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    felt brush

    has anyone used one of these Marshalltown 9 Felt Wooden Handle-Trowel Plastering Water Brush, how do they compare to a normal plasterers splash brush
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    Interested in a second hand powercoat or possibly mtec m100 with skim set up. Maybe new if price is right
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    Big thanks to Ryan @P1ss

    As the title said, I had a problem with both my Midget flex totally coming away at the shank and14" starting to come away. Fair play to Ryan he sent me new towels by return post. Can't fault his service as it's first class.
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    Spiral staircase

    Just been to view a job, it's in parts maybe 4-5 mtrs high. Four flights of stairs. Cant scaffold it because of it being spiral. Anyone any ideas on how to set it out with ladders and battons.or any suggestions how to approach it safely. Have pictures but no idea how to post them
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    THE G4 for sale on ebay.I mailed the guy asking if this was the same machine i which is identical even to the bricks on the wall behind the machine . he said no he's had it from new. make your own mind up. steer clear I'd say
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    spardash sprey gun and compressor

    Has anyone used one of these guns from refina,How do they compare to the PFT dashing gun. Render spray guns for sand, cement renders, lime mortars and plasters
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    What is the approx setting time of sand & cement ie float coat applied when can I rub it up Thanks Stuart
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    Render on a garden wall

    I have a wall to render for a customer next week. It has the scratch coat on maybe 3 weeks ago by someone else should I just soak the wall or do I need to pva it first. I was thinking Soak 4 sharp sand 1 cement and plasticiser. Thanks Stuart
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    Hi to everyone

    Hi to everyone. I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks, great site. Been on my own for a couple of years, things are so so slow for me here in East Kilbride (glasgow). Last year I was booked 6 weeks in advance this year nothing booked so far. Lets hope it picks up. Cheers Stuart