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  1. themucky1

    Top coat

    Silicone, thread closed acrylic is for cheap ass chancers
  2. themucky1

    Insulated plasterboard

    Dust extractor mate
  3. themucky1

    Insulated plasterboard

    Circular saw all day long mate
  4. themucky1

    Tax rebate

    But you have commented to it though, that’s got guilt written all over it
  5. themucky1

    Rules of Plastering

    The first rule of plastering is nobody talks about plastering
  6. themucky1

    Work hard Play Hard

    What you got @Vincey ? Camper or motor home?
  7. themucky1

    Tax rebate

    I’d say hmrc have found some discrepancies. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’ve already started searching your name at dvla, land registry, how many banks accounts are in your name and your social media accounts, their definitely on your case It’s been nice knowing ya.
  8. themucky1


    I’ve got an acoustic signed by Robert Johnson
  9. themucky1

    Mtec 330 or g4

    What you planning on spraying?
  10. themucky1

    Colated plastering screw gun

    Hilti. Peasants You’re welcome
  11. themucky1

    Ritmo l plus wanted waiting .....also bennu gun pls.....

    What you planning on spraying with your machine?
  12. themucky1

    External wall insulation

    It’s absolute s**t looks like they’ve dashed with the base coat and the beads should have been put on first and meshed over they will crack
  13. themucky1

    Hopper gun

    I spray all my top coats now far better finish. Get your air set correctly and consistency with your gear quick fettle and your done no rubbing needed
  14. themucky1

    External wall insulation

    Get some pictures up and I’ll tell you everything you need know
  15. themucky1

    Eze spray caps

    What gun mate?
  16. themucky1

    Talking prices

    Piece of piss If you spray it 1 man would do 150m2 a day on his own if it was there
  17. themucky1

    Talking prices

    Do you mean a tenner a metre just for texturing? I assume labour only?
  18. themucky1


  19. themucky1

    Qty plastering sand

    One bag can cover around 40m2 if you can get it on tight enough
  20. themucky1


    What the fuuks it gotta do with me lol
  21. themucky1

    Type of Plaster and Finish

    The correct answer is YES
  22. themucky1

    Material price increases

    You’ve got my details lol
  23. themucky1

    Material price increases

    Only 10% from mine ;)
  24. themucky1


    ENGINEER!!!!!! whatever advice we give it will be wrong
  25. themucky1

    What’s best machine

    What of someone’s got 2?
  26. themucky1

    What’s best machine

    You thinkin he’s one of them T***s from direct building products?
  27. themucky1

    PUTZ Buckets quick review

    Was he the daft t**t who slept in his van for a couple of weeks at goldtrowel??
  28. themucky1

    Fassa Bortolo

    Had a strange email today from fassa, apparently their ceo has been arrested for tax evasion had cash and assets confiscated, apparently the uk company in Tewksbury was a shell company for avoiding tax! Had anyone else had this or heard anything about it?
  29. themucky1

    PUTZ Buckets quick review

    What happened to that chap? Lodan was it???
  30. themucky1


    Over artex??? That’s the culprit Walls look shite tho so it’s probably for the best the Ceiling fell off anyway so it can all be redone together
  31. themucky1

    Early grand national tip

    Don’t worry I will. Show us your bet slip that you put it on??
  32. themucky1

    Early grand national tip

    12 year old 40-1 :risas: Don’t tell me you lumped on it? @smoother09
  33. themucky1

    Bet 365 boss

  34. themucky1

    Wack !

    Has anyone been harassed by direct building products recently?
  35. themucky1

    Wack !

    Some daft cuunt will buy stuff they don’t need or won’t use just to get the “free” stuff. Morons
  36. themucky1

    Silly question but gonna ask anyway...

    If it’s painted already in silicone paint why would you want to apply silicone texture? There’s nothing wrong with corksol although I’m not sure that it would adhere to the silicone paint and it doesnt stick to silicone, what part of the country are you from?
  37. themucky1

    Bennu spray gun

    It does spray thin coat just not texture coat
  38. themucky1

    Hi I had leaking window..

    I had a leaky dickhole once but if cleared up after time.
  39. themucky1

    Jub silicone

    Don’t you find it annoying?
  40. themucky1

    Jub silicone

    I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of buying anything from direct building products, they will hassle you none stop once they have your details with shitty “deals” it got the the point I blocked their number so they couldn’t call, then the muthafuckers bombarded me with emails, the icing on the...
  41. themucky1

    Bennu spray gun

    Didn’t you know this already? what was your original intention when you bought the turbo?
  42. themucky1

    Bennu spray gun

    Why are you getting it converted back?
  43. themucky1

    Impact driver

    f**k sake! Hilti Thread closed You’re welcome
  44. themucky1

    Pinning mesh

    I’d personally spray, notch, mesh one day then next day pin it and put 200x200mm mesh over the pins to make sure they won’t crack. You’re welcome
  45. themucky1

    A 3-2 L, r&s

    That would be spot on for texture, you’ve got to buy the full unit though? Pressure and suction flange or is that the one without the pressure flange?
  46. themucky1

    Mtec m200 no water on automatic

    Call p1 and Andy will put you right
  47. themucky1

    A 3-2 L, r&s

    What’s the max lpm on them @Tom81
  48. themucky1

    Monocouche help please

    You better not say ft