I am qualified and have worked on various projects, it's not a case of how to install but more about materials. really struggling to get materials together, spoke to weber who are just ******* me about regarding the boards and materials, they want to supply...
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    15mm or 10mm mono finish

    Just pricing a few jobs and never done mono at 10mm finish. 1 customer has asked for 10mm finish to save on materials and I'm wondering if other have finished at this thickness, even though weber data sheet says minimum 15mm. all rendering I do I fully mesh so just wondering about the...
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    Refusing small jobsaccep

    Getting a bit annoyed now with the small jobs and people not wanting to pay, should I just say/set a minimum and tell them on phone, save wasting my time and fuel. got in at 9 tonight after wasting 5 hours driving about town. chimney breast board and skim £160.00 - got the job/now cancelled...
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    High top transit or VW transporter

    So I am looking to purchase a new van, currently have a connect which is now too small and getting too old. i am after a few reviews on both the transit and transporter, have a budget of 10k, wanting something I can get sign written up and keep for a good 5-7 years. Anybody had either and...
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    Cheeky customers should I respond

    How would you guys handle this, just this minute finished a 5x4m living room and a 3x3 dining room for a customer of mine, who has changed the job twice and I have had to make a couple of site visits to check these changes. both rooms had heavy stippled artex with coving, they wanted to...
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    Free scaffolding heavily discounted render no mesh, fuk the mesh to appease some of the Fukin time wasters in South Yorkshire, budgie plastering cheep Fukin cheep :-0
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    Tyrolean substitute

    Ordered some tyro from SI and they have sent wrong colour, was wondering if anyone had tried running pissy mono through. doing a full area, not patching. also the cullamix tyro is £23 per bag
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    Is it just around here, or is there a sudden surge in handymen. just seems to be over the last 3/4 years (I might be wrong) but loads springing up, some I see are doing pretty well. I just can't help thinking about insurance, tools and knowledge. jack of all, master of none springs to mind...
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    some work i did this year (first year @ rendering)

    not claiming to be an expert and I am still learning, but I said id put a couple of pics up of work I have done this year. don't be too harsh. sorry about brightness on some photos, it was really sunny.
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    Do you get back to potential customers

    I am wondering whether to get back to my customers after I have sent their quote over. I only do domestics and I find it very rude when you send the quote over and then nothing. I drove across town a few weeks ago, priced a job at 1 end of sheffield drove to the other side to price another...
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    Bargain telescopic ladders

    3.2m Telescopic Ladder for £39.99 saving over 50% @ JTF Warehouse £48.00 including the VAT - Hot UK Deals Bought these about 2 months ago, not sure if they are still on offer, but can't imagine they would have gone up by much if they aren't, from a place called JTF I'm sure I saw 2 sets...
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    Plastering over steel

    Has anybody used this method over steel. Thistle bond it / blue grit Bonding Skim Just priced a job and the steel is near flush with existing ceiling about 5/7 mm to work with, not enough to get a board in. Ceiling is about 40 metres so she only wants it patching up, can't re...
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    Best material for a spot board.

    Any suggestions, I have frame but the board is now shagged. Hardboard, MDF etc etc Cheers, mac
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    Plaster render rotherham sheffield

    Looking to get a hand on some small jobs I have coming up. Would like a spread plastering/mono experience local Roth or Sheff And a labourer based in Rotherham. Decent rates for decent spreads/labs Pm me on here or email me Will lead to more work, cheers...
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    Plasterer and/or labourers

    Looking to get a hand on some small jobs I have coming up. Would like a spread plastering/mono experience local Roth or Sheff And a labourer based in Rotherham. Decent rates for decent spreads/labs Pm me on here or email me Will lead to more work...
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    I hope you get someone buddy.

    3 bed semi with garage on side Render falling off, old tyrolean. Just been to price for mono and guy only wants to pay £2000 inc mats and scaff with quoining up both corners. Wow, surely can't be done. Any thoughts.
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    internal insulation board wall fixings/anchors

    anybody know a merchants that stock theses 70mm or slightly bigger. thanks, mac
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    Stupid phone calls

    Does everybody get these, I can just about deal with the ppi, yell and other marketing calls but stupid customers who ring you up and - Expect your services within 5 days Tell you how long their job will take Tell you what gear you need And the best one of all, tell you how much...
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    Bad EWI/plastering in Rotherham

    Had a call today while working asking to go and price some internal work up, on a council estate in Rotherham, I arranged to be there at half 3. Got to the area and decided to have a look at the EWI which has been going on for a few months now, random houses and gable ends on these terraced...
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    Cleaning mono

    Just finished a mono job in caulk, finished nicely and the customer is happy, but while re-attaching the down pipe a small amount of red brick dust has spilled out onto the new render. My thinking was to let the render dry fully over a week/few days and and brush out with a small paint brush...
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    mono substrate

    have a little job to do monocouche over white/buff brick, like stone effect brick its quite porous and has a good key just wondering if i could mono striaght over or if it would take better with a coat of SBR / OCR / RendAid cheers in advance, Mac