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  1. Topspread16

    S+c on steel lintle

    It is still on though. :numberone:
  2. Topspread16

    S+c on steel lintle

    It was only 2 days ago John.
  3. Topspread16


    Dura or sur double pole ones.
  4. Topspread16

    Kick in the nuts

    You’ll need some 4 inch scrim and 3 bags of bonding. He’s been boarding with outcuts out the skip again.
  5. Topspread16

    1st job nerves.

    I can see why you do long posts, short posts aren’t really for you. :tarjetaroja:
  6. Topspread16

    1st job nerves.

    I’ve seen 2 more than you.
  7. Topspread16

    1st job nerves.

    2 poo’s 3 wanks 50 push ups and a glass of water.
  8. Topspread16

    Colour match render - which sand?

    Have you tried 4 rendering sand 1 building sand 1 cement 10/15 years of weathering with a wheelie bin in front of it?
  9. Topspread16

    Weber prices

    You’ll have to ask yourself.
  10. Topspread16

    Weber prices

    Surely the make believe contractor on board should know? :reloco:
  11. Topspread16

    Oldest tool you own in daily use

    Still going strong this 22 years old now. :musculoso:
  12. Topspread16

    Large render job Liverpool

    Over an hours drive for me, bit to far for my liking.
  13. Topspread16

    Idiots everywhere.

    Elliots English is getting better, you should let him write all your posts from now John.
  14. Topspread16


    Scream if you want to go faster. :frenetico:
  15. Topspread16

    Two tone

    No time at all, literally.
  16. Topspread16

    Two tone

    Tile it
  17. Topspread16

    Two tone

    Thought you was the founder member of two tone render? Or was it six tone?
  18. Topspread16

    What you done today ....

    A years worth in a day, no wonder you was sweating other day.
  19. Topspread16

    Well done England

    That was probably the players playing off their own bat, them negative Annie sunk his horse teeth in at halftime. Already through and throws a third holding mid on.
  20. Topspread16


    f**k**g 30 :birra:
  21. Topspread16

    Hybrid Painters Tape

    It’s been designed for these window spraying guys as it absorbs the paint. It’s like a posh masking as I understand.
  22. Topspread16

    Getting to easy

    Kids put Alf to bed.
  23. Topspread16

    Colated plastering screw gun

    @Gavine The First
  24. Topspread16

    Colated plastering screw gun

    Don’t know what you’re talking about @Andy g
  25. Topspread16

    The fights set!

    Be nice to fury put his belts on the line for once. Still don’t think it will happen.
  26. Topspread16

    Botched plasterer

    Me either Marco
  27. Topspread16

    Knee pads

    You just need a skateboard now?
  28. Topspread16

    Whats in the box

    Mt permaflex ? 16 inch
  29. Topspread16

    Fixing tolerances for metal studs

    Not these, paper is peeling off for fun brittle as f**k to. I find siniat the best.
  30. Topspread16

    Fixing tolerances for metal studs

    If you tried doing that with these knauf plasterboards I’m using at the min you end up with 2 sheets of paper and a pile of dust.
  31. Topspread16

    Hi from Cumbria

    @theclemo says dole is the goal.
  32. Topspread16

    Thoughts please

    No but something in getting in the way of my foot.
  33. Topspread16

    Thoughts please

    It can wait, too much fun on here.
  34. Topspread16

    Thoughts please

    You’ll have to sell your b*ll***s, copper at an all time high.
  35. Topspread16

    Thoughts please

    John’s trying to move his toilet from the outhouse into his house. Don’t blow his mind that folk have en-suites just yet.
  36. Topspread16

    Tax year coming to a end

    How many cans did you find hiding the eggs?
  37. Topspread16

    Plastering before windows

    Plaster it all out, timber line the reveals arc on the face. It’s more then likely how it was or at least how it should be.
  38. Topspread16

    Holidays 2021

    Sticky chav
  39. Topspread16

    Holidays 2021

    You’d only steal my kids factor 50.
  40. Topspread16

    Holidays 2021

    Pass, drinking with Alf and seeing you in the same stripey vest 14 days on the bounce is not a holiday.
  41. Topspread16

    Holidays 2021

    Little en doesn’t got free John, it’s just tailored into your price.:hueco:
  42. Topspread16

    England squad

    Need a decent manager, to negative Southgate.
  43. Topspread16

    Lumpy plaster

    He’s hard trowelled all the plebs/blisters. Not controlled the suction correctly on the background. What time is @John j coming back you say?
  44. Topspread16

    Extra time additive

    Think skimming or drinking with you could be the death of any man.
  45. Topspread16

    Advice sought, render behind bell drip bead!

    Well Jenny, renders are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.
  46. Topspread16

    Damp on the internal walls where chimney breast

    You need to stop it coming in first pert. Mental beads @tapit any relation of yours?