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    S+c on steel lintle

    Doing a pebble dash job and above bi folds (not fitted yet) is a steel lintle, what's the best method to render onto it ? Eml ?
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    s**t tip

    Anyone else's garage a s**t hole ? Clean it all out and a week later full of s**t
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    Which brand of mono goes of the quickest ?

    Which mono goes the quickest without accelerator?
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    Same day scrape with eco rend ?

    Going to be using eco rend for the first time this week, will I get same day scrape going on 10mm beads, it's the Mrs birthday the day I'll be topping so ideally don't want to be finishing at any later then 5.30
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    Idiots everywhere.

    When you think you know someone, then you hear they've been slagging you off because of some cracks, then you get the ones oh it's more then we thought it would be could you so it for x amount cash, sorry love, I don't do a full shop at tesco for £100 and say to cashier oh that's abit expensive...
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    Scrimming angles on reskims

    How many of you Scrim the angles on re skims ?
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    Best method of rendering these???

    Got these curves to render using s+c, remove existing and re do, now I don't know what's behind them until I destroy them, I was thinking maybe try and use thin ply, but I don't think ply is a good idea, what else could I use ?
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    R.I.P Grandad

    Lost my gdad yesterday, the first one to become a plasterer of the family, made 2 uncles, myself and 4 cousins become spreads, he taught me a lot in life that I will never forget, I was lucky enough to work with him before he retired, had some great laughs onsite, one that stands out the most...
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    Whats caused this then ?

    Got a customer been a bit of a prick, I've told her what's what but it seemed she didn't believe me, so what would you of said caused the crazing on skimming, also she's asking why can you see where boards join and Screws are.
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    Not plastering related, but could do with some personal advice please.

    Not plastering related guys but I'm in a s**t place at the minute wife's had 2 miscarriages in 6 months and she's now saying she thinks it best we go our own way, she doesn't know if it's for good or just for now, we already have 3 kids but she's saying she feels broken and her heads all over...
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    I cant be the only one.

    Started a gable end today, thought nah 30 bags will piss it, well I ran out 3rd of the way through haha, I can't be the only one it's happend to.
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    How do they expect me to get over that ?

    Block works like a see saw, I can't bring bead out that much, no chance, but then when they fit fascias, there's going to be a big bump in it. f**k**g builders.
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    Spraying times

    What we saying on fassa setting times ? 24hr? Get it on early and scrape early next day ?
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    Never done EWI, plenty of s+c and mono, am I right in thinking it's topped using silicone thin coat ?
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    Anyone used these ?

    Has anyone got these ? Got a low ceiling to do, can't kick crate about as its got old carpet down, too tall on stilts.
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    Does anyone know anywhere i can get some cheapish 15-23" stilts from, the only ones I can find are sure pro but for £220, I don't think they'll get used that much, I use 24" normally but the 15s are handy for the lower ceilings.
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    Patching terylene.

    Whats the best way to match this ? Just with a normal arm wreck gun ?
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    Check this beauty out.

    Some right corkers about lately :ROFLMAO:
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    Same day or overnight?

    Anyone still getting away with same day scrape or doing next day?
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    Will k1 dry a different shade to ft???

    Will k1 pewter grey dry a different shade to pewter grey ft? Someone has done a single story extension in ft but has left about 20sm still to do, customer doesn't want them back, I don't fancy handballing 20 odd sm by hand when I can spray it on.
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    Would you?

    Been doing a new dental practice for a mate over the last few week on and off as I cant give him a full week at a time, told him I cant get there this week but can give him 2 days week after, he's just text me saying if I can give him this week to finish the job hel chuck me an extra grand on...
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    In a bit of a pickle

    Right I need to know if you guys, subbing for builders, keep a time sheet, Ive had 5 flats to do for a joiner I do alot of work for also done it for him for 7 years, now I did 1 flat for him and was too busy to do the rest so I got my cousin to do them, he then got another spread to do a flat as...
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    Mono prices

    Howdy, I know it's a sore subject on here but what are you lot charging a m2 labour only for mono? Base coat, and top? Just want to see if I'm in the range, North Yorkshire area. Danke.
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    Big shout out!

