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  1. Jack McCombe

    Reinforced paper tape for normal tapered joint?

    Will using reinforced corner paper tape (with the metal strips) strengthen a normal tapered joint? The movable wall I am plastering is also curved, therefore a lot of opportunity for movement in the joints - so I’m trying to find a way of strengthening the plasterboard joints to avoid...
  2. Jack McCombe


    Because of time constraints I didn’t manage to complete a job to the finished standard I wanted. I did get to flatten everything, but just couldn’t get round to polishing. Is it possible to skim over the plastered walls again, and if so how long should I wait before doing so? Also, what...
  3. Jack McCombe

    Plaster On Wall

    Looking for any thoughts on my most recent work using a multi-finish on plasterboard...
  4. Jack McCombe


    Learning via Mastering Plastering video tutorials. Based in Glasgow. Looking for critical feedback.