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    White marmarino fine

    Prity new to venetian but im gearing up to do a white marmarino fine wall. Ive done a sample board but against white door molds and doors it appears to be a bit ivory in colour and not brilliant white. Can anyone recomend a product to achieve this?
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    Venitian plaster trowel case?

    Anyone got any recommendations on a trowel case for venetian trowels. Ive seen a few cases which are sold with trowels but cant seem to find an empty case unsuitable... What is everyone using?
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    A potential customer has a lot of black spot mold on exturnal bedroom wall. I plan to fix pollystyrine backed boards to this wall to provent cold tracking through. Will fixing boards direct to wall be ok or will i need to latt it and fix boards to latts to create a caverty?
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    Loft conversion ideas

    Im converting my loft to a beroom with ensuite. Just looking for inspiration mostly regarding storage under eves or any storage solutions. Im sure some of youbguys will have fabricated something to make good use of space and thst lools if you dont mind sharing pictures and ideas ill...
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    Micro gobetus

    Struggling to get my hands on blue grit anywhere.. was wondering if i could use micro gobetus in the same way to skim to ?
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    Parex on sand cement render

    Got a small area aprox 11m2 to parex.. used parex a few times but never over old render. Renders sound, not blowen or cracked anywhere.. can i micro gobetis, then apply render. Technical data sheet suggests this is ok but i know in this instance some people use mesh. Havnt priced mesh in with...
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    Parex drying a bit patchy

    Haven't used Parex a great deal but I've noticed on a couple of jobs it looks a bit patchy in places.. I've noticed this wen passing other people's jobs too. Any tips on how to prevent this? My method it apply by hand scratch coat then next day apply top coat using speed skim or surrated spat...
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    Mm21 or mm30?

    Looking to get a mega mixer and was going to purchase the mm21 but I've found a canny bargain on the mm30. I work mainly domestic so never have a need to mix more than a 3 bag mix and often may only mix 1 bag. So I'm guessing the mm30 will be a bit over kill? Can anyone advise or let me know...
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    Wood burning stove

    Quick one about what's best way to repair behind a wood burner.. it's in a new ish house and the flue goes through the wall and out externally.. I'm hoping dot n dab fire board and skim? The guys got fire board spare.. can i dab that n skim it? Never used it Tar!!
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    Tin walls

    Pricing a job in an office building where the walls are tin and wall papered. Its canny clear that studs are every 400 amd they are easy located as you can feel them with a bit pressure but cant tell if they are wood or tin. Thought i could find joists and screw fix boards to them but cant get a...
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    Key stones and coins

    Need a bit advice on a rendering job I'm doing. Hate rendering at the best of times never-ending this time of year but here's the situation.. We are sand cement rendering an extension and setting batons to form key stones and coins round windows. We have scratched and set batons so far but need...
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    Key stones and coins

    Need a bit advice on a rendering job I'm doing. Hate rendering at the best of times never-ending this time of year but here's the situation.. We are sand cement rendering an extension and setting batons to form key stones and coins round windows. We have scratched and set batons so far but need...
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    I had a meeting with a rep from a collage regarding taking on an apprentice then 3 days later he's starting!? I'm really under prepared and have been considering writing up a "roles and responsibilities" document and some sort of safety thing to give him some guidelines. Is this worth doing and...
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    colour to plaster

    one of my customers has seen a picture of a room with a concrete wall as a feature, he has asked if i can somehow replicate this. i told him about venetian plastering and wall create but he doesn't want that expense and is constantly sending texts with ideas such as a product he found called...
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    my speedskim blade is stuck!?

    Changed the blade a couple times before and it sliped out nicely... this time it wont budge... ive now got half of it out but it its going nowhere.. has anyone else had this problem and how the **** did u get it out?
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    speed skim video

    hi everyone. I know theres a lot of mixed feelings about the speed skim but I quite like it, I only use it 3 times out of 10 however but i still rate it.. anyway... i made a vid of how i use it as requested by my pall so thought id put it on here for people who want to have a look see what its...
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    does fibre board have asbrstos in it?

    Come across this alot recently, fiberboard ceilings with wooden battons over joints.. does anyone know if yhis stuff has asbestos in it?
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    sika 1????

    hi guys need some advice on sika1.. doing a damp course on a property where all the walls are stone.. normaly I would use sovereign k11 to tank in this situation but as im doing this work for my brother and I fancy having a go with sika 1 one after hearing a few spreads rave about it. can I...
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    new project!

    hi guys.. me n my dad have bought a house at auction this week to comence our joint venture at development. the house in question is a 2bed terraced house with a nice big hole in the kithchen/swimming pool flat roof, its all riddled with damp so the loats just to rip out n start fresh hopfuly...
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    ive been invited to networking meetings in the past but have never gone as i didnt know wot was expected of me etc but after getting a invites frm one guy i decided to attend one on wed. seemed like a friendly bunch of people and claimed to beable to provide good contacts and good refurals etc...
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    damp questions

    right il try and explain best i can..... ive been to look at the ground floor of a 3 story property(1900apx) where the back wall is undergroud by only a meter its 7.5 meters long by 3, the two end walls are about 5m long and only half is under ground the frount wall is all above ground and...
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    web sites

    ive just made a web site for my plastering business. ive been looking into ways to get web traffic but it seems realy complicated. just wondering if anyone else has a site and how well it works for them. also how you generated trafic and has anyone tryed adwords? thanks, dan
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    new kid

    hi everyone, just joined and have a good read of some of the posts. theres some good stuff!