    Went to pick my ritmo up yesterday from pft, les was great with the training and very thorough, answered all questions to the best of his knowledge, and gave some great advise, didn't rush anything at all, took his time and showed us through his shop, top bloke (y) can't wait to get spraying now...
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    S+c on osb board

    Chappas, I've been asked to render on obs board, about 4/5sm, would eml then render be OK? Never done onto timber before,
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    Smelly multi

    Has any one noticed mutli has a weired smell? It smells like a pritt stick.
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    Has anyone used rightfinish skim coat before? Got a bathroom next week and the customer has got 4 bags of it, as I cant get any gold dust.
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    Bounce back loan

    I don't have a business account, and wanting to apply for bbl what banks are offering it to non business account holders? Starling arnt accepting anymore applications.
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    Now here's a question for you!!

    If yous had a lad been with you 3 years at what stage would you expect them to be at, e.g be able to dab and skim, float and set etc.
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    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    How do chaps cope with self employment? Sometimes I feel like jacking it all in, the hours you spend looking at potential jobs then having to work a price out on top of a days graft, all the work comes at once and all want you there yesterday, van packs in, work load get puts back putting more...
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    The dreaded has happened!!

    So yea, got 1 little area that has mesh showing through :LOL:, don't think customers that arsed luckily but always dread scraping back to that flecking mesh.
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    What's your limit handballing mono???

    What's the most you guys put on by hand before thinking fu#k that never again
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    Basecoat on blockwork?!?

    To all you monocoushe gurus out there, can you clarify if blockwork needs a base coat or just straight on 2 passes? 3.6n blocks I believe, I've been told you can go straight on but also heard basecoat. Be using k1 and 15mm beads.
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    K rend with 10mm beads

    Bonjour chappas, One is needing some advise, got a garage to render using k rend k1, it will be on block work, the customer (chippy) has beaded it all himself before asking me to render it but he's used 10mm beads, will it be OK to use them? I've always used 15mm and Im worried about...
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    K rend this time of year

    Hi girls and guys, Quicky for you, got some k rend to do in a weeks time, never done it before, only small area so quite confident in doing it, I've got all the knowledge just putting it into action, would you guys get it on for dinner then scratch later that day/night or get it on early...
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    Damp proofing basement

    Now guys, What do you guys do to damp proof basements? I was going to hack off from floor to ceiling, 2 coats of tanking slurry then render with waterproofer then skim? Don't want any comebacks, previous builder been kicked off job, he's chopped halfway up tanked then dri coated bottom and...
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    Removing dry sbr from window frames

    Hi guys, does anyone best way to remove sbr from window frames and glass?
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    Sand cement render over old existing scratch coat

    Hi guys, just need abit of advice off you lovely bunch of spreads, will it be ok to topcoat over old scratch coat? Customer has hacked off old topcoat (pebble dash) and has asked me to patch scratch coat where needed then topcoat and pebble dash again. Tia.
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    Sagging, sopping wet sand cement in 1 area

    Just rendered an extension but 1 area was sopping wet literally like piss and kept slumping, wasnt on thick at all in fact was probably the thinest part of the render, scraped it off and put fresh stuff on, every where else was spot on but this 1 particular area. Does any one know what causes it...
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    Is this rising damp ?

    Hi Guys, could any one clarify if this is rising damp ? Im pretrt certain is is but some of it goes way past 1m high. By the looks of some of the walls it looks like it had been injected. And dri coated. But damp is still there. Any ideas ? Cheers.
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    Nela s*p*r*lex

    Hi guys, right i know theres a few posts on this and i bet a fair few of you are sick of hearing about it but is the nela s*p*r*lex worth getting? I have the premium but know this isnt really for finishing.
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    Dot n dab insulated plaster board

    Hi guys, when dot n dabbing insulated plasterboard do you guys plug and screw after?
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    rendering on thermalite blocks!!

    Now then guys, got a job coming up soon where ill be rendering onto brickwork and thermolites. The customer had a large window, about two meters from floor theyve now reduced to half the size this is where the thermolites have been used and they butt up to the brickwork. Brickwork currently has...