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    Just been announced here in Ireland two more weeks of lock down that will be seven weeks now very strict no work no travel nothing only shopping for essentials and some exercise. Hard to keep occupied but have a look at my handy work I have loads of metal ones but hey it kept me busy
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    Stay safe

    Hi guys how’s everyone doing I’m here in Ireland tough measures in place total lockdown every thing closed bar essentials the country told to stay home till April 12 every site in the country closed no movement outside of 2 km from home only go out for exercise,I hope all on here stays safe...
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    A tip for tennis elbow

    here' s a tip for tennis elbow which I use and find does help .i bought a 16 x4 1/2 mt carbon steel trowel pool trowel and cut the round part mostly off. the trowel is now 14 1/2 long the flexibility of the pool trowel takes a lot of pressure off the elbow when applying sand and Cement or skim...
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    Lime skim tips

    hi just looking for any tips on lime skim ,I'm doing a job big walls 30 metres long 4 high some even bigger .we have started to lime skim ,it's mixed at 3 silica sand to 2 nhl we lay on the first coat let it pull in then apply the second coat let that pull in then give it a pass with a sponge...
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    pumping lime

    Hi guys just looking for some advice, I'm working for a guy and we are doing a building that's 140 years old and built in stone and brick we're using a haired lime which I've used before. the walls to be honest are brutal we've cleaned and washed it and have applied a scud coat,now here's the...
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    john here . want to say hi i'm from ireland spent a bit of time in the uk in around lincolnshire .hi to all:RpS_biggrin: