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    Flex giraffe sander for sale

    how much you want for it?
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    Looks like he hasn’t dampened down the substrate before applying the hard wall Also when putting hardwall on its better to apply in two or three layers as it kills the suction and stops it drying out to fast The skim looks like he has left the hardwall to long and the suction has got him...
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    Market Research

    Could this be it?
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    Market Research

    I use a trolly from machine mart £30 can hold a few trowels and 100 kg in weight you can also screw stuff on it if need be
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    Airless plaster on site.

    Thanks zolco for the informative reply Them rates look shocking to me I know a local firm that done airless on a job I tendered for . The top floor was airless and the other 2 floors was skimmed due to the poor quality of application and finish but it was end of winter so inexperience...
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    Airless plaster on site.

    Ok thanks Zolco So more time on preparation and flattening walls Most reskims we do the walls are really bad so not sure how much quicker airless would be Do you think it’s a better system or only on certain jobs?
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    Airless plaster on site.

    Was looking into airless for a couple of full reskims Would you advise against it ? Is it something I could just rent the tools and have a go at without going on a course befog
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    Thistle Pro Pure

    I keep looking for used ones but either looking in the wrong place or they are very rare
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    First time screeder - Advice needed

    What you talking about He is not asking what is a screed
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    Beginning of the end! ???

    I only way 11 stone so a extra two I wouldn’t be able to move lol
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    Beginning of the end! ???

    Yeah I think family life makes a big difference as you get no rest time
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    Beginning of the end! ???

    In the same boat I’m 42 been doing since 17 Speed is slowly going and it’s getting harder mentally and physically I got a few people that work for me so not to bad That’s why so intrested in airless plaster as it looks less demanding on the body
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    Thistle Pro Pure

    Yeah is a big outlay must be looking at near on 6 k for all the stuff Looking for easier ways to work now as getting older
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    Thistle Pro Pure

    Off topic but skimming related Just out of intrest all the guys that went to the airless plaster day how many have used it since?
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    Help needed!

    Could you not smell it as you was putting it on? Cat sh-it stinks , had it before but builder would not get new sand
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    Wheres the work ethic gone?

    That’s how you made time lot learn made sure you was well in front
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    Lime rendering

    Yes you are totally correct plus the funny thing was they wanted you to work to a schedule of about 3 weeks plus sign a contract and retention and all the other b*ll***s that goes with it
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    Lime rendering

    I just turned down a external lime job on a 5 bed listed house due to starting in December! Some companies never listen
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    Part time Apprentice

    Most young guys you pay on a Friday don’t turn up on a Monday
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    Part time Apprentice

    The problem is you get some guys that will just use them as cheap labour when banking the money In theory it’s a great idea but let’s face it the building trade is full of people trying to make a fast few quid and I could see it being abused
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    Sound bloc boards

    We done 3 barns on one site with soundboards don’t know why the had them as they was all detached We didn’t have a problem with them but they do suck in quicker than normal Plus them barns get bloody hot if insulated properly so that don’t help Like you say if they have been up some...
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    Standard for carbon

    Just use it everyday
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    Weekend Discounts

    im off to Spain next week can you send me one to
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    For those who are VAT registered.

    We done 9 big barns for one guy last year all @ 5% And he has another 4 coming up so it must be a good money spinner
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    Biggest Event in Plasterworld

    Yeah probably correct or they are waiting for flynnman to age
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    Biggest Event in Plasterworld

    I thought that too was getting my debit card ready for the pay per view money . Can this matchup happen ?
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    Airless plaster

    Was the job that bad or is airless just limited to what you can do with it?
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    Work Rest and Play

    Don't talk football for the kids that's like a job in itself traveling miles every weekend
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    Mt permaflex

    MAP(UK) Unit 12, Lakes Farm, Off Queenborough Lane, Rayne, Braintree, Essex CM77 6TE If i remember correctly you can order and pay and go pick up , but you can't pay in there
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    Mt permaflex

    It's called a xtralite miles better then the gold handle one , I think there is Marshall town outlet in Braintree Essex you can order from but not sure on the prices it's marshalltown tools .
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    Plaster over s**t

    What's cheap out of interest?
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    Rendering needed in Braintree Essex

    Sounds like you have been to Braintree
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    Oh No, What have I started! In a world of trouble.

    A decent amount might be what the sparky charges you
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    Lower Back ache

    Squatting might not be a good idea if you got a slight bulge of a disc it might do more harm then good
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    Good luck
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    I love a bit of boarding, I do

    Problem is everyone thinks they can cut and stick board , most small builders now get the labourers to do it so that's the result
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    Somewhere to start

    First time on the hod was a floor screed on second floor flats near earls cone, Was 17 and the guy on the mixer would load them up as much as he could Every time I got to the top it was "your taking your time"
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    Spreads in Romford

    Yeah but not been down that way for a few years just wondering if it's any better now
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    Spreads in Romford

    Ilford still got a Bollywood cinema?
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    M-tec m200 for sale

    Did you spray that in the background ? Looks like hardwall or am I wrong?
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    Top 3 trowels for coating

    Sold one on eBay was a 18" mt extra light was well used to the point it was useless ,was only a just over a couple of inches wide got £55 for it(y)
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    If you get through day one you should be ok
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    I thought that was illegal
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    You on a price or daywork?
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    London tower block fire

    they do make a brilliant coupe always having a mass debate together what a pair. :cachetada:
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    London tower block fire

    Also one of the firms shut shop yesterday as they know fingers are going to be pointed
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    London tower block fire

    I didn't say they was did I
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    London tower block fire

    I didn't take the news team long last night as they was ringing the main contractors
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    London tower block fire

    They are now questioning the insulation on the new cladding which is a good point , not saying it started the fire but look how it spread , how fire resistant is some of these new external insulations ?