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  1. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    I always thought this particular forum was for new people to introduce themselves

    But it looks like this is also the place for @algeeman to post threads that he didn't think were suitable for the Public Bar forum, m8s. :ROFLMAO:
  2. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    Big Bruv in building private nightclub drama in Ibiza

    We very recently finished building a private club under a client's house. He had a party there last night. The sound system and the lights are fantastic. You can not hear a thing from outside. Not even if you stick your ear up against the fresh air vents going in or out of the building. The...
  3. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    Painting a lime render finishing coat on blockwork?

    We have built some concrete block walls in a garden and they now have a scratch coat coat on them. As is usual down here, we have not used sand for the scratch coat. Most of the mortar for brickwork and scratch coats here is made from a grey crushed granite like stone and cement and this is what...
  4. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    Rendering a swimming pool question

    I can render but I don't know anything about rendering a pool. The pool is not going to be tiled. What do I need to know? What additives etc? I am in Spain so a lot of the products you get in the UK may not be available here. We have Sika, Morcem, Puma and Weber products available so if any of...
  5. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    Ideas for a fake external wall?

    Some carpenters phoned me this afternoon. They have been asked if they can build a fake wall. They called me for ideas and also to ask me to render one side of the wall for them. The wall would be about 4m long by 3m high and braced all along the back side. They have asked if there is anything...
  6. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    Tile adhesive, mesh and then rendered?

    I'm a general builder so not familiar with all plastering and rendering techniques and materials (which is why I'm on here). The fella working on the house next to one I'm working on, scratch coated an old wall today (Yeah I'm nosey). It had a lot of fine cracks and flaking paint so yesterday he...
  7. BigBruvOfEnglandUK

    Venetian Plaster vs. Microcement in a bathroom?

    Are there any advantages of one over the other as in durability etc?