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    White patches on krend

    Welcome to the start of coloured renders problem page.
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    Looking for estimate to render our cottage

    100 % agree modern renders are the modern day artex . work of the devil.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    Think you need to look at your business model if you are asking how, supply and demand and pegged rates.
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    Advice sought for rendering costs for block of flats in NW4

    Agreed with the hack off, problem with these style of flats is more structual defects, so may need more than just render to fix the issue
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    Stolen dewalt mixer

    They can keep it, brought the 240v one last year, speed selection stopped working , which i can handle, but cable went in the usual place as it enters, so ended up stripping machine and re-routing cable for future fixes, not impressed with build quality , shiny chinese indeed !!!
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    Ban the racists

    Deep down everyone is a racist, no matter what colour/race/gender they are some are just silly enough to state it out loud
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    Channel Partner Introduction

    Oh dear, good luck with that venture, 25%, you do know how plasterers operate ? ltd companies =ltd liabilities, very foreboding
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    End of year returns

    Death and taxes are two definates , do not waste any living moment worrying about them. lifes too short
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    Starting to bite.

    Who took number four ???
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    More price increases.

    You mean cryptocurrency
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    You mean rust free atm- might change if it rains !!!
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    Soundboard... is it worth the money?

    Makes no difference if you have a suspended timber floor, start from the ground up, sound resonates through voids
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    Plaster Cost

    I reckon we as plasterers have the cheapest material and tool cost to earn a living dan you have never sold coke have you ?
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    heavy buckets

    I'm hoping tapit has no plans for the weekend, and gets in his shed knocking up a prototype
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    heavy buckets

    I'm getting older/wiser and these bloody refina buckets are getting heavier any ideas on any form of lifts/jacks to get the gear on the board ?? scooping is too much agg almost needs a lift like a barbers chair to jack it up ?
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    Kirk was a good lad, many a good post from him in the day as well as his guides not just a skimmer like most !!
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    I have a 2010 l200 singe cab a bit like driving a shed around, but a real workhorse, tonne payload, perfect for my small screeds , and you can lay 8x4 sheets on the back if you put a bit of timber across. has wind down windows, no central locking old fashioned as fook beats modern electrics...
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    The big launch (2)

    Just chirping , had my samples , many thanks, used them on pocket doors down a hallway i have just done, all metal stud and wobbly as fook, could of stuck with gear=yes, but it meant first hit was straight on from the get go i'm oldskool but forward thinking, f**k**g handy stuff to have stashed...
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    coloured renders are the new artex- be taking it off soon as it looks shite dated
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    Nice , quality fast ford-drive it like you stole it !!!
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    C reg ??
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    A cheeky Texturing job on the way home paid for my weekends when i was young and learning plastering on crap money , used to earn more on a saturday texturing, than knocking up for two spreads in the week
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    and yes that fooking blue block brush !!! weighed a tonne, i remember some texturers putting on with a broom out of a dustbin . crazy days
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    s**t medusa i remember that !! wow , i used to offer broken leather-or broken leather !!! even easier with a crinkly carrier bag over the stipple brush-saves washing
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    Fair play mate, used to texture ceilings all the time, never done any combing though, remember basket of flowers ?
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    Retirement Plans

    Hope you had some bitcoin invested at the time of posting mate best roi we will ever see
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    masks on site

    We seem to have a problem wearing a mask in tescos but have no problem scraping artex ceilings , knocking up tonnes of hardwall /multi etc without a mask makes you wonder as plasterers
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    pimlico plumbers london

    Bullets, missiles, mines, etc kill lots of people, but it does not stop humans manufacturing and selling them for profit and no comebacks for the results Same goes for big pharma companies, no comebacks for the vaccine makes you think
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    And fiat currency is based on what ? a promise from a dodgy goverment ?
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    Yes there is one in guildford near me you put CASH in machine for a slice of bitcoin (satoshi) then save it to your crypto wallet or so my MATE says :foto:
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    Yeah avoid the nigerian princes etc that said there is lots of info out there for free.
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    Do some research mate, lots of free videos on youtube, you have the savvy like we all do, we just get set in our ways and refute change .
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    I accept payment for my screeds in bitcoin, have done for a while now,
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    wake up mate !!
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    had mine for two years , only half - i trade little bits, todays a rally alright , made a tidy score this morning
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    Tapit tape external render review

    You have never worked overseas have you mate ? been in use in oz and nz for years
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    Tapit tape external render review

    He has the answers right here on the forum, but chooses to ignore the advice. might start calling him Blockbuster video
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    Tapit tape external render review

    send me some and i will give it a try for you
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    Tapit tape external render review

    Old pro"s are the ones you should be listening too buddy, not some young skimmer who calls himself a spread
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    Are you me paul ?????? good views on life mate
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    Tapit tape external render review

    As a side note why dont you send out free samples to all those on here that would be happy to provide you with some honest feedback, as tom has demonstrated. In the long run it could save you a fortune mate
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    Do you do the lottery?

    Thats what they want you to believe, mr drummond has the rights to their back catalouge so still got an income prob more than us
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    Do you do the lottery?

    There justified and their ancient and they drive an ice cream van !
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    Anyone need help in Hampshire

    Where abouts in hants mate ?
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    A laser screed machine ? you mean an irish screeder from donegal?
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    New and improved tapit tape review

    next time use a Drywall stop bead to form the arch